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Forever May Not Be That Far Away

Bella and Edward have gotten married, they have "tried, " and the date is set for when Bella will be changed. However, not too soon before she is to be changed she finds out some shocking news. No she's not pregnant, and she nor anybody else, even thought this was posible. Chapter 3 is up!!!!!!!! and my chapters have names!!


3. The Truth

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“Alice, what do you know?” asked Carlisle calmly, though urgency was clear on his face. Alice looked at him grimly.

“Edward,” she hesitated, “you did say you were going to make Bella one of us, right?” She waited. It was almost as if she were afraid of what Edward would do when she told him. Edward shook his head, eyeing her suspiciously. “Well…, umm…, well,” she was stuttering. I’ve never seen her so…..well, so at a loss for words.

“Spit it out, Alice!” I finally managed to shriek. She looked at me.

“That’s what’s happening she said. I looked at her. I’m sure my face was plastered with confusion. Then with a start, Edward jumped up, turned and looked at me; this all happened so fast I didn’t see him until I saw his eyes, golden and smoldering looking into mine. Then, I understood, I was already changing. I was going to be one of them, but how could this have happened? Edward had not bit me yet, had he? No certainly I would have noticed before now. Edward also would not have been so shocked, right?

“Wait, how?” I asked, barely audible.

“Well, I’m not entirely sure, but it definitely has something to do with your scar,” she said, “but I have a theory.” That was something I wasn’t expecting. Alice did not normally come up with the theories, actually no body did. They left the theories to Carlisle since he’s been around longer. “You see, when James bit you,” I shuddered at the name. When James had decided to kill me, he had decided to tape the whole thing for my boyfriend (well, husband now) to see. He also thought it would be fun to torture me first, to infuriate Edward. It worked. Edward, Emmet, and Jasper destroyed him. I’ll bet that’s not how James had planned it to happen.

“Bella, are you even listening to me?” Alice asked pulling me out of my flashback.

“What? I’m sorry,” I said, “it’s just a lot to take in.” Edward was sitting neat to me again. He tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I lay my head on his shoulder.

“I said, I don’t thing Edward got all of the venom out and that’s why you’re changing already,” she repeated. “Why it took so long to start happening, I’m not sure. It might have gone into remission or something, but I didn’t think that was possible.” I sat quiet for a minute. Then I realized Edward was staring at me questioningly. He was probably waiting for me to faint again. Just then my scar tweaked me again.

I wish Alice knew what else was going on, other than the fact that I’m changing.

“What?” Alice asked, looking at me, but I hadn’t said anything. Had I? No, I knew I didn’t.

“I didn’t say anything, Alice,” I told her.

“Yes you did. You said something about wishing I knew more,” she said

“I didn’t hear anything,” said Jasper puzzled, they all shook their heads agreeing, but they all looked the way Jasper did. The rest of them had joined us at that point, and I could see (barley) Jasper coming in from outside, I knew he had been listening the whole time, but he probably didn’t want to be accused of messing with people’s emotions; even if everyone knew he could do just as much out there as he could in here. Esme standing next to Carlisle at this point and they were talking far too fast for me to under stand. I did get some words every now and then; it was mostly just worry for me. Rosalie and Emmet weren’t there. They were “on vacation”. They hadn’t told anybody where they were going. Everyone just figured they needed time alone. Edward had told me that they all felt like this at times.

“Alice, that was something I wanted to say but didn’t because I thought that it would be rude after everything you have already told us and what you’ve done already.” I finished taking a deep breath, I had said the whole thing without taking a breath in my rush and panic to get it out. Then I looked up, Alice’s face was blank. She was having a vision. Jasper was at her side whispering in her ear. Then she came back. She looked at me, and then to Edward. Edward already knew what she was going to say. I could not tell from his expression if he was more excited than worried, or vise versa. Alice was just purely excited.

“Go ahead, tell her,” Edward told her.

“Bella, your powers! That’s making you do all those other weird things.” She practically screamed she was definitely over her nervousness. Everybody looked at her in shock, and then they looked to me. I was in as much shock as they were.

“What?” I finally managed to sputter.

“You’re powers! That’s what’s happening.”

“Oh,” wow that was a bright and intelligent answer. “So wait, what can I do?” I said lightheartedly trying to bring some levity to the moment. It seemed to work. Everybody’s faces slowly twisted into smiles. Edward stared at me still waiting for it to be too much for me.

“I’m not telling you,” she replied. “But you have already started using them. If you think I’m sure you can figure out what you can do.” Alice raised one perfectly perked eyebrow at Edward. Edward and I looked at each other, and then he smiled, trying very hard to suppress a laugh.

“Alice,” Edward said, looking at his feet. “How long will it take if we let it go on its own?”

“Umm, about a year,” she said. No. this was not going to happen that slow. He was going to change me sooner than that. I was not going to waist a year waiting.

“NO!” I yelled.

“Bella, think about it -”

“No, I’m not waiting another year to be with you! I’ve already waited two!”

“Edward,” Carlisle cut in now, “It would probably only take about a day or a day and half, since, she has already started the process. If you were to bite her, oh, I don’t know, tonight for example,” was that a wink? “It would probably just speed up the process.” Edward moaned. He looked torn.

“Please, Edward, change me. Tonight.” I pleaded. He moaned again and dropped his head to look at his feet.

“Okay,” he practically whispered.

“Thank-you,” I said hugging him gently. I knew it was hard for him to say yes after just having such hope that he wouldn’t have to. “I do really appreciate it.”

“I would do anything for you,” he whispered in my ear. I felt my cheeks going scarlet. He chuckled quietly beneath me. Then he lifted his lips to my forehead. “I just hope you know what you are doing.”

“I do,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll get everything set up,” Carlisle said.

* * *

I walked into our room (Hehe “our” room) and saw a cot with some ropes.

“Now, you do understand that you will be tied down so you don’t hurt yourself, right?” Carlisle asked. I shook my head. “Okay,” he said.

* * *

I was strapped down and waiting. I was alone. Carlisle was trying to calm Edward down I guessed. Then he walked in, Carlisle not far behind. Carlisle shut the door and stood in front of it. He was there “just-in-case.” Edward walked over to me and kissed me. I kissed him back.

“Are you ready?” he asked. I shook my head, trying to catch my breath after his kiss. He leaned down to my ear, “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Don’t be, I’m the one who asked for this,” I smiled. Then he bent down to my neck. I could feel his cold lips against my skin, he hesitated. “I’ll always love you,” I promised. Then there was a sharp pain in my neck. I gasped slightly. Then he pulled away, looking at me, his eyes burning into mine. I stared back, without saying a word and let the pain slowly begin to engulf my senses.