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Thicker than Blood

AU. Best friends are forever, but when Elizabeth's best friend disappears, the entire world will never be the same, and forever takes on a whole new meaning. Bella Swan
born in 1881
Died 1899
body never recovered How will the story change??

This was the Challenge by lions_lambs

6. the hunt

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The sirens still echoed off of the hallow walls of my mind. I remembered the swirling dance of light that erupted from the lights of the police cars onto the brick fortresses that surrounded what had been the site of my dinning for supper.

I licked the last savory drops of blood from my cold lips, as I ran silently away like the unseen wind into the woods far beyond the limits of the city. My clothes felt rough upon my skin, I still yearned for the soft cloth of my own time, the tight denim jeans of this day and age still rubbed me the wrong way, but discrepancy beguiled me to wear something more modern.

How I yearned for the cotton cloth dresses that used to sway around my legs as I ran. Now I wore restricting pants as if I were a man, and a shirt that was more than a tad immodest by my own standards.

I ran, crisscrossing the trees, learning to miss the branches and roots that tempted me to fall. I stopped short; a scent filled my noise that was enough to cause my gut to twist into a thousand knots. It was the scent of other vampires. Not just the trail of one or two loners, but several, all linking and overlapping, as if there was…I shuddered at the though….an army.

A cold bleak fear came over me. An army, but what here was worth the fight, what was there to fight. I remembered all too well the wars, the severed bodies that smoldered amidst the dark choking smoke. The crescent scars that checker boarded the survivors, marking them for what they were, soldiers. I remember well, the feeling of being tracked and searched for within the enemy's city.

Everyone was an enemy in the south, but this wasn't the south. The ground was not the sallow tan and black that began where the heavy dry air stopped, this was the North West, a cloud-covered land of soaked forests and damp air. I stood perplexed, attempting to figure out what this meant. So many scents over and over again, together, it was impossible to count them separately. I guessed the number to be 7, an army by any standard.

My muscles clenched together as I stood stock still. I was shocked as a heard of dear thundered by, there sleek bodies ignoring me as they ran for dear life. I heard a boisterous laugh that seemed to shake the very birds from their perches, and the low constant cursing of another. The fear filled my body; the footsteps that carried them were much too quick for a mere mortal. I urged my legs to run, but they stood still. I closed my eye lids tightly, wishing myself away from here.

I heard the rustle of leaves as something broke through to wear I stood. I opened my eyes. I saw the fine features and bronzen hair that reminded me of a friend never truly forgotten. I half expected to see giggling green eyes shining out but instead a molten gold that seemed so close to black stared back at me. I had never seen eyes like that, so different from the murderous red that marked us as what we were, killers and blood drinkers.

He took a step toward me, as I continued to stare. It was uncanny how similar he looked to her, he could have been her brother, but I knew for a fact that she had no siblings, she never had, and there was something about him that was different than her. Where there had been a certain proper air of control, there was only anger, an uncontrollable ferocity that hid only so close to the surface.

I did not notice that he had approached me till he was but a foot from where I stood. His features should have been smooth and smiling not this blend of confusion and unabashed furry. Her features never had looked like that, never so….livid.

He reached his hand out, and that is when my trance did break. He was a predator, and I refused to be his pray.

I broke from my frozen stances and ran. I fled, hoping he wouldn't follow, but it was a hallow wish, for I heard nothing but a second set of resounding foot steps. Steps that grew increasingly closer, for as quickly as I swept through the under growth, he ran ever so faster, leaving me no simple chance for escape.

Then as suddenly as the chase had begun, it ended. The sound of his running disappeared; I glanced backward, looking for my attacker. As soon as I had twisted my head around, my eyes caught sight of my predator pouncing at me, his prey. I sucked in a breath to scream as his body collided against mine, driving us both to the ground.

The crash echoed through the trees, causing the birds to take to flight that had roosted above us. My back hit the wet leaves as he sat on my stomach, straddling me. He held my wrists within his own, above my head, against the cool dirt. His hair was chaotic, wind swept into a pile of disarray. His now black eyes stared down at me, little humor left in his expression. There was still a territorial anger but also something else, something I could not place for the life of me. As he stared down at me, attempting to control the fierce monsters that leaked into his glaze, I studied his features. They were hers; there was no doubt about that. Who was he? Why did he look so much like her? A low feral growl escaped his lips as he became frustrated for some reason unbeknownst to me.

And as if the fates were whispering in my ear, I spoke but a single word. Oh but what a word to speak, for the expression of his changed so drastically that had it not been for the fact he was already the living dead, he might have had a heart attack simply from shock. …Elizabeth…