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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

19. Back in that room

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I nodded to him, and ran to our closet. There I found my duffle bag; I grabbed two shirts, a jacket, jeans, and pajama pants. Then I grabbed a brush and sunglasses so nobody could see my red eyes. I put my sunglasses, my jacket, and sneakers on.

After that I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed out our bed room door with Edward in hand.

I took a deep breath as I was about to face another anxious trip on an air plane to Italy once more. But this time, Edward was next to me, and I felt a little better.

“Alright, Carlisle, it was nice to see you again, but we really must be going.” Aro said once he saw Edward and I come down the stairs. Carlisle said goodbye to them, and Edward and I followed behind the Volturi, giving one last look at the family, all of which looked worried.

And on that note, so was I. I tried not to show it, and I suddenly felt very grateful for the sunglasses that were covering my eyes. If it weren’t for those, one look at me and Edward could tell I was nervous, and the Volturi could tell I was vulnerable. My eyes gave away so much, but the sunglasses took it back.

We ran to the airport, no modern transportation for the Volturi, I guess. My mouth twitched at that thought, hiding a smile.

I was rather zombie-like the whole time we were boarding the first plane and getting off it. I was too much in depth with my thoughts over ‘what if’s’ that it seemed to take over my brain. Aro gave me a funny look, like I was crazy, when I just stared straight ahead as we moved on to the next plane that would take us to Italy.

Edward’s lips were moving in my ear, but I couldn’t hear what he said. But as soon as his voice grew a little louder, I snapped out of my thoughts.

“Bella?” he asked me again.

I shook my head, “Yeah, I’m here, sorry.” I assured him.

“Great, because for a second there I thought I lost you.” He joked halfheartedly. His small smile did not touch his eyes, I knew him better.

Not only was the constant worrying on my mind, but the smells were as well. It was taking over most of my mind; I wasn’t supposed to be by this amount of people for a long time. This, only 3 days from the end of my transformation, was way too soon. People were all around me, half of my mind didn’t even call them people anymore. My fists automatically clenched, and Edward noticed. He took my hand and squeezed it, as if to say I can be strong enough.

But still, my instincts told me they were just my Prey, waiting to be hunted. Their blood running through their veins was just waiting for me to drink it. The smell was tantalizing, I was so ready for their hearts to stop, for me to bite them and drain them dry. I was almost shaking with hunger for them.

But then there was the part of my mind that said they were people. They were humans with family, friends, and their own future to attend to. Their own lives. I didn’t want to put a stop to all of that, I was once human too.

The humanity side won over, in the end. Though I had to continously repeat in my head "they're people with lives, families, and futures", it was worth it, because I was able to stay in control.

I didn’t leave Edward’s side the whole time we were getting on the second plane; I sat next to him on the plane too. He let me have the window seat, only so I wouldn’t have to sit next to a Volturi member. Poor Edward; I think it was irritating him that Felix was next to him.

Then, after hours in an uncomfortable seat, with uncomfortable smells, the seat belt sign went on again. That meant that we were finally nearing land.

A women started to speak on the intercom, in Italian.

“Grazie per la volata con le nostre linee di aria. Ora è di 75 gradi a Firenze e sta sembrando pieno di sole. Li ringraziamo ancora e speriamo che li vediamo presto. Viaggiare sicuro voi tutti.”

Aro and the rest of them seemed to understand the language but I was clueless, Edward leaned over and translated what the women said, just to make me happy.

“Thank you for flying with our air lines. It is now 75 degrees in Florence and it is looking sunny. We thank you again and we hope we will see you soon. Safe traveling to you all.” Edward whispered in my ear. I nodded, understanding- I hated when people kept something from me or when I didn’t understand something. It was especially vital that I can make sense of everything around me while in this position with the Volturi.

I bet I looked ridiculous with my sunglasses on in the plane, because when we were exiting it, stepping onto a walkway which led into the airport, people eyed me.

As Edward and I walked into the air port and towards the door an arm stopped me. I froze. I turned my head, and saw that the arm belonged to Aro.

I stared at him, waiting for him to explain, when he pointed to the sun. It suddenly clicked that I couldn’t go out in the sun anymore.

“Bella, the only way we won’t draw much attention is to wear one of these.” Aro explained. He drew his arm back and threw something grey at me, I grabbed it quickly and held it out to examine what it was.

It was a grey cloak that reached the floor. Great, it couldn’t get much worse. If I looked ridiculous before, just imagine what I will look like now. I rolled my eyes under the safety of the sunglasses and looked at Edward, he was given one too. He shrugged, as if to tell me that we had very little choice. I braced myself as I put my bag gently on the ground and slipped the cloak on.

The material was rough-it would have itched my skin if I wasn’t a vampire. I looked at Edward, this wasn’t right. I didn’t want to wear one of these things; it was the thing that linked every Volturi member together. It looked as if I belonged, and I didn’t.

I pulled my hair back and put the hood on so that it covered my head. This wasn’t right.

Edward did the same, hesitating just like me, but then just put it on. It’s just a piece of fabric, I reminded myself. But I was wrong; it was a symbol to me. And I didn’t want to wear it.

I felt very uncomfortable as Aro murmured to himself “Hmm, it suits them.”

I was so childish but I wanted to stick my tongue out at him and rip the cloak off, and stamp on it a million times over. It did not suit us.

I sighed silently as I picked up my bag and followed Aro, hand in hand with Edward as we walked out the doors. We walked a little ways away from the airport, and then broke into a run.

The cloak just seemed to bother me more and more. But once I saw in the distance a brown wall and a city in it, the cloak went out of my mind and the city came back in.

I looked at Edward frantically as we made our way towards Volterra. He squeezed my hand as if to reassure me that he was there, that nothing would happen. But somehow, I couldn’t believe him. Sure, I needed him now. I needed him more than ever, but still- he was wrong. Something was going to happen, something was behind Aro’s eyes, a glint of something that I couldn't quite place. Malice? Anger? Revenge? Evil? Edward could hear it, But he kept it to himself. He knew I hated when I was left out, when I was left confused.

But then there was always a reason, and that reason better be good, that Edward was hiding it. Perhaps it was not to make me more worried then I already was, but even that seemed impossible.

We came to a halt by the back side of the city wall. The Volturi easily hopped over the wall, and I, even though I had my doubts, did the same thing. I surprisingly landed with a light thump on the city ground.

We, probably on purpose, landed in a dark ally. All of the others were walking into the darkness, and as much as I didn’t want to, I followed them, Edward towing me behind by his hand.

Then everyone was gone. I looked to Edward, as I shook the hood off my head.

“Where are they?” I asked in a whisper. I wanted so badly to run at this moment. I winced because Edward, guessing my plan, shook his head slightly. I knew he was right too.

“We have to jump.” He explained. “Jump?” I echoed.

He nodded and pointed to what looked like the same hole I had to jump in to get to the Volturi last time. I rolled my eyes, “Of course.” All monsters lived under the city, why didn’t I think or remember that? I knew the reason, of course, I naturally repress bad memories, and the last visit to this city held very bad memories.

“Ready?” I asked him. “Ready.” He answered.

We both mentally counted in our heads, 1.2.3 and then I jumped first and he jumped a split second later.

As soon as my feet hit the cold stone ground, I un-fastened my cloak and threw it to the side. Edward did the same. I took a huge breath of air, and made my way towards them and plausible death, as it was the possibility that always followed the Volturi.

The rest was really a blur. My mind was elsewhere, mainly on Edward, as we ran. Edward was right; you could think more clearly when you ran.

I saw some light way up ahead, and I was welcoming it, the dark and eerie walls of the tunnel were starting to freak me out… just a little.

We finally reached the elevators, stepped inside, and waited. When the doors opened, there was the rest of the Volturi that was on the flight with us. They didn’t see the need to wait for us.

Aro signaled us to follow him, eyeing that we got rid of the cloaks, and walked back in that room.

I looked around, nothing had changed. Gina was still standing in her regular spot. I think she might have been a little jealous that I was a vampire and she was not.

I saw Alec give me a quick nod; I ignored that, just keeping my eyes straight ahead.

When Edward and I got in that room, Aro began to speak.

I took my sunglasses off, forgetting that they were on, and pushed them onto my head.

“Well, you are probably sick of air planes for the moment, so tomorrow-if things turn out differently,-” he muttered that last part, “you can leave. For now we have rooms back down the other way that you both can stay in.”

Edward nodded again, and I, seeing no reason to have to come all the way here, just looked back at Aro.

“I am curious though, Bella,” Aro said thoughtfully to me.

“Yes?” I replied, wary.

“What is your power?” he asked me again, a curious smile never leaving his face. He was freakishly happy, and I wanted to rip that smile right off his face.

“I suppose it’s rather hard to explain.” I started.

“Well, then can you do a demonstration? Perhaps on me?” he asked. Ugh, great now I have to think about Aro too. I simply had no choice though.

“Er…Sure, I guess.” I muttered.

“Wonderful.” Aro said delightedly and clapped his hands together. I quickly gave a look to Edward, one saying that I didn’t want to turn into him, and Edward smiled slightly.

I turned back to look at Aro and then thought about him. Then I got taller, my hair was a different color, and my skin a little different. Eww, this was so gross!

“That is truly absurd. My my, but wonderful all the same! So you can shapeshift into other beings,” He said to himself. I nodded, “When I think about them. I do not, on the other hand, get their gift when I change though.” I said answering what he might have asked.

Then, I turned back into myself, fighting a shudder.

“Well, that is truly amazing! I have never seen anything like it!”

“Yes, it is truly one of a kind.” Marcus agreed in a dry voice.

“We would like to talk to you both about something,” Aro began, as Edward tightened his grip on my waist, “and we would like you to really think about it.” He said.

I nodded warily, “Good, good,” Aro said.

“Alright, we would like to extend our offer about joining our little family here. You both would be such a lovely addition! Your powers are amazing too. We really want you both.”

I opened my mouth, and then shut it.