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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

1. Reality

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1339   Review this Chapter

A/N: the preface was unfortunatly deleated, so here it is.......


I felt like all of this chaos swirling up around me was going to take me in its everlasting grip and make me drown in it forever. There was nothing I could do about it but make a choice. So many decisions to make, and now, so little time. It wasn’t long until something bad was going to come our way, Alice saw that. And ever since I made that decision about Edward and me, the vision wouldn’t go away. It was going to happen, and I had to make a choice, a choice that could, very suddenly, make an impact on all of us. Just a one word answer out of my mouth, and all hell could go loose.

-------ok, first chapter-----------------

I squeezed my eyes shut, this was the part I was dreading the most.

“YOU DID WHAT?” I heard Charlie yell. I had the phone right next to me incase an ambulance needed to come. I slowly opened one eye, Charlie was turning a shade of purple, a vain on his forehead bulging. If he had a heart attack I would defiantly blame it on myself.

“You heard me, dad.” I whispered.

I knew there was no way getting around this, it unfortunately was unavoidable. I insisted that Edward didn’t come with me, I wanted as much of a painless experience as possible, with no one getting hurt. I knew that there was a pretty good chance that somebody would if Edward had come along. Although, not totally painless, my insides were being crushed. I was sitting on the couch; I pulled my knees up so that I could rest my chin on them when the yelling started. When it did I kept pulling my knees closer and closer, rolling up into a ball. I wish there was some way I could block all the yelling out.

I had told Charlie of Edward and I engaged to be married. It hit him by surprise because I wasn’t wearing the ring. But I had it on right now, god it was gorgeous. It was just a day ago when Edward popped the question, and it was still clear in my mind.

I looked at the ring, studying its every feature, trying to block the yelling and profanities, but some leaked through. “OUT OF ALL THE STUPID THINGS TO DO ………….AND YOU SAID YES TO THAT JERK, HES NOT RIGHT FOR YOU BELLA.”

On and on it went, it seemed like hours, but I knew it was only minutes. Suddenly it was quite. Charlie’s voice dropped down to a whisper, “I honestly don’t know what to do with you Bella, and ever since you came here you have become a completely different person. Maybe I’m not doing what a father should, maybe-.” It had to stop right then and there.

“Dad, you didn’t do anything wrong, where did you get that? Dad, please. I love you, and when I get married I want you to walk me down the isle. You’re my first pick, there is no way Phil is doing it, and he used to be my principle. You dad, I need you. Please?” I asked him. I tried my hardest not to cry, but the thought of Charlie getting so mad at me to not walk me down the isle (which will be a complete embarrassment) and the thought of him thinking it was his fault was beyond crying, it was sobbing.

“Bella, honey. No, no I guess I am not totally mad at you. Just give me a couple days okay?” he said coming over and patting my back. I looked up at him with tears streaming down my face. I sniffed and wiped them all away.

I nodded. He smiled slightly and went up stairs. I knew he was just puting on an act; when he went up stairs I still heard him muttering profanities, I didn’t want to listen to any more. I released my knees from my chest. I took a deep shaky breath and went upstairs to my room, Edward better be there……..

As I opened my door there was Edward, but his face was hard and mad. Uh, oh. He had probably heard my father’s thoughts, see this is why he didn’t come with me to tell Charlie the news. I spoke up to avoid any accidents that could happen. “Edward!” I was relived all the same to see him; I flung my self at him. Edward hugged me and kissed the top of my hair, still damp from the rain outside.

I looked up, all trace of anger was gone, and my plan had worked. “I’m here, Bella. Now, and be honest, what do you feel up too?” he asked me hesitantly.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him. He pulled me over to my bed and made me sit down. “Well, we…..you….have told Charlie about our news……….but not…my family.” He said, he shut his eyes and waited for me to flip out.

“Oh, crap. I knew this was going to be hard, I didn’t even think of your family. I assumed they already knew!” I jumped off the bed and walked from one side of the room to another, all the while shaking my head. Edward sat still on my bed and watched as I quickly moved from one side to the other side, which was quick because it was small.

“Well, Alice knows. But she kept her word and hasn’t told a single person. Which, is pretty hard for someone like her, the family is getting a little suspicious. I wanted us together to tell them.” He explained. He got up and grabbed me to set me down on my bed.

I tool a deep breath. I knew that marrying him would have HUGE problems to fallow. I knew the family would act normal, all but one, Rosalie. I knew that Charlie was going to flip out, but the worst was over. And I knew that the kids in school and Jacob were going to gossip or be sad. It was happy for me and Edward, but a nightmare to others.

It was time to get back to reality though, I couldn’t keep living in that perfect world of last night, and I needed to face the facts. “Bella, please. Why not just get all of the news out in one day, so that you can sleep a little better knowing that the worst was over. Last night you were tossing and turning and muttering things even I couldn’t comprehend.” He looked at me with those angelic eyes, the ones who melt my heart. It sounds so cliché in my head, but it was true.

I weakly nodded. “I guess your right.” I grumbled, not looking in his eyes. “Aren’t I always?” he joked. I snorted. “Well, sometimes I’m off…..” he admitted. I nodded. More like a lot he was off.

“Come on. We better run, Charlie won’t get even more upset and will think you’re sleeping.” I climbed on his back. It was pitch black out, the cool wind sent chills as Edward ran. I liked the darkness; it was like a cool cover surrounding me, comforting me, making me feel right.

Edward stopped in front of the white house. I could hear the river flowing in the distance and the bright lights from the house showed the way. I let go of Edward, my feet crunching the leaves that have newly fallen of the trees. He took my hand and we walked up to the front door.

I had no clue how any of them would react, but I had a pretty good idea about Alice and Rosalie. Hopefully they would be happy, I couldn’t afford more screaming and profanities, there was too much of that in one night for me to handle. I took a deep breath as Edward opened the door……………………