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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

11. Those little pests they call werewolves?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1207   Review this Chapter

He stopped dead in the woods.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked him. I peered over his shoulder and gasped at who was standing there along with others.

“JAKE!!!” it surprised me how much I missed him. I still had that Jacob hole and it was growing little by little each day.

Without thinking I leapt from Edward’s back to go hug him.

“I missed you!” I exclaimed. He hugged me back.

“You have no idea.” He said.

Just then Edward pulled me away from Jacob and behind his back.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked him, a little upset.

“He could be dangerous; unlike me-he hasn’t had much control. He’s young, there’s no telling what could happen.” He said.

Jacobs face went from smiling to a scowl.

“I would never hurt Bella, you would know-leech.” He spat.

“Jacob.” I was astonished at what he just said.

“Look, we need to do what we came here for. We just wanted to remind you about the whole treaty thing-.”

“Yes, we know it. And we have kept our side of the bargain.” Edward cut him off.

“We know, we are just assuming that you will break it in the nearby future.”I didn’t know what to say about that-we would break it. I was going to be changed weather anyone likes it or not.

“What do you mean by ‘assuming’, dog?” Edward hissed.

“Exactly what it sounds like.” Sam stepped in because Jake looked like he was going to lose control.“I don’t want you to assume anything. Most likely its wrong.” Edward spat back at them.

“We just came to remind you-Bella is under the protection of us if you break it.”

“my wife is under no protection of any of you- if she was she might as well through herself off a cliff.” Then Edward turned to me.“Not that you’re going to.” I nodded.

“look-” Sam was interrupted by Jacob.

“Your wife?” he whispered.

“Ye-”I cut Edward off to not hurt Jake.

“Jacob, we got married 3 hours ago.” I said, I looked down at my feet.

“I’m sorry.” Whispered to him-he looked really upset.

“No Bella, I’m sorry.” He all of a sudden leapt at Edward.

“NO!” I shrieked and got in front of Edward.“Bella, no- look out.” Edward yelled just before Jake could hurt me instead of Edward.I was thrown to the side.

“ow.” I whispered as pain came like lightning from the tip of my elbow to the tip of my wrist.I quickly got up and looked at my arm-it looked broken.

“Damn it.” I whispered.

Maybe I could use this to my advantage. I looked at the two that was fighting, my best friend and my husband. No matter how much I tried to get their attention it wouldn’t work.

“fine.” I whispered.

“MY ARM HURTS.” I yelled no response.

I let out an irritated sound.

“MY ARMS BROKEN!!!!” I screamed.

Both looked up as I now laid on the ground holding my arm, it hurt like crazy-but I made it look like it was way more then what it was.

“Bella let me look.” Edward came to my side and took my arm gently.

“It’s broken alright.” He nodded.

“How would you know?” Jacob asked.

“Medical school.” Edward answered simply.

“Your first 3 hours of being married and already you hurt her.” Jake said.

“Excuse me? I was not the one that was going to leap on her; you could have killed her, if it wasn’t for me getting her out of the way.” Edward said with as much poison as possible.

“I-” Jake was quite now.

“Come on Bella, we better get you back, Carlisle will know what to do.” Edward said to me. He cradled me in his arms as he walked away from the wolfs.

“Remember the treaty!” Sam shouted, Edward rolled his eyes.

I didn’t look at Jake was we left- I buried my face in Edward’s chest as he ran.Tears secretly streamed down my face, no one could see but even then I knew Edward knew.

When we stopped we were inside the house.

“Hey, what are you two doing here? You’re supposed to be on a plane.” Emmett accused.

“Something- dogs to be exact-came in the way.” Edward said looking straight ahead as he went up the stairs.

I knew where he was going- directly to Carlisle’s office. My arm was hurting worse and worse by the second.

“Carlisle, Bella’s arm is broken, that dog did it.” Edward said. And as much as I hated to admit it-Jake was the one at fault.

“THE DOGS HURT BELLA? That’s it- time for them to get their arms broken!” Emmett yelled.

“Somebody stop him.” Edward said.

It was all happening down stairs, I couldn’t hear as well as they could-but Emmett yelled that so loud I think the whole state could have heard it.

“Emmett calm down.” Esme said, she was on the stairs so I could still hear her.

“Jasper?!” Esme called for him.

But then I had to stop paying attention to them.

“Bella, your arm is broken, I can tell from here-do you want to go to the hospital to get a cast or do you want me to do it here?” he asked me.

“Here is fine.” I said smiling as best as I could with the pain.

“Alright, Alice, could you get my bag?” he asked.

Alice was next to us in a flash.“Here you are-Bella, I am so sorry-I should have seen it coming. But as you know-I can’t see werewolves.” She said.

“Its fine Alice- danger magnet, remember?” I asked her laughing.

“yeah.” She shook her head with a smile as she handed Carlisle the bag.

My arm didn’t hurt as much after the cast was put on- it itched more. It was now an hour later and I was un-packing some of my boxes as best as I could in Edward’s room.

“I’m getting tired of un packing.” I sighed as I slumped down on the couch.

“Bella, I am so sorry we couldn’t go on the trip, I really think you would have liked it. We can go later though.” Edward assured me. We missed our flight because of the little incident.

“Its fine Edward, I didn’t even know where we were going.” I said.

Edward came on the couch with me. He picked me up and laid me on the couch so I was lying down with my head on his lap.

He was stroking my cheek bone.

“I love you.” He said to me.

I looked up at him, “you have no idea.” I said to him I sat up and kissed him. He kissed me back. Once again I got way to into it and he had to pull back.

“sorry.” I whispered.

“Don’t be.” Edward said.

Just then he froze as we were going t o kiss again.

“Come on.” He took my good hand and led me down stairs as quickly as I could go.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked him.

He didn’t answer me, he just lead me to the living room where the piano was.

There everyone was crowded around Alice.

“What’s Alice doing?” I asked Edward.

He moved through his family and gave me a look; she was having a really intense vision.

Edward swore under his breath. All of his family members looked to him-we all knew it was bad-it was like last year with victoria.

Alice recovered and looked up from where she was staring at on the ground.

Her eyes were panicked and she looked horrified.“Alice what did you see?” Jasper asked.

She looked up at him with frantic eyes.