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The Wolf falls in love with the human

Jacob is till mourning over Bella, but when he gose to town to find Bella to say goodbye for one last time....... BAM! He meets Angela....... Suddenly Bella is old news and Angela is exposed to bella's world with werewolfs and vampires, can Angela maintain a relationship with Bella or are the choices she made to much?

Jacob/ Angela

1. Chapter 1: The world stops

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Jacob's PVWhy can't Bella see that loveing and becoming a Vampire is seriously wrong, he is dead! This is the last time I will talk to her , the last time I will have a chance to say goodbye! Mabey we can maintain a relationship..... I don't think so. I snapped out of my train of thought, I realized that I was in front of the Forks supermarket, I need to get a few things, Billy said that the fridge was getting low, yeah, I think...... I climbed out of the car and walked inside the market, and then I saw her........ The nerves in my brain just clicked, now I want nothing other than her..... the world just stoped it was just her and me..... She was stareing at me as well, then all of a sudden her cheeks turned pink and she turned around and started to walk away, not being able to walk stright. NO! she can't walk away, she felt it to, I saw it in her perfect face, the thought of her face makes me smile. "Can I help you sir?" I heard a voice say, I turned around to see a man in a red vest, she must work here, she might know who that is. "yeah, who is that girl?" I asked pointing to her "oh,her thats Angela Webber, Why?" I hate it when people get snoopy, "Oh, no reasson, she just..... stood out of a second and I got curious..... is that a problem?" I said trying to make her leave. "um.... no please excuse me" she said clearly offended. I ran out the store into the forest and unable to wait of even talke my shirt off, I formed wow! you really found her A voice said in my head, it was Embery get out of my head and get sam! I said by then I was already back at la push and I saw Sam,Embery, Quil, and Billy, "um, hi everyone" I saidonce I found pants and formed back into my human self, "Embery told us evrything, Congrats" Sam congratulated me and Quil said "yeah, so where is she?" "What was I suposed to do? walk up to her sand say hi, I'm jacob ,a huge wolf and I just imprinted on you, come and live with me forever, by the way, whats your name?"I ranted to evertone in the group, "what the hell am I suposed to do now?" I said "well you should talk to her ,no dout she saw you and liked you too correct? So invite her here and we will explain everything she needs to know okay?" Sam said This is it, no more bella I don't reallycare about her ,I mean sure we can be friends but..... for her it's over. I formed back and ran to the store to get my car to. When I walked in Angela was just starting to check out, she was alone..... here goes nothing, just say hi and ask here to come with me to la push, no biggie "Hi" a small voice said to me I looked at Angela, that was her, she was aproching me! "Hi, your Angela right?" I said with a big grin "yeah, your Jacob right? Bella has told me about you" She said "yeah, Bella told you about me?" I asked "yeah she was saying there was something going on between you and Edward " She said looking very happy to talk to me "Yeah we did, but it's long past, say, do you want to come to La Push with me? I know this really nice beach" I said hopefully she diliberated for all of a second "sure" she looked truly happy.