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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

16. First Taste

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2087   Review this Chapter

It had suddenly just occurred to me that I was actually going to drink animal blood. I pulled back on Edward’s grip, and stopped walking down the hall way.

“Edward, wait.” I looked at him unsure of what I was about to do.

“What’s wrong, Bella? If it is about going down the stairs I-”

“No, it’s not about that.” I said quickly, although the stairs did look a little intimidating.

“Then what is it about?” he asked me.

“I don’t think….the blood...” I couldn’t exactly say that I was worried about going hunting. I hate blood, how could actually drink that sick, revolting, crimson, sticky, nasty…I could go on all day. I shuddered.

“Bella, I know you didn’t like it before, but it’s different now. Your senses have changed-blood will be different for you now. Trust me. Plus,” he said looking down at my stomach, which just made a growling noise, “you need to hunt.”

He gave me an encouraging smile, and I gave him a weary smile as we now continued to walk to the steps.

“Wait, Bella! Come here for a moment please.” Alice yelled from her room.

I looked at Edward as he shrugged and gestured for me to go see what she wanted. I ran quickly to her room and peeked my head inside.

“Yeah, Alice?” I asked her.

“Come in, there is something I need you to see.” I knew where this was headed.

I rolled my eyes as she took my hand once I was inside and lead me to a mirror. There was a girl, more beautiful than I have ever seen, standing looking back at me. She had rich brown hair that flowed down her back in elegant waves. She had the palest skin too, but pink showed on her cheeks, where she blushed. She had long eyelashes and full lips, evident curves as well. But when I looked her straight in the eyes-they were red.

Then with a little horror I realized that those red eyes were mine. “My eyes…” I whispered to myself. I was a monster.

“Bella, no. I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong. Your eyes are just red because of the blood left in your system from when you were human.” She insisted. I looked away from the mirror and at my feet.

“Bella…” Alice whispered. She pulled me into an embrace, “What’s wrong?” she asked in my ear.

“I’m not a monster, am I?” I asked her in a small voice.

She suddenly pulled away from me; she looked at me-her face serious. “You are not a monster, and will never be. Don’t you dare think that, Bella.” She said. The way she said it made it sound like she meant it, and so I nodded.

“Now, you have to see Carlisle really fast before you go hunting, he should be in his office.” She directed me. “Okay.” I said with a smile, suddenly recovering from my sad state.

Edward, who was now leaning against the door frame of Alice and Jasper’s room, had heard everything. He came over to me and pulled me in his arms, kissing me like he did before. When we finally broke apart I asked, “What was that for?”

“For my angel, who will never be a monster.” He whispered. I blushed, but felt so much better and comforted. We walked hand in hand to Carlisle’s office, which was on the same floor.

“Come in.” Carlisle said as we stopped by the door. Edward opened it to reveal Carlisle sitting with a book in his hand behind his desk.

“Bella, I would like to share my theory with you.” He said as Edward and I walked in the room and sat down in the chairs across from his desk.

“Theory about what?” I asked him.

“About you, Bella.” He said, putting his book down on the desk.

I looked at him questionably as he continued to talk, “You see, when your heart was acting up during the transformation, I think it gave you special human traits. For instance, you can blush.”

“And the clumsiness would be one too, right?” I guessed, understanding what he was talking about.

“Wrong. The clumsiness was probably just you getting used to the ‘vampire traits’. I believe that it isn’t a trait you will have to deal with for your whole life, it was merely a one time only thing-to Emmett’s disappointment.” He chuckled as we all now heard Emmett from down stairs “No fair!”

“So…I’m not clumsy?” I asked.

“No, you’re not.” Relief washed over me as I let out a gust of air, “Thank gosh.”

“But, I do believe there are other things you can do that regular vampires cannot.” He said. I perked up, like what?

Carlisle, seeming to understand what I was asking to myself, spoke up. “Well, we know you can blush, that’s one thing. I know you can’t cry-so we don’t need to test that.”

“How do you know she can’t cry?” Edward asked Carlisle, speaking for the first time since we got in Carlisle’s office.

“Because, at the end of her transformation, there was no tears-it was enough pain normally to cry, but she didn’t.” he explained to Edward, and to me.

“So what else do you think I can do?” I asked him.

“Well, I’m just going to ask you a few questions about your past. Even though it is still early-you normally won’t remember things from when you were younger. I’m going to test your memory.” He said. It would make sense, most humans can remember as far back as when they were 3.

“We will start with the easier ones- what is your middle name?” Carlisle asked me. It was like trivia.

“Marie.” I answered. Carlisle nodded. “How old were you when your mother and father split up?” he asked me.

“Six months old.” I answered as he nodded.

“What states have you lived in?” he asked me.

That was easy, “California, Washington, and Arizona.” Carlisle nodded once more.

“What was your mothers job when you moved to Arizona and what extra activity did she make you do when you were younger?” A two part question.

“My mom was a kindergarten teacher. She made me do ballet.” Carlisle nodded again, how long could this go on for??

“And did you have any pets when you were smaller, if so what were they?” he asked me. I gulped, remembering all of those lives I killed.

“I had goldfish, all of which I accidently killed.” I said. Edward chuckled a little when I said that.

“Okay, and last but not least, can you name your closest relatives?”

“My mother-Renee Higginbotham Dwyer and my father-Charlie Swan.” I said.

“Well, I think it’s safe to come to the conclusion that Bella can remember everything from her childhood.”Carlisle said.

“Do you think that’s it, then?” I asked him.

“No, not in the slightest. There will probably be more of those traits, but we have time to figure those out. And your power we still do not know yet.” He reminded me.

“Yeah, I’m still nervous on what it is.” I thought out loud.

“Don’t be, whatever it is will be extraordinary, and it may take some time to find it out.” He said. My stomach growled again, but this time even more fiercely then the first time.

“Edward, I think you should take Bella hunting now.” Carlisle recommended. Edward nodded and took my hand to lead me down the stairs and outside.

Once we were out of the door I breathed in the heavy scent of fresh air-I haven’t smelt that in 3 days. But that was quickly overpowered by a delicious smell that I couldn’t identify.

I perked up and my stomach growled so bad I had to move my arms to cross in front of my chest-there were small pings of pain now.

“Come on, we better get going before you get out of control.” Edward said, sneaking a glance at me.

“Out of control? What do you mean by out of control? E-Edward??? Hey!” I asked after him as he took off running, obviously trying to hurry me up, because I had no choice but to follow. I didn’t know how to run so fast, I was a little scared. But they only way was to probably run like I did when I was human. I started off fast walking, and then made it to a jog, and then a run. To my surprise trees were flying past me, I was going as fast as when Edward used to run with me on his back. I stopped when I saw Edward leaning against a tree waiting for me.

“I knew you would figure it out on your own.” He smiled.

“Yeah, it’s actually enjoyable.” I said half to myself. It felt amazing to run, accelerating.

“It would be even more enjoyable for me if you ran with me.” Edward said as he took my hand.

“Ready?” he asked me. I nodded and smiled as we took off running together. He was right; it was even more enjoyable with us running together.

Suddenly he skidded to a stop, and I did the same. I looked at him questionably until I smelt an even better smell. It smelt so good and my stomach was growling so much I was almost forced to go to it. I had no clue what it was but it made even more liquid go in my mouth-venom.

“You smell it, then?” Edward whispered. Obviously I did because he was holding me back by the hand as I was perked up, my face pointing to the smell. But I nodded a little anyways.

“Now, we will get a little closer. You must understand that we must be as quiet as we can. Animals act weird when they sense vampires around.” He explained. I nodded again as my stomach hurt even more than before, it was as if something was clawing inside and wanted to come out. I let out a little cry as Edward held me up.

“Bella, it will be okay, come on.” He whispered to me as he helped me go towards the smell. Then he stopped behind a huge rock and peered over.

“That,” he said gesturing to the mountain lions feet away from us, “is what we both will be hunting.” He whispered.

I nodded fiercely; I can’t believe I am going to do this. Suddenly he let my hand drop, and without even thinking, I ran for the closest mountain lion, or should I say, prey.

I tackled it before it could run any farther. Then I sank my teeth into its neck-releasing my venom that had been swirling around in my mouth into its blood stream. It was no longer a mountain lion, but food.

Almost immediately its blood dripped into my mouth. It felt warm in my mouth as I gulped it down. It was tangy and sweet- I wanted more.

Using my teeth I sucked more blood out of my prey, I drank greedily as the thing in my stomach became quiet as more blood came down to it. I drank it dry, almost absentmindedly.

When it was done I saw Edward a little farther away just finishing up his mountain lion. A little appalled at what I had just done I backed away.

“How does it feel?” Edward asked me as he just came over. His eyes were the lightest butterscotch I had ever seen.

“It did feel good-I feel a little better, okay a lot better. But, I killed it.” I admitted looking down at the body of the mountain lion.

“Yes, you did, and so did I. there will be plenty more, it’s alright Bella.” He said to me. I nodded-he was right.

“What do we do with…uh...”I said pointing to its body.

“Well, normally you could just up root a tree and put it under that.” Edward shrugged. Up root a tree??

“Okay.” I nodded. Edward uprooted the tree that was closest with a snap. Then for me he put the two mountain lions under it and put the tree back in place.

“Are you ready to go home?” he asked me.

“Yes, I’m ready.” I smiled. Then he slung me over his shoulder. “Wait, Edward I can run by myself.” I reminded him.

“Yes, but I miss this.” He said. So I let him carry me home, giving him little kisses on his neck as he did so.