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Stranger Inside

The days in which Jacob took sick and was away from Bella, were lonely ones, spent in the forests miles from Forks and people. Thats when the stranger really came alive...

I felt like expressing Jacob's feelings the first couple of times he morphed...enjoy!

1. The Wolf

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I had morphed quickly to escape the pain of knowing the truth about Bella and that leech. I would never understand how they could be so close, he with the heart of ice and she so delicate, so beautiful. The tension within me was extreme and I knew I had to get away from Forks for a couple of days while the ravaging wolf that was now second nature took over, banishing all human communication before it released it’s bloody grip on my soul, returning me to Bella just as confused as before I left.

I loped away from the small town surrounded by awesome black clouds. I so desperately wanted to leave my mood behind with the gloom and misery but it threatened to follow me wherever I went. Even through the thick canopy my sharp eyes picked out the silvery grey clouds blocking what I knew would be a blue sky.

My spirit sank lower.

The wolf took me miles further than I had ever been before. Only venturing away for several hours at a time, I was sure it had been at least two days until Sam had contacted me. For once I could decide where I wanted to go and when to return, but the wolf didn’t want to go back, not yet.

Instead of heading towards town which would be incredibly risky my natural instinct was to be as close to the thick cover of the forest, away from hikers; all human life diminished. But I knew this serenity surrounding me would not last for long, I was bound to hit a highway soon, dividing the next town from Forks boundaries.

I didn’t realise how strong this instinct would be, the wolf refused to let me go, to become human again. I grew weaker as the hours stretched on, the amount of energy I needed to cover this distance should have decreased much more rapidly as Sam had told me, but I had enough energy to go home, to be safe; just.

The sky began to grow darker again, shadows crept up when I least expected it although my eyes were adapted to a nocturnal existence. Manoeuvring my massive frame through the trees became much more of a challenge as my human life fought back. I needed to rest, desperately. The trees grew closer together, I had to use the last of my power source just to stop myself from taking out the trunks and branches, I could not take the chance of hikers finding an obvious trail.

Thoughts of Forks were distant and the girl I loved was miles away in the arms of a dangerous creature whose scent was an offense on my sensitive nose. I sank deeper into the jaws of the wolf, only awakening enough to register the time of evening and the hunger pangs ripping through my stomach.

I slept.

Opening my eyes I found I had fallen on a large evergreen, its needles were unusually sharp and dug through my coat causing me to wake. The result of my exhaustion I found later was a clearing, the evergreen had crushed several others in the vicinity. It was obvious something big had passed through, and with this thought worrying me, I sped off; back towards Forks.

Due to my stop and drop way of sleeping recently, I decided that to go back to Sam and the pack was the best thing for me. Not to mention Billy having to cope alone, sure he had Harry and Charlie but it wasn’t fair on him. Fair on him? Who was the one forced to endure the heated pain of morphing at the slightest hint of anger? Who was the one having to see a woman he loved become obsessed with a leech? He had no idea what I was going through, but Sam would say that for Billy’s sake I should return.

The day was young, I had moved away from the thicker forest at dawn. Forks came into sight as twilight fell; the sky had finally cleared of clouds and was shot through with pink and gold. Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad, I could support Bella and still spend time with her couldn’t I? What if she rejected me completely? What if the leech got in the way, well I could easily tell him where to go although that would hurt Bella in the process.

One step at a time.

The wolf had submitted to me and I morphed back a mile away from the town. I was back, fully in control of my thoughts and feelings and incredibly hungry. I could kill for Emily’s great cooking, so I made my way back to the reservation, enjoying the cool breeze on my fevered skin.

The pack was waiting for me. Billy said very little, but gave me space. To see the looks on Jared, Paul and Embry’s faces caused a lot of raucous laughter that day. Apparently I had gotten at least another foot taller and wider.

I realised then how good it was to be alive.