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Polar Opposites

This is an idea I got. An alternate universe where everything is as opposite as it can be while still making some sort of scary twisted sense.


I'm really not feeling a pull to this story, but whenever I get an idea, no matter how revolting, I write it down or it bugs me.
Come to think of it I need to write some other ideas down I got over dinner while staring blankly into space . . .

1. Another Universe

Rating 5/5   Word Count 735   Review this Chapter

I woke up, confused.

I was lying on my bed in Forks, and Rene was sitting on my bed, tears silently running down her face.

"Mom?" Something clawed at my stomach, but I stifled it without realizing. My room was filled with a wonderful aroma.

"Oh, sorry, sweetie. I was just thinking about the day your father left . . ." She looked out the window.

I expected the pang of knowing the loss, but I felt nothing. It was like I had no empathy for her. Which was impossible because I should have the experience of losing Edward . . .

"Mom? What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean, Isabella?"

"Bella," I automatically corrected and she looked surprised.

"Every time I call you that you that you get mad."

Now was my turn to be puzzled. What was going on? I should just go along till I could pick up enough hints to figure everything out.

I was silent.

"Well, I'm sorry. I don't want you to leave again though. It's sad how you only come here a few times a year. But with my job making me travel, I suppose it's best."

I nodded, though I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Let's leave," Rene announced, and I saw my luggage sitting in the corner. "'Kay."

I got up and put my clothes on that were lying on the foot of my bed as my mom walked down the hall to her room.

When I was dressed, I walked into the hall with my luggage, to see my mother wearing a flight attendant uniform , towing her own baggage.

We walked down the stairs and out the door, my mom locking it behind us. I made it down the steps without tripping, and felt my floating stride carry me to the car. I gently grasped the door handle as if it were an egg, and opened it. I stepped inside the passenger door and shut it behind me. I had no idea what was going on as I automatically flipped down the mirror to check my reflection.

When I saw my eyes, I clasped my hand over my mouth to muffle my scream.

My eyes were gold.

I was insane. Or dreaming. There was no other way to describe it.

I was silent the entire way to the airport, and through security. Like my brain was in a coma.

"I'll miss you so much," my mom murmured as she hugged me, tears streaming down her face. They would've been streaming down mine if I wasn't . . . a vampire.

I inhaled deeply and automatically stopped breathing when a sweet, icy liquid poured into my mouth. I had been around vampires ---or thought I had--- enough to know not to breathe in blood when venom filled your mouth.

Mouthwatering smell+ venom = Bad.

I kept repeating this to myself as I got on a plane which intensified the smell of human blood. All these little bodies crammed together, was absolutely mouthwatering.

My plane landed in Phoenix, of course. Then panic swept through me. Sun.

Another equation. Sun + vampire's skin = Bad.

I got off the plane, jumping at every beam of light and little thing I saw.

"Are you okay?" A young man asked me, concerned. "You seem a little jumpy," he added, as I jumped at a baby crying.

"Thank God Jasper!" I breathed and threw my arms around him. Seeing Jasper had made me happier than ever in my entire life/death/whatever!

A scent immediately filled my nostrils and I nearly broke down crying. He was human. What on Earth was going on with my universe?!

Then a scent hit me that had me practically drowning with the amount of venom in my mouth. The blood sang to me.

I turned to see a beautiful bronze-haired boy with beautiful green eyes.

Of course, Edward was my singer. If this was polar opposites with MY REAL universe, I would want to kill Edward.

And the part that scared me, is that there was nothing stopping me from doing it. I had no Carlisle that would be disappointed in me. There was nothing holding me back.

In the meadow, Edward had practically told me that Carlisle is the only thing that had saved my life then, so the question was, with me having nothing holding me back, could I hope that the love I wasn't even sure we had in this universe, save the beautiful boy's life? Was love alone as strong as everyone claimed?