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Wake up Alone

When Bella asks Edward about his family he tells her that Alice is a mystery. No one knows what happened to her. This is my idea of how she found Jasper and how she coped with being a vampire.


1. Visions

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I woke with a start. I must have fell unconscious. I look around me. Nothing is familiar. There’s a dark room to my left and a hall in front of me. I stand up and notice my pale skin. Was it always like that? I’m not sure, I don’t remember much. I vaguely remember someone calling me Alice. That must be my name. I walk down the hall and see a window with rays of sun jutting through the dusty blinds. As I move towards the window a wild thirst hits me. A thirst for-blood? Odd.

I stop when I’m standing in front of the window. My skin does the strangest thing. It’s like there’s a thousand little diamonds encrusted there, sparkling in the sun. A sharp pain rolls through me and my eyes roll back into my head. A strange scene unfolds behind me.

A tall man, blonde, with red eyes. I walk over to him and take his hand as I tell him “You’ve kept me waiting Jasper”. He replies in a deep southern voice “I’m sorry Ma’am.” Suddenly the man - Jasper- and I were in a room with six others. Another blonde smiles and says “Welcome to the Cullen family.”

The picture changes again and I see nothing but darkness but a voice comes from the dark. “You are a vampire Alice. Use your powers for good. Try and resist your urges. Harm humans as little as possible. Satisfy your thirst through animals.”

As soon as it began it was over. I couldn’t be a vampire. Could I? I realized I needed no air. Maybe I am a vampire.

I walked around the house searching for any sign of life- or whatever I am.

As I came to the kitchen a small animal caught my eyes. It runs across the floor. This must be an unoccupied home. My hunger overcame me and I sunk into a crouch. I leaped and sunk my teeth into the creatures neck.

Drinking full-filling my thirst another vision hits me.

The young man, Jasper walks down the street in the middle of the night. A sign above him names his location. Philadelphia.

I fell to the floor panting. I was heading to Philadelphia. And nothing would stop me. “What to do?” I asked myself, startled by my own voice. It was musical. Soprano.

“I can’t go out in the sun, for it causes me to glitter. I shall have to travel at night. Philadelphia. I need to go to Philadelphia.”

I walked to the window by the front door and peered out. The house was on an empty street. No passerby were out and the sun was setting. The sky was awash in a brilliant show of pinks and oranges mixed with the black of night.

Now’s my chance. I glided outside noting how graceful I was. I took off in a run stopping only once to ask which way Philadelphia was.

I was on a mission. And nothing would stop me. I had to find Jasper.