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Thicker than Blood

AU. Best friends are forever, but when Elizabeth's best friend disappears, the entire world will never be the same, and forever takes on a whole new meaning. Bella Swan
born in 1881
Died 1899
body never recovered How will the story change??

This was the Challenge by lions_lambs

9. Family Functions

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Once I found myself to appear somewhat presentable, though far from beautiful even with the inhuman features of my kind. I took an unnecessary deep breathe, fidgeting for on last second before I entered the hallway. I followed the voices I heard done the hall, passing closed doors and vibrant paintings to the top of a graceful staircase that ended in what I would seemingly call the parlor.

All the voices that had been a constant babble quickly stopped as I reached the bottom of the mahogany stair case. I looked in to the room and almost ran back upstairs. 6 sets of eyes stared back at me from various chairs and couches. I recognized Esme sitting in the middle, of two other vampires, talking animatedly with a petite dark haired girl whose bubbly personality was apparent from the way she seemed unable to sit perfectly still in her seat, but rather bounced around as if she was filled with helium.

On the other side of Esme sat a lean leonine male, his tight gray long sleeve shirt did nothing to hide the intricate pattern of half moon scars that decorated those who had fought hand and tooth, quite literally. I shivered as I felt the immobilizing fear seep through my system, knowing he would look perfectly at home amidst the smoking charred crumpled bodies of savage newborns. Just as fear was beginning to control my limbs, I felt a strong frigid calm begin to relax my body. I looked around quickly with my eyes wide in shock that I could not register under the controlling calm. The blonde man smirked at me as if he was trying hard to restrain laughter within his frame, as if something of mirth had just wandered into the room.

In another chair sat a girl who could only be described as someone surpassing even Jean Harlow, the original blonde bombshell in mere looks alone. Her long legs were folded under her as she sat in an arm chair her blonde hair cascading over one shoulder so it dangled around the magazine she held in one hand like a veil. Over her, sitting on one of the arms of the thinly stripped chair, was one of the largest men I had ever laid eyes upon, he put strong men circus freaks to shame. There was bulge upon bulge of muscle. But his childish features made his large frame seem more like a teddy bear rather than a man killing grizzly.

Lastly, my eyes fell upon the bronze hair of Edward Junior, his back turned to the room, staring intently at a book. The only sound heard throughout the room was the flutter of pages being turned. Though I was raised in a polite and cordial manner, and the fact that he was the son of my dearest and closest friend did not stop me from thinking of him as a bastard, pure and simple. I truly hoped that he could feel the hostile glare that I was emitting towards the back of his chair, approximately where his head was leaning against the cushion.

“Bella, my dear, you look so much better all clean and fresh.” Esme gushed, standing quickly and coming over to me. The short black haired girl, who reminded me of a sprite or pixie, hurriedly sprang up and ran past Esme, crushing me into an energetic hug.

“You have to be Bella. I am so glad that you are finally here; I’ve been waiting for you for forever it seems! We are going to be the best of friends! Oh, and Esme and I have been mulling over ideas for your room! I am so glad too have a new sister!”

“Alice, calm down, your going to scare the poor girl to death, its hard enough to keep her calm especially with all the excitement you have bouncing around the room.” The blonde man, who I now had figured to be Jasper, spoke, shaking his head at Alice, his over exuberant bride.

Alice released me and took a step back. “Sorry, I was just too excited. You have no idea how great everything is going to be and trust me, people never bet against me.”

To be honest her excitement was contagious. “I’m sure we will be, Alice, I do not doubt you in the least.”

While I was speaking the distinct sound of rubber tires careening over fresh asphalt made its way into the house. “That must be Carlisle. He will love to meet you!”

Over my years I had always thought that Robert Young was the be all and end all of movie actors, but the man who had just walked in the door out did every actor I had ever seen or heard over. Esme hurried into the man’s open arms, his white doctor’s coat speckled with what I could assume from the scent was human blood.

“Pardon my appearance; I did not know we would be having company. I see you have met the family.”

I nodded, “Yes, everyone has been especially welcoming.” Carlisle raised his eye brows at that, glancing over at where Edward sat. “Well, almost everyone.” I amended my statement. A snort came from the chair where the bastard sat.

A wind rustled through the open door, bringing the scent of human blood, ever so faintly carrying the scent towards me. I tried to bite back the venom that began to pool in my mouth. I pushed back the burning thirst, I had better control lately, but I was still thirsty, I hadn’t hunted in forever, and my meal in Seattle had been cut too short.

“Carlisle did you have to bring work home with you?” Jasper asked from the couch.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jasper.” Carlisle said, slipping out of his coat. “I didn’t mean…” Jasper cut him off.

“I’m fine, but the thirst radiating off of Bella from it might just make me need to hunt again.”

If I was human I would have blushed. I knew everyone was thinking something about my lifestyle. “I’m sorry, I didn’t drink enough…. I mean my last meal was abbreviated and left me unsatisfied.” I hurried on though, “I was wondering if perhaps instead of my normal feeding, I could try to hunt the way you do.” My voice had softened at the end of the sentence, but I knew everyone would still be able to hear me without as much as a hint of trouble.

Alice almost exploded with excitement. “That’s great! And of course, Edward you never did get to hunt today so you can go with her!”