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Forever May Not Be That Far Away

Bella and Edward have gotten married, they have "tried, " and the date is set for when Bella will be changed. However, not too soon before she is to be changed she finds out some shocking news. No she's not pregnant, and she nor anybody else, even thought this was posible. Chapter 3 is up!!!!!!!! and my chapters have names!!


1. My scar!

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“I love you, Edward,” I said as he slowly bent down to kiss my reddening cheeks. He raised his head and smiled. He bent down to kiss my lips softly.

“I love you, too,” he said. It was funny how after all this time I was still amazed that someone so perfect could love me. Love me enough to marry me at that! Yes, Edward and I have been married for 2 months. I have been living at the Cullen’s since then. Charlie was not happy about me moving in with them, but, he had not been happy with us getting married either, even if he did take it extremely well. He was oddly calm when we told him.


The door opened slowly as Edward and I walked in hand and hand. “Bella,” my dad asked.

“Yeah dad, I-it’s me and Edward.” I said. Edward must have sensed how nervous I was and squeezed my hand gently.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to tell him?”

“No,” I said, “I need to do this. He’s my dad and deserves that much respect.” Just then Charlie came out of the kitchen. His face was flat; there was no emotion whatsoever. That scared me more now wondering what his face would become after he found out. I swallowed hard. “D-Dad…” I started but for some reason I couldn’t get the words out.

“What’s wrong Bells?” he asked suspiciously, and cocking his head to one side.

I tried again this time I got half of what I waned to say out, “Dad, Edward and I have something to tell you.”

“Go on,” he said, dragging out each word, which was pure torture. Then I noticed he was staring at my stomach, and I heard Edward chuckle just loud enough for me to hear. This made me mad. Did he really think I would do that to him in a million years? (No need to tell him that it was impossible to get pregnant by Edward. That would just make more questions.)

“Dad I’m not pregnant!” I practically yelled at him. He seemed a little seemed a little more relaxed now. However, he was still suspicious.

“Oh,” he said gruffly. I looked at Edward for support he just nodded. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held my hand just at the right position for the ring that rested on my finger would shine. Charlie happened to glimpse the ring and it took him a minute to figure it out. His face became, well, it became not so curious. I waited. Waited for the screaming to start, but, it never came. I opened my eyes, which I just realized were closed to see an expression I’ve never seen on his face. I don’t know what it was. Then he spoke.

“You two are getting married,” it wasn’t a question.

“Yes, dad we are.” He stood quietly for a minute. Then he looked up at me, and I could swear I saw a small sparkle in his eye.

“I hope you know what you are getting into.” I just shook my head. He seemed reluctant, but after a while he smiled and asked, “Can I walk you down the isle?” that was one of the happiest moments in my life. Just knowing that my dad accepted the fact that Edward and I loved each other was enough for me.

We went to Florida and told Renee about the engagement and she was so enthusiastic (no surprise there). So I let Alice work her magic to give me my wedding. She did very well and controlled herself (that was a surprise). The wedding was old fashioned, which I didn’t mind in the least. It was sweet and romantic, and although I defiantly did not expect my wedding to be this fancy it was what I had always dreamed (to an extent).


“Bella, are you alright,” Edward asked, suddenly pulling me out of my thoughts. He was looking at me with worry.

“Yeah, I’m fine, “I answered. It was good enough for him. He bent down and kissed the hollow at the base of my neck.

PANG! “Ow!” I mused. Edward suddenly pulled back, and sat me up, pure fear across his face.

“What’s wrong,” he asked barely getting the words out.

“Would you calm down? I’m fine it’s just my scar,” I told him. Then his face changed into confusion.

“What did you say,” he asked.

We went back and forth for a little while trying to convince him that it was just my scar on my hand that was bothering me. Then I heard something, that can’t happen, scars just don’t hurt. Jasper has a million and a half of them and they don’t bother him. This just doesn’t happen-

“Would you stop already!? It’s my scar that’s all it is! Stop arguing with me please!” I practically yelled at him.

“Bella, I-I didn’t say anything,” he said.

“Yes you did! You were saying how Jasper’s scars don’t hurt him stuff.” I was out of breath from the stress of the anger.

sssss“Bella, I didn’t say that out loud.” His face became more confused. Wait! How could what he is telling me be true. I’m not a vampire (though I will be soon enough), and I can’t read minds. I told Edward what I was thinking about the whole not being a vampire thing and he still didn’t seem to know what was going on.

Then a wave of a feeling I don’t know came (it might have been confusion, or understanding, or some of both, as confusing as that is) and I looked up at him pleading with him. “Edward. W-What’s happening to me?”