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Thicker than Blood

AU. Best friends are forever, but when Elizabeth's best friend disappears, the entire world will never be the same, and forever takes on a whole new meaning. Bella Swan
born in 1881
Died 1899
body never recovered How will the story change??

This was the Challenge by lions_lambs

8. cleansing of blood

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It was an interesting predicament that I was in. Here I was sitting in a bathroom that was bigger than my old bedroom, wallowing in a bathtub scrubbing away layer upon layer of filth. Esme was standing at the closet door within the bathroom, pulling out different articles of clothing attempting to find something appropriate to dress me in, all the while chatting away. Our conversation had long ago stopped being awkward.

“I’m going to assume that since you knew Edward’s mother, that you aren’t a newborn.”

“No, I was changed in 1899.” I said, bowing my head to scrub the inches of dirt and blood off of my arms.

She hummed. “You eat humans then.”

“Is there any other way?” I glanced up surprised.

She laughed. “Of course there is! Why all of us here hunt animals. Didn’t you notice that our eyes aren’t exactly normal for most vampires?”

“I had noticed.” I bashfully admitted.

“Just because we were made to survive off blood, does not mean we have to be killers. This way we aren’t monsters, though some of us still feel that way.” I noticed that she glanced upwards, almost instantaneously a large swell of music leaked down from the ceiling. It was a beautiful tune, Dawn from "Peer Gynt", by Grieg if I wasn’t mistaken.

In truth, I had lived my life since my death as such a killer but the idea that I could change from this hideous creature to one that could hold a glimour of humanity was something I knew I wanted.

“Esme, I want to stop being a monster. I want to try your way of living.” I looked at her slowly; the smile that welcomed me was not what I had accepted.

“That would be wonderful! Oh, that gives me the chance to redecorate the empty room. Alice will simply adore that idea.” She said with a rise in energy. In fact, I would say that Esme almost appeared giddy at the thought.

“Who is Alice?” I asked, interrupting Esme.

“Oh, that’s right, you haven’t met the rest of the family.”

“There are more of you?” I asked. How many of them are there? I thought.

“Why of course. Well let’s see, you already met Emmett and Edward. Then there is Carlisle my husband. Alice and her husband Jasper, and Emmett’s wife Rosalie.” She checked each name off with a finger and a smile.

The water I had sat down in had gone from a crisp clear color to a hideous concoction of murky browns and reds.

“All clean?” Esme asked me, her tone reminding me of a mother talking to her young child. She put a fluffy towel next to the tub. “I put some clothes on the counter by the sink, when you are dressed you can come down and meet everyone. They should be back from hunting soon, and Carlisle’s shift ends soon.”

“Shift, like guard duty?” Maybe they were an army. That would explain the size of the coven.

Esme laughed. “No, nothing like that at all dear. Carlisle works a shift over at the local hospital.”

My mind balked, unable to realize what had just been said. The last time I had been in a hospital clawed its way out of my memories, the tired doctors, and the stench of death in its purist form, a scent that is appalling even to a creature like me who thrives upon the death and destruction of others. I reined in the whimper that carved itself into my mouth at the single thought.

“How is that even possible?” I asked; the mere thought of spending day after day in that kind of surrounding was unthinkable.

“We all have our strengths. Carlisle’s control is his. Though, then again, we all have our weaknesses too.” She paused, “But don’t let me bore you, after your dressed you must meet me down stairs, Alice should be home by now, and we can start planning your new room.”

Esme left the room without a seconds delay. I rose from the tube, draining the putrid liquid out of it. I felt like I had just fallen down a rabbit hole, in the matter of hours I had gone from a wandering vampire, to being accepted as a daughter into the strangest coven I had ever encountered or had the pleasure of hearing about, and as if that wasn’t enough, I had not yet forgotten the strange boy or rather man, who is the child of my own Elizabeth, if there is no mark of that except for his looks.

After carefully drying myself upon the towel, I held up the outfit that Esme had left for me. It was simple and light, a welcome change that reminded me of my own era so forgotten in the hustle and bustle of this new age. The outfit was a long blue light cotton dress that reached to my ankles, it had long sleeves and the collar was high enough to make me feel comfortable without it being out of style. A simple tie to the back made it slightly more form fitting.

I looked into the mirror at my own pale complexion, my hair wet and stringy beside my features. I tried to picture Elizabeth smiling back at me, her perfect hair braided away from her face, her green eyes smiling back at me.

“You have to help me out here El, I do believe I am lost beyond what I can handle.”