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Thicker than Blood

AU. Best friends are forever, but when Elizabeth's best friend disappears, the entire world will never be the same, and forever takes on a whole new meaning. Bella Swan
born in 1881
Died 1899
body never recovered How will the story change??

This was the Challenge by lions_lambs

1. Wild flowers

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I hiked up my skirt to my knees and raced after her. The mud splattered as our boots ran through it, freckling our bare legs in muddy spots. The grass whipped at our legs, but we kept laughing. We finally came to a stop, breathless, in the middle of the field, an expense of flowing grass around us, swaying in a proverbial ocean of green.

Elizabeth's hair was falling out of the ribbon that usually bound it behind her head. Blonde wisps escaped from her braid, and accented the light highlights that graced her bronze hair. Her skin was neither tan nor pale; instead it was flushed with life. Elizabeth had always been the prettier of the two of us, there was never any doubt about that.

“Edward Mason?” I said, gasping for a breath.

She giggled, her emerald eyes sparkling with mischief. “The one and only.”

“Your father would never allow it; he’s a Yankee for heaven’s sake!” Mr. Winder, or rather Elizabeth’s father, was a die hard confederacy man, even though the war was long over, he was still fighting for the cause. He had been stationed at Andersonville Prison during the war, and had met Elizabeth’s mother while on furlough. He swore if it weren’t for the confederacy fighting the war for states rights, he never would have gotten his beautiful wife and daughter.

“And he’s dashing, and kind, and educated, and charming, and...” She lay down on the soft sweet grass and continued to list all of his more admirable qualities.

“And the two of you wouldn’t stop making eyes at each other during the entire fair.” I laid down by her, spreading out my calico skirt about me.

Elizabeth had spent the entire fair flirting with this out of town visitor, rather than enjoying herself with my company. As a result, I had been stuck talking with Mr. Mason’s traveling companion, a Mister Fredrick Stowe. While both of them were youthful, it seemed that Mr. Mason had all the charm and looks of the two.

“I do believe you are jealous, simply because Fredrick refused to call you anything but Isabella the entire evening.”

I winced, swatting at my friend. “The man was a true northern imbecile, if I had been wanted to be called Isabella I would not have spent the entire evening correcting him to call me Bella.” I ranted, remembering the in question Fredrick’s reply of it simply being improper to call a lady anything but her given name, no matter how much the said lady despised the name.

“Ah, but he did, and I dare say your accidental spilling of your ice tea into his lap did not help to get your point across.” I couldn’t help but join Elizabeth in her merry laughter at the memory of that specific event of the night’s festivities.

“But I do believe we were not talking about Mr. Fredrick Stowe, but rather a certain Edward Mason.” I replied, bring us back to our original conversation, one which had caused our sprint into this open field.

“Bella, I do, I really do believe that I am falling for him.” She leaned on her side, running her fingers through her locks, unbraiding it into a length of waves.

“I simply cannot believe it, you, Elizabeth, the woman who has scared off half the male population of this fair town with simply a glare, would fall is easily in love with a stranger.”

“He may be a stranger, but I feel like I’ve known him all my life.” Her words were little more then a whisper, but some how I knew that they must be the truth if she was saying them.

I gazed up into the clouds, the first tints of pink blushed upon the clouds staining the sky in hues of violet and sainted oranges. The whole sky became filled with color as God’s hand painted the sky surrounding the blazing golden sphere of the setting sun.

“I do believe it is time for us to start walking home again, El. We don’t want to be caught out in the dark un-accompanied.”

“Why how can we be unaccompanied, I shall have you as a companion and you shall have me.” She stated in all the prim exactness that her stature in society allowed her to hold.

“Well then you can explain all of that to my father.” I hauled my self up and dusted the bits of grass of my skirt and blouse. I leaned down and hauled Elizabeth up onto her feet. “Come on, I’ll race you back to the road.”

“You’re on.” She said with the flash of a smile, before she was off and running, her hair blowing in the wind. I watched her fly a head as I scrambled to keep pace with her. The two of us wove through the grasses back towards the road from which we had come.