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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

12. Horrific News

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1215   Review this Chapter

She looked up at him with frantic eyes.

It was like history was repeating it’s self. Just last year Alice had a bad vision too-but this once looked more intense, and worse. This was going to be bad, you could tell by looking into Alice’s eyes and even Edward’s.

I gulped as she opened her mouth to speak

“We have two options.” She began.

“And they would be?” Rosalie asked her, urging her to go on as we all waited anxiously around her.

“We can all run and do the plan that Edward said 2 years ago, or we can change her.” Alice said in a whisper.

If it was 2 years ago that meant that the people that Alice was having a vision of was-

“It’s the Volturi.” Alice finished my thought.

I sank to my knees horrified at what I had just heard. Flash backs immediately ran through my head. The memory of the Volturi’s faces, Jane hurting Edward, walking down that cold underground tunnel, Aro’s thin papery skin, volterra, the red eyes, the people and the screaming when they were being killed, the list just went on.

All the while my emotions went from sadness, to being scared, to anxiousness, to panicking.

All of a sudden I got really calm, I immediately looked at Jasper, and he shrugged. I rolled my eyes.

“When will they be here?” Carlisle asked her.

“In about 5 days, it would leave enough time for both plans.” Alice said.

Carlisle nodded. “Edward?” he asked him.

“We leave tonight, Bella don’t pack anything, we will buy new stuff once we get wherever we get, and it will help with the trail.” Edward instructed, they were going to go with the first plan, and I wasn’t going to let them.

“no.” I said to him.


“NO. You made a promise, and you WILL NOT back out of it. And if worse comes to worse Carlisle made a promise, both promises can now happen. I am NOT leaving this house; I am NOT running away, Edward.” I said.

Everyone was a little shocked that I just said that, and so was I-drastic times called for drastic measures. but I needed to get my point clear.

“Bella, don’t do this.” Edward said.

“I’m going to, Edward. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I will be changed. You knew it would happen, and there is no use of denying yourself that it would.

“She’s right.” Rosalie said. “I am?” I asked her, she nodded- Rosalie agreed with me?!

“You made a promise Edward, don’t back down.” Alice chimed in.

“I say we do a vote.” I said.

“Not another one...” Emmett complained.

“Yes, another one. Everyone for Edward’s plan raise your hand.” I instructed, only Edward raised his hand.

“Sorry, Edward. Majority rules, we are going with the 2end plan.” I said to him.

“Do you have ANY idea what you are getting into???” Edward yelled at me.


“Bella, you can’t be serious. I’m not damning you for eternity, if you didn’t know eternity is a VERY long time.” He yelled again.

“I am serious, Edward. I can make my own choices. You promised me- and I am well aware of how long eternity is.” I said to him. The whole family around us was quite, it was after all just between me and Edward.


“You won’t be-just because I will be immortal doesn’t mean I won’t have a soul, you just think that!” I yelled back at him.


“Don’t Bella, me!” I screamed at him. I was so upset and time was ticking until the Volturi came.


I shook my head at him as I walked up the stairs, he was now quite. Tears came down my face as I shut the door to Edward and I’s room.

I slumped down on the couch, there was a vent right next to it that leads to the living room-I could hear everyone.

“Now you’ve done it.” Emmett said to what I thought was Edward.

“Shut up.” Edward said back to him.

“Edward, you made Bella really upset, on your wedding night for god’s sake. I am going to go talk to her, don’t go up there until you really know what you’re going to say.” Alice warned. I could hear footsteps come up the stairs and then I turned back around and closed my eyes.

Alice knocked on the door softly to let me know she was there before she came in.

“Bella, I am so sorry.” She whispered.

“I’m fine, really. I was just thinking-we already got in a fight the first day we were married, what if things turn out wrong? I don’t want them too-” Alice cut me off.

“Bella, it won’t. I promise you that, and I will keep that promise. Edward just loves you so much, he’s afraid to do something like this to you.” She tried to explain.

“I have to hear it from Edward’s mouth before I can believe it.” I told her.

“Well, he will be coming up here, and I know he is sorry. And I wanted to tell you that I agree with you 100%.” She said before exciting the room.

I sat up and fumbled with a loose strand on my shirt.

I heard a knock on the door, “Bella, may I come in?” Edward asked.

“It’s your room too.” I sighed, now looking at the floor.

“I’m sorry, I was being rude and well, there is only one word to describe what I was being, a jerk. I just, I love you Bella. I didn’t mean to yell at you, I was just taking my anger out on you, I didn’t mean too.” He reached over to take my hand; I hesitated before he took it.

I looked up at him. “I’m sorry, too.” I said.

“You shouldn’t be, you acted right, it is I who should be sorry, and I am. Isabella, my love, my wife, will you forgive me?” he asked me.

I nodded.

“I love you, my angle.” He said to me.

“I love you too.” I leaned in and kissed him, and he kissed me back. When he finally pulled back I was out of breath. I gasped and laid my head on his shoulder.

“So, if you want to do the 2end plan, I can’t break a promise. I will change you.” He concluded.

“You will?” I asked him. He nodded.

“We should go and set up.” He told me, taking my hand and walking me to the door.

“Set up?” I asked him.

“Yes, we need things like rope, a pillow-”

“Rope?” I asked alarmed.

“Never mind it.” He told me. I followed him down the stairs contemplating on what the hell the rope was for.

“As you probably heard we decided, we will do the second plan, to change Bella.” Edward said once we were back in the living room. Alice was smiling now as most were, the Volturi couldn’t do anything if I was changed, Edward and I weren’t mad at each other, and I was going to become a vampire.

But still….it was the Volturi that was coming-to forks….will being changed stop them from doing anything rash??