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Finding, Seeing, Loving Me

It started with falling out of a tree and than jumping off a cliff. Both incidents changed Esme's life forever. Carlisle/Esme

So this stoy consists of Esme's life when she first met Carlisle and until Edward meets Bella. Some chapters will be shorter then others because I am going by dates. I hope you enjoy it.

1. 1911-Iris

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My leg was killing me, but I would not cry. I wouldn't give my parents the pleasure of admitting that climbing the tree was wrong. I didn't feel like being the perfect sixteen year old. I could climb trees if I wanted to!

My parents were very into what was proper and lady-like. Their reputations were so very important to them. In fact, they treasured them so much, they were taking me into the next town to see their new doctor so that no one would know their precious daughter had broken her leg doing something so un-lady-like. I still liked climbing. We were just farmers; it's not like anyone cared about our reputation.

The carriage jerked, sending pain shooting up my leg. It was so painful it knocked me from my thoughts.

"We're here," our driver said, opening the door.

My father nodded, getting out of the carriage. He turned and picked me up, none to gently, and ordered the man to find the doctor.

I scowled a little, earning a scolding from my mother on the proper behavior of a lady.

"My leg hurts," I growled at her, ignoring the lecture and the fact that my voice wasn't very quiet.

"We'll have to remedy that, won't we?"

The voice startled me. It was perfect, flowing, almost like melted chocolate or velvet. I turned my head and saw a man around twenty years old, standing on the doorway with a comforting smile. He had short, neatly combed blonde hair, and golden colored eyes that made me catch my breath. It wasn't the strange color, but the compassion and... the passion in them. I had never seen such eyes. The rest of him was interesting, as well. Fine, he was incredibly handsome. I had never seen such a beautiful man. His face and body were perfectly proportioned and his odd pale skin seemed to suit him. His mouth quirked into a different smile, and I realized I was staring. I dropped my eyes quickly.

"I'm Dr. Cullen," he said, walking towards us.

My father nodded. "Jonathan Platt. The doctor in our town was away."

I snorted.

"I see. What did you do to yourself Miss Platt?"

"She fell," my father said quickly.

"Out of a tree," I added, meeting his eyes and giving him a grin my father could not see.

Something like amusement flickered in his strange eyes. "I see," he repeated. He looked at my father. "Mr. Platt, I think it would be best if you found lodging here for the night. It's not good to move someone with a cast when it is just set."

My father nodded and handed me over. Dr. Cullen took me into his arms like I weighed nothing. My hand automatically grabbed for his broad shoulder and clutched onto it. It was cold, so cold I was tempted to jerk my hand away, but that would have been rude, so I didn't. He looked thoughtfully down at me as he carried me into the examining room.

"A tree, Miss Platt?"

"Esme," I muttered around my breath. I didn't like my last name very much. I wanted to hear it as little as possible.

"Pardon?" he asked, softly, raising my skirt to look at my leg.

I tried to hold back my blush. I knew he was a doctor, but for a man other then my husband to see my leg was scandalous. I guess some of my mother had rubbed off on me after all.

His hands were very cold and my muscles twitched, bringing on even more pain. I clenched my teeth.

"I apologize for hurting you miss Platt."

"Esme," I said. "My name is Esme."

"Alright, Esme, any reason you decided to fall out of the tree?"

I shivered a little, and not from his cold hands. The way he said my name made me feel like it was the most beautiful name in the world. He said it as if it was the name of an angel or goddess. No one else would be able to say my name like that or make me feel this way when they said it.

"It pushed me," I said solemnly. "It's been out to get me ever since I carved my name on it as a child."

He chuckled as he prodded around the bone.

I cried out this time, and he stopped, stroking the calf soothingly.

"You alright?" he asked, after a few seconds.

I nodded, fighting back the tears. It was easier to cry around him than my parents. I knew he wouldn't scold me or tell me "I told you so." He would just make sure I was better and, it may have been wishful thinking, but I think he was amused by the fact that I had climbed a tree when it was such a taboo thing to do.

"I apologize for hurting you," he said. "Your leg is broken."

I frowned. "Really?" Another bad trait of mine; sarcasm.

He just gave me a long look, which had me squirming and looking away, before he laughed and shook his head. "If only more of my patients were like you, Esme Platt."

I blushed as he got up and looked around the cabinet for something. He came back and gently fixed my leg, holding the bone in place while he put whatever it was around it. I was used to his cold hands, but was a little mystified at the warm trails they seemed to be leaving wherever they touched. I gasped a little, not from pain, but he didn't have to know that.

He looked up at me suddenly, his golden eyes flashing with a strange emotion. Slowly he stood and brushed his hands off. "All done, Esme," he said softly.

I nodded, just as my father and mother returned. Dr. Cullen helped me down from the table, supporting me on my broken side.

"Keep her off her feet and the cast away from water," he ordered. "She should be fine to travel in the morning, but I would prefer the day after tomorrow."

My father nodded, as Dr. Cullen transferred me over to him.

"Keep away from those vengeful trees, Miss Platt."

I grinned at him and nodded. "Yes, doctor."