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Edward and Bella experience a strange Biology class.

I thought this would be fun!
I do not owqn characters except for Mr. Francheselly or something.

1. Visions

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The best class I had during the day due to Edward.

Earlier today, Alice had told me Biology was going to be interesting. Of course it would, Edward would be there. We walked through the door and down the aisle to the table we sat at. Edward's cold hand gave me the best feeling. I was holding hands with the best boyfriend in the world and his sister was my best friends. Life was good, considering I was constantly being chased down, hunted, and tortured by sadistic blood sucking, indestructible vampires. Yes, life was good.

He scooted his chair close and kept grip on my hand as I bent down to try to unzip my backpack single-handedly. Literally.

I finally got it open and gasped.

My stuff was gone!

"Oh, great," I moaned, pressing my forehead against the table, shutting my eyes tight.

Is this Alice's idea of 'interesting'? Because if it was, I would kill her. Or, try at least. I was wondering what I should do to kill her though, because I would be the least likely human, out of humans who don't even know about vampires, to be able to kill one.

(Invincible - By Skillet starts playing in the background.Here's the link!


Where'd that music come from?! Wha? *Confusion*

Was this some sick joke, Alice?

"Would you like me to?" Edward bent down next to me.

"To what?"

"Kill Alice for you, because so far you've broken your ankle, collarbone, and nose in various attempts," Edward told me. Must've been the cannon...

I stared at him. Did I look innocent? Hopefully.

"Alice is having visions, and she's thoroughly confused."

"She told me Biology was going to be interesting, and then she stole all the stuff in my backpack," I pouted at Edward's amused face.

"WHAT?" I hissed and he grinned.

"If you're referring to these things I removed for you so you wouldn't have to do it with one hand, then I think you should let Alice off the hook," Edward gestured to all my supplies sitting on the desk.

I lifted my head from the desk, my face turning a bright red that would put fire-trucks to shame.

Edward chuckled.

"Alice sees you begging for forgiveness and she says 'It's okay.' "

I pouted.

The bell trilled, and a man who was not Mr. Banner, walked in.

"Hello class," boomed a deep smooth voice," My name is Mr. Francheselly and today we will be learning about vampires."

I turned to Edward with shocked and scared eyes and he looked confused as well.

What was going on?

And what kind of name was Francheselly?

It sort of sounded like 'France is smelly'.


Here are the lyrics to the song. It just FITS vampires!!!!!

I, I'm invincible
I'm indestructible
It's my destiny

I, I'm invincible
I'm unshakeable
Through the truth in my soul

You know you just can't kill a man when he's dead
You know the spirit survives (invincible)
You can't stop the advance of the Kingdom to come
You know the truth is alive (invincible)

To be invincible
Is unattainable
Without sacrifice

Feel, feel the birth inside
The life that cannot die
Are you invincible



You know you can't kill a man when he's dead
You know you can't

[CHORUS (repeat)]

You know you can't kill a man when he's dead

Like it? I DO!!!!!!! IT's So VAMPTASTIC!!!!!