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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

3. Gossip

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I awoke to my alarm clocks annoying beeping.I groaned and rolled over to see what time it was-5:00 on a Monday morning, wonderful.

Edward was not next to me, instead was a note by my horrible alarm clock in Edward’s neat handwriting with Bella written in front. I sighed and opened it to read it. What was this for?

My dearest Bella,

I hope you had a lovely night’s sleep and that you are well rested for that wretched prison that is called high school. I will see you when I would normally pick you up. I am so sorry I am not there with you, a…emergency…came up at home and I had to be there. Don’t worry, everyone is fine. I love you, now go get ready, I will see you soon.

With all my heart,

Edward Cullen

Edward always knew even the littlest things to be romantic, or to tick me off. Why would he leave for an ‘emergency’ without me? We are going to be married soon and I think we should be able to tell each other everything.

I would tell him how I felt later. As I sat up I swallowed hard. I would be marrying him soon; it was hard to believe myself. Impossible actually, but I’m not dreaming, I have to remember that.

It was nice for him to tell me though; I would probably have a heart attack if he just took off without telling me anything. It would be last year all over again.

I smiled at it and put it down gently where I found it. I climbed out of bed unwillingly and got dressed.

Charlie had already left for the police station way before I could ever think about getting up.

Charlie had been quite lately, not that we talked much before. He just wouldn’t talk at all with me anymore. He basically is trying to avoid me. Maybe he still needs more ‘time’, whatever that meant. Charlie was just being stubborn about this; it is my life and I can do what I want.

I had a feeling I would have to hold on to that concept today, when everyone would see me at school, and what was on my left hand.

My stomach suddenly felt queasy as I made a mad dash through the kitchen to grab my breakfast-a granola bar.

I looked at it in my hand. Maybe I should put this back, it doesn’t look appetizing anymore, nothing dose.I grabbed my bag and walked to the door, I was determined to make it outside before Edward came.

But as I opened it there was Edward leaning against his silver Volvo. I sighed and locked the front door. But as always the angriness that I felt this morning about him always melted away with one look at him-that was just too big of an advantage for him, and I bet he knew it too.

I smiled and walked to him with my bag slung over my shoulder.

“Good morning, my angel.” Edward said as he made his way to me. He ducked so we were eye to eye. He kissed me swiftly.

“Good morning.” I said. He opened the passenger door for me, and I smiled back at him. Then suddenly he was next to me and pulling away from my driveway.

“So…care to tell me what that emergency was?” I asked him. Edward sighed.“It really wasn’t that big of a deal. It was Rosalie. She is coming around, I can tell you that. The more time you spend with her the more she is getting to know you. I just needed to talk with her and Emmett and I think we got everything sorted out. Rose will be okay with everything soon enough.” He explained.

“Oh, I…um…ok then.” I really didn’t know what to say about that. He took my hand as we pulled into forks high school’s student parking lot.

Edward parked next to Rosalie’s car, which Alice took. I gulped. “Don’t worry I am in almost every single class with you, and if you need Alice she’s in the same campus, you will be fine”. He promised.

I gulped again. Edward rolled his eyes at me and was opening my door for me to get out. “you will be fine.” He insisted. I shrugged.

He took my hand and led the way to our first class.I took a deep breath as he opened the door. Edward helped me take my jacket off and he put his and mine on the coat rack.

The classroom was filled with jittery and alive people. If there is one thing I learned about people over the years is that when they are awake and excited they miss nothing, great.

“Its just children.”Edward whispered in my ear.

“Maybe to you.” I whispered back as we sat down next to each other.

I still had my ring hidden with my sleeve of my shirt. Edward looked at it.“Don’t be ashamed. Who cares what these children say?” he asked me.

“I guess you’re right.” I admitted. I am not ashamed at it, and how bad can high school students get? I was about to find out.

I pushed my sleeves up to my elbows, reveling the beautiful topaz and diamond ring on my left hand. I smiled at it and Edward smiled at me. “That’s my fiancé.” He whispered. I laughed and leaned my head on his shoulder until the teacher came in.

A girl named Maddie looked back at Edward and me, for she sat in the row in front of us. I waved to her; she was in my Spanish class too. She smiled until her eyes trailed down to my left hand. I looked at her long enough to see that her eyes got real big, and then my eyes trailed down to the floor.

She whispered something to her best friend Miranda, who was now telling the boy Conner next to her. His eyes looked back to Edward and I, obviously seeing the ring, and telling the girl Ashley next to him.

And on and on it went, until it reached my whole group of friends other then the Cullen’s; including Angela, Ben, Eric, Tyler, mike (all three looked like they might cry, mike kept on looking and blinking his eyes at the ring, as if he was trying to make it go away), Jessica (who looked excited to be telling interesting gossip again, she had surprisingly ran out of any news to tell, she also looked a little jealous), and Lauren. Who personally is going to be the worst one to avoid because she loves to hate me.

She did seem a little happy to not worry about Tyler and I never becoming a couple (and even without Edward Tyler and I would never become a couple). It went on like that until all eyes were off the teacher and on Edward and I.

Edward took my hand and squeezed it gently. “They are just children.” He reminded me again in a whisper. I nodded; I am going to get through this. I have to correct myself though, high schoolers can be that bad.

“Class, focus. I don’t think Miss. Swan and Mr. Cullen are doing anything interesting do you? In fact, they are the only ones paying attention. All of you PAY ATTENTION.” The teacher said.

Why did he have to say my name out loud? That just draws more attention to me, and I didn’t want attention. “More like Mrs. Cullen and Mr. Cullen.” Lauren sneered. Just then the bell rang. Edward and I made a swift get away, I even ran to get out of there.

“Edward, that was horrible.” I said as we were in the lunch line. Four classes had gone by since first hour.

“I know. You’re lucky you can’t hear what they are thinking”. We walked out of the lunch line and into the cafeteria. As we walked by every table I could hear my name or Edward’s name.

The whole cafeteria was filled with high school seniors gossiping about Edward and me. I felt like I might cry. Alice sat at the lunch table already. She got up and came over to me and Edward.

She hugged me, “Bella, it is so worth it. This news will only last 2 weeks tops.” She soothed. Well, that was comforting, two weeks of this. She pulled away and sat me in a chair. Edward sat next to me as usual and Alice across from me. I was about to say something until I heard Jessica talking to Maddie, Miranda, and Conner’s new obsession, Ashley.

“I knew it was going to happen sometime, they are crazy about each other. But how Edward likes her among other girls don’t get. I’m a little surprised that they got engaged during high school.” Jessica said

“Oh I know. The ring is gorges though.” Maddie said back to her.

“Ya, it would have to be. After all, the Cullen’s are rich. I wonder why she has a topaz instead of a diamond?” Miranda asked

“Who knows? She is weird like that, they are weird like that. Let them do what they want, it doesn’t affect us. It is fun to talk about though.” Ashley exclaimed.

“What’s fun to talk about?” Alex asked as he and David sat down next to their girlfriends, Miranda and Maddie.

“Oh my god, you didn’t hear yet?” Jessica asked. They both shook their heads. “Where have you two been??” Jessica asked again. All four went into the story in full detail.

“That is what makes me sick.” I said to Edward and Alice.

They nodded in agreement.