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Possibilities by Awsomealice94 (pretty banner made by the one and only-Marauder by Midnight) The sequel to the amazing and much anticipated story Nightmare at the Dance more info- bella and edward's lives that they will soon start together go out of control. it seems that every time they over come a problem, there seems to be another. but when this one big problem comes there way bella has to make a very big choice. so many possibilities comes with so many answers. if bella makes the wrong decision what would happen? if bella makes the right decision what could happen? this little answer out of her mouth could make bella and edward's life never the same again. story is finished, final chapter added'Daunting' posted (3rd story in the series-the one that comes after this)

yes, this is the sequel that i was talking about. i hope you guys enjoy

5. Spring Break

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It had been a total of 6 months since I last talked, or rather yelled at Jacob.

It was the Friday before spring break, and everyone was excited, even me for a change. I wouldn’t be doing anything as far as I was concerned and that meant no school, but more time with Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s.

Alice was right about the gossiping for only two weeks, but why wouldn’t she be right, if there was one thing I learned it was to never bet against Alice.

“Hello, love.” Edward greeted me from the doors of gym class. It was finally over; school was finally over for 11 days. 11 wonderful, awesome, exciting, fun, great days…….

“Hello!” I went over to him and hugged him, and he embraced me.

“Why are you so happy?” he asked looking down at me with one of his famous smiles.

“Because, your here and because schools over for 11 days.” I answered simply as we walked hand in hand to his shiny silver Volvo. Alice was already sitting in front.

Edward walked over and tapped on the window, apparently ticked off that she was in front. She put her sunglasses on (although why she has sunglasses in forks was beyond me) and rolled down the window. “No way.” She answered at him.

“Alice, get out of the front seat. You may sit in back but not in the driver’s seat, my seat.” He said to her. She just glared at him with her sunglasses on. She cracked a smile and I could see that she winked at me from under the shades.

“Ha, please. I want to drive. So, I’m going to drive. But you are more than welcome to sit in the back if you would like though.”

“Alice, get out of the driver’s seat or I will-”

She smirked. “Or you will what Edward. Try tackling me in front of everyone. Nope, I don’t think so. Besides, I could take you. Jasper could as well. Please get in back. I deserve it after all I did, you know that.” Edward sighed. He turned sharply and gestured for me to get in back with him.

“Actually, Bella, could you sit next to me up front instead?” Alice asked me. I smiled, “sure Alice.” She beamed at me. Boy, does she know how to tick Edward off.

I sat in front as I watched the now very pissed off vampire get in the back seat by himself. “I can’t believe you both. And in my own car” he mumbled. I laughed, “relax, knowing any of you Cullen’s the car ride will take three seconds.” I told him.

“So, Bella… you’re not doing anything for spring break.” Alice stated rather then asked.

“Yes, that’s right.” I nodded. She bit her lips to not laugh, I wonder why she asked.

Edward was already out of the car and opening my door because we were pulled up to the Cullen’s driveway. “Thanks Edward.” I smiled at him. Despite how annoyed he was he smiled back.

“Come on, love birds. I have a surprise!” Alice squealed as she ran into the house. I laughed, until I heard surprise. “Uh, oh, I hate surprises.” I said as we walked up to the front porch. “I know, and Alice knows too, I think that’s why she is happy.” He joked as he led the way into the house.

“They are here!!” Alice yelled to everyone. She could have just said it but she wanted to have more fun by yelling instead. Everyone came down stairs, even Rosalie. She forced a smile at me, I timidly smiled back.

Esme and Carlisle came and gave us a hug. “My dear, how are you? School is better I presume?” she asked me. “Yes, not as cruel. But how good can high school get?” I smiled at her she laughed.

“Okay, enough small talk.” Alice said. Everyone who was talking was quite and looked to her. “As I said, I have a surprise for Edward and Bella. And I arranged it all; there is nothing to worry about.” She assured me. I nodded, looking confused. Alice handed me a box that was wrapped with wrapping paper. Edward grabbed it out of my hands. “Let me open it please.” He smiled at me and tore off the paper. He let me open the box then.

There was two pieces of paper with numbers and letters on it. Then two broachers for an airline. There was a map of Jacksonville, Florida too. It took me a while to realize that they were plan tickets in Edward and I’s name to go to Jacksonville for spring break. “Oh my god! Alice, how can I thank you enough!?” I squealed. She came over to me and I hugged her. “You don’t need to thank me again, once is good enough. You could do me a favor of putting on those new shorts and t-shirts that I got you and wearing them in Jacksonville though.” I looked inside the box to see designer shorts and t-shirts that were my size and would look great with the color of my skin.

“Alice this is too much!” I exclaimed.

“It’s never too much. Now you can tell Renée about the big news!” she said. My stomach felt queasy, I thought all of that big news stuff was over, I forgot about my mother entirely.

Alice could see that I was worried, and I was- beyond belief. What would Renée say about marrying Edward? What would she do? I almost didn’t even want to know. “Bella, you have to tell your mother sometime and why not now. Trust me- she will be ok with it, well, better then Charlie anyway.” I shivered.

“Are you sure?” I asked her, my expression wary.

“positive.” She nodded.

“Well, okay.” I looked at the tickets again. There was the excitement once again. “Oh, Alice. I still can’t believe you did this!” I hugged her again. She laughed her wind chime laugh.

“Well, believe it. You and Edward leave tomorrow morning, 9:00am sharp.” She warned me.

I nodded. “Thank you so much!” I said as I put the tickets and all of the pieces of paper inside the box and closed it. Edward took it from me so that I wouldn’t have to hold on to it. I smiled up at him. He smiled back, but something was bothering him, I suddenly knew what.

“Oh, Edward. What about the sun?” I asked him.

But before he could answer, Alice interrupted. “No worries there. I already explained to your mother that the reason we live in forks is because of Edward. You see, he is allergic to the sun. That is why we moved here, we felt bad. We didn’t want him to be singled out among other students so when we moved to forks we didn’t tell anyone. And that is because we are never in school on sunny days, Edward can’t go and we don’t want him here by himself, so we usually all stay, you know, stick together.” Alice explained. If I didn’t know any better I would really have believed it.

“Wow. Did you guys come up with that?” I asked them all. They nodded.

“We can go out at night though. It will be no problem.” Edward assured me. He kissed my forehead.

“Okay. As long as I am with you.” I whispered. He took my hand.

“Alright, that’s enough. So, Bella, do you need help packing? Or do you have it under control?” Alice asked me. “Thanks, Alice. But I think I have it under control. And if worse comes to worse, I can call you.” I said to her.

“That’s right. Okay, I will see you in…..11 days. Have fun Bella.” Alice smiled. She came over and pecked me on the cheek. Edward led me out of the house with a bunch of goodbyes to me from everyone. I said goodbye back and soon we were in the car driving to my house.

“So, have you ever been to Florida?” I asked him as he was racing down the road.

“No. and you haven’t either I presume, so we will be in it together.” He cracked a smile. He of course was right about me never being to Florida. I have been to more places with him then in my whole life.

“Ok. Oh, by the way,” I said to him as we pulled into the driveway. “I don’t care if Charlie hates us right now, your coming in with me no matter what, okay?” I asked him. I didn’t want him to sneak around anymore, I just wanted Charlie to face the facts, and what a better way.

“Alright. I love you Bella swan.” He said as he opened the car door. “I love you too. Always and forever.” I smiled. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. When his lips touched mine my head started spinning. Everything was perfect. As always, I got way into the kiss and he had to pull back.

“sorry.” I muttered. He hugged me again, “it’s getting easier and easier, don’t worry. You do make it very hard though.” He said as we walked up to the door. Charlie was already there.

“Bella?” he asked as he heard us come through the door. That was basically all the contact we had every day. I sighed.

“And Edward.” I added as we walked through the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of water as Edward watched me, he looked uncomfortable. “Edward, relax.” I whispered to him. “Bella, listen to him think, how could you not feel weird by him?” he whispered back. I rolled my eyes and took his hand. I held it tightly.

“Oh, um, Edward. I think while Bella’s packing-”

“How do you know about the Florida thing? Did Alice tell you too?” I asked Charlie before he could finish.

“Yes, Bella, she did. Nice girl for doing this for you. Anyway, as I was saying, I need to talk to Edward alone while you pack.” He explained.

“Why, may I ask?” I asked suspiciously. I eyed him.

“I just need to talk to him, that’s all.”Edward took a deep breath. He gestured for me to start packing. ‘Are you sure?’ I mouthed. He nodded. I shrugged and went upstairs.

Edward point of view--------------------------------------------------------

I was locked in place as Bella went to go pack. If I was human I would probably be sweating right now, or whatever that’s called.

“Just look at him, such a jerk. Bella’s just locked in those ‘pretty eyes’ as I heard. It’s really pathetic, thinking that he just can get away that quickly. Spring breaks are always bad; I don’t want anything happening between them while they aren’t under my roof. And I’ll make sure Renée and ‘Phil’ (what a freak) is watching them very closely. The Cullen’s are trouble, nobody can see it because of those eyes and good looks-I’m not blinded by that, and if I was it would be a little weird.”

I heard as Charlie was thinking. Ah, so that’s what he wants to talk about. The whole spring break I will be watching you deal. I have heard of it, seen it on movies, but never did I think it would happen to me. This is going to be a while.

“Edward, take a seat.” Charlie insisted.

I nodded and took a seat on the chair facing across from him.

“So, Edward. You and Bella will be going to Jacksonville for spring break.” He stated the obvious.

I think I need to start off slow with this one.” I heard Charlie think.

My nostrils flared. ‘Get a grip. Just a man, Bella’s father. Be nice. Be nice. Be nice.’ I had to keep reminding myself.

“Yes, sir. That’s the plan.” I nodded.

“I hate his stupid plans. Although, Alice was such a sweet heart for doing this for Bella….” Charlie thought. If jasper was here and he heard what Charlie was thinking I think Charlie might be dead at any moment-note to self, never get jasper and Charlie close together.

“Right, well…I know I was really upset before.” “I kind of still am…”

“But since there is no way to change anything, it’s obvious that it’s not under my control. I have learned to accept it no matter what. But, this is my daughter, my baby girl.” He gestured to the picture of Bella, Renée, and himself when Bella was born.

“I want her in good hands. If you screw this spring break up, I won’t be understanding anymore.” “Stupid punk, no way he won’t mess things up. I see right through him……”

“Yes sir. What do you think I would do? I care for Bella so much, words can’t even describe it. If they could it would only be a very small fraction of how I feel about her. I can assure you that I would never do anything to hurt her. I love her chief swan. There is nothing in this world that would make me do anything to hurt or let anything hurt her. I can assure you that.” What would he think I would do? Wait, that was stupid I can hear his thoughts, but still, he cannot expect that from me.

“Alright, but there are ground rules here, and I know Renée will have similar rules as well. First off, separate rooms at Renée’s. Second off, stay with her at all times in the air ports, she gets clumsy at times, although you probably figured that out already. And I have heard off what you are allergic to, so, stay away from the sun. We don’t want you getting hurt or anything while away from your parents.”

“Stupid boy. Loves my daughter, yeah right. I just wish he would get hurt…” Charlie thought again.

Alright, the thoughts he has is getting me angry, I can’t be hostel though. I have to control it. “Yes of course, thank you for caring about the allergy. And I assure you once again, all those rules will not be broken, they will be fallowed.” I would have to play the good boy card for this one.

“I still don’t trust him, but that’s the best I can do...”

“Alright then. Any problems don’t hesitate to call.”

“Yes sir. May I go up and say goodbye to Bella?” I asked him.“Say goodbye, how sweet. Ick, it makes me want to…’

“Sure Edward.” He nodded.

I laughed under my breath as I made a getaway up the stairs to Bella’s room. I cracked the door open and peeked in. ‘Bella?” I asked.


“Edward!” I exclaimed. I ran to him. He came in the room and left the door a crack open.

“So, how did it go?” I asked him. I was dying to know. What did my father want to talk about with Edward?

“The old, take care of my daughter or else talk, or rather warning, from chief swan.” He replied with a smile on his face.

“Edward, I’m sorry.” I apologized. He led me with his arm around me to the bed. “It’s alright, it wasn’t your fault. It went quite smooth actually.” He said looking down at me.

“Be real.” I said looking at him with disapproval. I raised one eyebrow. That talk with Charlie couldn’t have gone that smoothly.

“It was shaky, but better then I hoped.” He admitted.

“That’s more like it.” I nodded.

He looked at my luggage so far. “You have gotten pretty far in packing.” He observed.

“I will be almost done. As soon as you come back in about ten minutes I should be completely done.” I smiled. I was proud of myself; it isn’t like me to pack so quickly.

“Right. Okay, I love you. See you soon.” he kissed the top of my forehead and went out my door and down the stairs. Soon I heard the front door close. I’m glad he was coming back in a matter of minutes, that’s all I would ever ask for.


“Mom!”I yelled to her. Edward was right next to me holding my carry-on bag and his.

The Jacksonville air port was crowded; it was hard to see my mother. I could recognize her right away though, she looked just like me.

“Bella! Edward!” my mother yelled. She was with phil. She stood on a chair and waved for us to come by her.“It’s nice seeing your mother again.” Edward commented as we weaved quickly through the crowd. I smiled up at him; he was a good sport for coming to one of the sunniest places in the world just for me.

“Bella, I missed you so much” my mother squealed as she ran to us. She hugged me tight. “Mom, I can’t breathe.” I choked out. “Oh sorry, honey.” My mother apologized. She pulled back to take a look at me.

“Bells, you look different. Much prettyier then the last time I saw you. I think you’re getting prettier by the day.” She said. I rolled my eyes; it was just like my mother to say that.

“And Edward, how are you doing? You don’t mind if I give you a hug too, mothering instincts I guess.” She said turning to Edward. Phil stood there, it was awkward for me and him, and after all he was my principal. For middle school anyway, he moved on to baseball after that-serious case of personality disorder. How can anyone go from junior high principal to minor league baseball player? All I knew is it was beyond me. I don’t think that made it any better; imagine going from weird principal to mother’s husband, your step dad. I shuddered on the inside.

“I’m doing great, Renée. And its fine, you can hug me. My mother asked the same thing to Bella.” Edward answered to Renée.

My mother went over and hugged him.

“It’s really great to see you again. It is a much better occasion on meeting you now then last time.” She commented.

“So, mom. I can’t wait to see the house. You described it perfectly last year.wow, last year that was really the last time I saw you. It doesn’t seem like it does it?” I asked her.

“No, it doesn’t dose it. Oh, don’t worry we will go to the house. There will be some rules you could say, I’ll talk about that in the car home. It’s only a couple blocks to the ocean, you and Edward can go down to the beach at night, and it’s the most beautiful during that time. They put lights up and everything-it’s wonderful.” She said.

“Great. We better get a move on.” Phil led the way to the luggage claim as my mother and I caught up. Edward stayed next to me, smiling at me and my mother as we talked.

“Edward, I don’t see my bag.” I said to him as we waited by the luggage claim. I saw what seemed like hundreds of bags pass by. Edward had his and was waiting to grab mine.

“Don’t worry, love. We will find it. Look there it is.” He pointed to the opening of the ramp where the luggage came down. I sighed with relief; I didn’t want to re-live that horrible nightmare when I couldn’t find my bag one of the summers I was with Charlie. Painful experience.

“thanks.” I said to him as he snagged the bag before it could get away. “Alright, now that we are all set let’s go to the entrance where the car is.” Edward suggested. Renée and Phil went to get the car so that we wouldn’t have to carry our luggage through the sunny parking lot, mostly for Edward’s sake. It was nice though. It was actually fun to pretend that Edward was allergic to the sun-if only they knew…

We rolled our bags to the front, which I had no clue where was located. “Edward, how do you know your way in this air port?” I asked. It was like he was here every day. “I memorized the map while we were waiting for the luggage.” He answered simply.

My mother parked the car under the overhang, away from the sun. Phil got out of the car to help put our bags in the back. “Sir, it ok. I’m sure I got it.” Edward assured Phil as he tried to get my bag in. I really don’t pack that much do I? Edward put them in like they weighed as much as feather.

I got in the back and waited for Edward to get in. once he got in they started the car. “Wow, mom. This is really nice. It’s been a while since I have been anywhere warm.” I said.

“Thanks Bella. I love here, I miss Phinox though, and being so far away from you.” She sighed.

“That’s ok mom, I’m here now. So, you said something about ‘rules’ or something like that.” I said. I didn’t want her to feel bad when I’m actually here and the rules should get out of the way right now.

“Oh, right. Ground rules, ok. Charlie made me do this, but some of them I would agree on anyway. Okay, I am really not like this, Edward. But Charlie has forced me. I’m more of the fun mom right Bella?” she asked me.

Way to go mom, embarrass me in front of my fiancé. I put my hand on my head and shook my head sadly. “Whatever you say.”

Edward chuckled silently.

“Right, anyway. First rule, of course, separate bedrooms. Second of all no going in the sun Edward-I don’t want you getting hurt. And third off have fun! Oh also, Charlie wanted me to point out that we will be watching you. Ha, whatever that means. My number one rule is to have fun, this is spring break after all.” My mother laughed at what Charlie said…it was a little funny.

“Okay, will do.” Edward said nodding, “yup.” I agreed. Edward reached over and took my hand. I smiled up at him. I’m really in Florida with Edward-how dream like is that???

“Here we are.” Renée said to us as Phil pulled into the garage of an old Victorian looking house. It was a pale yellow and exactly what I pictured it as. “Wow, mom, this is beautiful.” I commented as Phil made a complete stop in the shade of the garage.

“Thanks sweet heart.’ She said as she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car. I did the same. Edward was helping unload the bags and put them in the house. Once that was done Renée took Edward and I upstairs to show us our rooms.

“Alright, this is the bathroom. This is my room,” she gestured at each door as we walked down a hall.

“Oh, Bella this is your room.” She said to me.

I stepped inside to see a room a little bigger then my one at Charlie’s. It had its own bathroom, which was like a dream come true from the bathroom I had to share with Charlie. Edward came in as well to put my bags down. It had a nice view as well.

“Wow, its wonderful mom, thanks.” I hugged her. I missed her so much. I forgotten how close I was to her- it was like I haven’t seen her in forever, a year comes pretty close though.

“Your welcome. Now, let’s go get Edward settled in.” she said. Edward was standing by the door, smiling at us.

“I’m guessing you probably know which room it is, the only one left.” My mother said as she led the way out of my room. I fallowed them, smiling at my ring the whole entire time. I still had it covered up, and I didn’t want to do that the whole entire time. I couldn’t hide it from Renée, Alice was right. I needed to tell her and the best way is face to face. I really needed to, it was bothering me. My stomach was full of butterflies as we walked to Edward’s bedroom, right next to mine.

“Edward, this is your room.” My mother said as she opened the door. It had light blue walls, and I view of the front yard as well. “Thank you, Renée. It’s very nice.” Edward thanked my mother.

“You’re very welcome. Get settled in, we will have dinner in an hour.” She warned.

“Wait, you mean take out dinner right?” I asked her in disbelief. All we ever had was take out, her food was different. Usually un-edible, if you get my drift.

“No, silly. A home cooked meal.” She smiled.

I coughed. “A what?” I asked her. I was gawking. I would be without dinner tonight if she made my food.

“Don’t worry. Phil knows how to cook.” She explained.

“Oh.” Phil knows how to cook? This is getting weirder and weirder. She nodded and smiled. I shrugged. We will see how this ends up.

“Okay, thanks.” I waved to her as she left the room.

“So, what are you going to do about dinner?” I asked him. I was really wondering, after all he can’t eat any human food without coughing it up later.

“I have no clue; I will figure it out later though.” He promised. “Okay.”

He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back and soon I found him pulling away, because of me, again. “I’m sorry. I don’t think I will get any better at that though.” I said quickly, panting as I sat on the edge of his bed, which he probably would never use.

“I don’t think you will either. That’s okay though, because I am learning to control myself, mind over matter.”

“Okay, then. Well, when are we…….er…..um...?”

“Going to tell Renée about the big news?” he finished my question.

“Hey, I thought you couldn’t read my mind.” I accused him.

“I can’t it was a simple guess.” He said.

“Oh, even guessing your better at then me. If I could find one, just one thing that I am better at it would make the whole world a better place.” I muttered, half joking and half serious.

“Ha, don’t be upset. And maybe tonight we should tell Renée, what do you think of that?” he asked me.

“Well, ok. Tonight then.” I agreed. The queasiness and butterflies were slowly creeping back in to my stomach.


“Edward, it’s after dinner, should we tell her?” I asked as we were watching TV down in the basement. Edward was smart at dinner, he could move so fast that nobody noticed (including me) that he was actually never eating the food, just hiding it. And Phil’s dinner really wasn’t that bad, despite my doubts.

“We probably should, just to get it over with.” Edward said. He kissed my forehead as he held me in his arms on the couch. It was just sundown so soon we could go for a walk down by the beach later. Finally what a beach should be like-nothing like first beach.

“Alright, I guess.”I gulped.

“Don’t worry, she won’t do anything rash.” he said.

I nodded slowly. “Let’s do it, get it over with. Charlie was the worst, and now the worst is over.” I said confident.

“That’s the attitude. Let’s go.” He said as he sat me up. “Let’s go.” I nodded to him.

We went up stairs to the main floor, where Renée and Phil were watching TV as well.

“Hey mom. Can Edward and I talk to you for a quick second?” I asked her quickly.

“Sure bells. Why don’t we go upstairs, I have to go get something anyway.” She smiled at us. I nodded. I turned with Edward to go up another flight of stairs. I automatically went to my room; my mother was a little ways behind us.

“Is she suspicious?” I whispered to Edward.

“Not really. We will be fine.” He assured me. I stood up when my mother came in.

“Mom, can you sit down next to me and Edward for this one?” I asked her, gesturing for her to sit next to us one my bed. “Sure, honey.”

“So,” she started once she sat down.

“What is this about?” she asked. I suddenly got the confidence out of me, to be truthful, I was freaking out again.

“Well, mom. This is huge. And you need to listen and hear me out.” I started. I gripped Edward’s hand. I looked at him, he nodded in encouragement.

“Alright, Bella. You have my attention.” Her face became serious. My mother actually looked like a mother now, with that gaze of authority. I gulped and began again.

“Mom, Edward and I, are….um…” I took a deep breath. “Engaged.”I finished quickly. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for it, when my mother would turn into a hostel yelling Renée.

I opened my eyes to peak at Renée. She was thinking, that’s what it looked like anyway.

“I’m happy for you both.” She smiled. Whoa, opposite direction than what I thought she do. There has to be something more to this.

“You, you are?” I stuttered.

“Of course. It’s wonderful.” She gave me a hug. “I love you Bella.” She said.

“I love you too.” I said.

“Edward, this is great. I didn’t think I was going to get a son in law anytime soon. Well, not that it matters but you have my blessing.” My mother said to Edward. She stood up to go hug him.

“Thank you so much, Renée. And your blessing means everything in the world.” Edward said in a sincere voice. She smiled.

Her face looked as though something had clicked. Then she started to laugh. “I see now, that’s funny.” She started laughing again.

“Mom, not to ruin the moment or anything but why are you laughing?” I asked her carefully.

“Because, it makes perfect sense. That is why Charlie has been acting so weird when I was on the phone with him. And that’s why he made all those rules, because you two were engaged.” She said in between laughs.

“It’s funny because he’s so ridicules.” She said. “oh.” I said finally getting it.

“I’m sorry. My little laughing spell is over. So do you have a ring Bella?” my mother was curious. I reveled the topaz and diamond ring. My mother gasped.

“Bella, that’s amazing. I never saw a ring like it. Wow, Edward- you out did yourself.” My mother said as I held out my hand.

“I wanted something special for Bella, she’s special to me- I thought it was only fair.” Edward said as I put my hand back on my lap.

“Of course. Edward, do you mind if I talk with Bella for a little bit?” she asked him.

“Not at all.” He grinned and winked at me. I rolled my eyes as he left. I knew there was more to this-that’s not all Renée was capable of.

“Bella, can we have a little girl talk?” she asked me. ‘Girl talk’. What was she, crazy?

“umm.” I began.

“Nothing too big. Just a couple of things I would like to ask you. That’s all.” She said. I sighed and nodded.

“alright.” She folded her legs under her on my bed, I did the same. “You’re crazy about him.” she stated.

“Mom, I’m more then crazy about him. I guess you could say I am….in love with him.” I finished. It was so easy to talk to my mom-she was my best friend. Sometimes I forgot she was my mom.

“Well, alright. I won’t question that. He is an amazing guy, Bella. You are so lucky to have found him. He is good to you and is very polite. Not to mention good looking.” She joked.

I cracked a smile. “Yes. I am lucky.” I agreed.

“Bella, I am a little worried though. I mean it was good that you told me and Charlie and Edward’s parents I believe.” I nodded.

“Instead of going off to Vegas like your father and I did. Sometimes I wish that never happened. But then, I would never have had you, and you are so important to me Bella. Really though, do think you are going to be happy?” she asked out of concern.

“Mom, I think I will be more than happy, trust me. Everything will be perfect.” I was sure of it, I will marry Edward and then that meets his condition, so then I can be changed.

“Alright, well, then that’s it. But Bella if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask okay, I want to be as much a part of this as possible.” She said still smiling.

“Um...Sure mom.” I said. She nodded, and got up to leave the room.

“Wait mom!” I yelled to her. She turned around, still smiling. “Yes?’ she asked me.

“thanks.” I said to her, smiling to. She nodded and went down stairs.

I let a long gust of air come out as I slumped back on the bed. I actually did it, I told her. She didn’t even yell at me! Wow, Alice was right…and Edward was right. Everything was going to be okay. I actually felt it this time. And no longer was I keeping the engagement from anyone. The truth was out, and it felt good.

The truth was hugging me, wrapping me around in its warmth, its goodness. I felt as light as a feather-everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to be okay.

“Bella, do you want to go for a walk now?” Edward asked in a soft voice, I had my eyes closed. “yes.” I said.

I took the hand that he held out to me and we walked down stairs. “Mom, Phil, Edward and I are going to walk down by the beach.” I called to them as Edward and I got out shoes on. “Alright, bells. Be careful.” My mother yelled. “Will do!” I yelled back to her.

I was getting ready to walk out the door, but Edward stopped me. “You should take your jacket; it’s chilly out there, especially down by the water.” he warned.

I rolled my eyes as he handed it to me. He helped me put it on and then we walked out the door. “This is great, Edward. I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Well, just telling people about the engagement I mean.” I said as we walked hand in hand down a sidewalk towards the beach.

“It feels good, your right. And you know what’s different about your mother?” he asked me.


“She actually meant everything she said. Unlike Charlie.” He snickered.

“Yeah. She doesn’t like to lie just like me. Unless, it’s something that no one can know at all.” I added. Like Edward being a vampire, that wouldn’t, be good if I just told everyone.

“Yes. Bella, when did I last tell you I loved you?” he smiled my favorite crooked smile.

“Huh, let’s see……a half an hour ago.” I smiled back.

“Well, that’s way too long. I love you Bella.” He said as we were now walking on the beach.

“I love you too.” I said as he leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back. Then we walked hand in hand by the ocean, which was my utopia. **********************

I woke up with Edward next to me in my room. I could hear the faint calls of the ocean and seagulls. I looked what time it was 8:00 in the morning. It was the last morning I would be waking up here. We had to leave in a few hours to go back to cloudy forks. Yet, in a way, I couldn’t wait to go back and see the Cullen’s, and forks, in some weird way was more of a home then anyplace else. The green all around felt comforting and I missed that. But I would miss my mom even more.

The past week was a nice break. Edward and I always took walks at night and talked or something during the day.

Sometimes I would spend some time with my mother outside. One night Edward even cooked dinner for us all. Of course, it was amazing. I made a face at the memory.

“How did you sleep?” Edward whispered to me.

I rolled back over to look at him.


“That’s good. You should get packed soon though, our plain leaves in a few hours and we should be there 2 hours early.” He informed me.

“Ugh, why always two hours?” I asked as I sat up.

“I don’t exactly know everyone dose that though. Must be something with the seats or stuff like that.” He shrugged.

I nodded. “okay.” Edward took that as a sign to get out of my room so I could change. I waved to him as he shut the door.

I got dressed and packed everything up as best as possible. I quickly made my bed and went to go brush my hair and then my teeth.

Edward leaned against the door way as I brushed my hair. I just out it in a pony tail because it was impossible to do anything else at the moment.

I suddenly felt self-conscious as I was brushing my teeth and Edward was next to me. He started chuckling as I looked his way. “What are you laughing at?” I tried to say but tooth paste was in my mouth.

“I tried cleaning my teeth before, decades ago actually. I will never ever do that again. It tastes horrible. That and the fact that I was so young that I didn’t know that vampires didn’t need to brush their teeth.” He whispered.

I cracked a smile as I walked out of the bathroom to go put my toiletry bag back in my duffle bag.

Edward and I went down stairs, I was carrying the carry-on bags and Edward was carrying the duffle bags. “Good morning Bella and Edward.” Phil greeted us as he read the morning paper. “Good morning.” I muttered.

“Bella, Edward. How did you sleep?” my mother asked as she sipped her coffee.

“Great mom.” I said.

“Wonderful Renée.” Edward lied, since he can’t sleep. I tried not to smile at that one.

“That’s nice. Bella there is toast and bagels up there if you want any, and I know Edward isn’t much of a breakfast eater but Edward your welcome to have some too.” She said gesturing to the counter.

I went over to set the bags by the door as Edward did the same and then I went to go grab a piece of toast. I nibbled on it as Edward and Phil discussed an article in the paper.

“Bells, I am going to miss you so much.” My mom said to me.

“I’m going to miss you to, mom. But your coming for graduation, right?” I asked her.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And I will be there for the wedding, whenever you’re going to have it.” She added.

I gulped; even though the whole engagement thing was over I still had to plan a wedding.

“Yeah, sounds great.” I lied to her. The wedding, it sounded like a title to a horror movie.

After I was finished Edward and I did a quick look around to see if we forgot anything. Then we relaxed and watched TV.

Soon it was that time to say goodbye.

We were already at the airport, waiting at the gate. “I love you mom.” I said as I hugged her.

“I love you too.” She whispered as she pulled back. She went over to Edward and hugged him to. “It was nice to have you stay with us, Edward.” She said.

“It was nice of you to have me.”

“Flight 9122 please bored the plain. Flight 9122 last call.” An announcer said on the inter come.

“That’s us mom, bye, I love you.” I waved to her. I tried my hardest not to cry. She smiled teary eyed herself, and then I looked back and she was lost with the swarm of people. Edward took my hand as we boarded the plain back to forks.