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All This Time

...it was you I needed.Sequel to A Better Place, A Better Time. Bella comes back from the past to confront a blood-lusting Edward who has lost his vegetarian ways. "His green eyes are haunting me from every corner of my dreams. I need him. I have to find him again." AU *INCOMPLETE*

I know everyone is wondering about ABPABT, and everyone wants spoilers, but I ain’t gonna give ‘em to ya. I just wanted to explain why I decided to end this story to start a new one. First of all I felt that it was time for Bella to go home, back to her time. This made me feel that I needed to start a new story, as a continuation, since I would be starting a whole new section of the story. I’m going to turn this into a running series that will be split into separate stories based on when Bella goes to and from the past. Which means, she will be going back. If you’ve read Caroline B. Cooney’s Time Traveler series, you would have seen that happening. All questions will be answered in the coming story, “All this Time.” The series will be called “Time Travel should be Illegal.” Love, Tracy.

1. Prologue

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I couldn’t think about him anymore. The way his slender silhouette filled the dark door. His booming voice that echo through the empty house. The red in his eyes. It was distracting.

I gripped the wheel tightly as the speedometer’s needle grew towards the one hundred mark on the console. My mind was spinning from all the questions that had been left unanswered.

The silence was broken by the shrill ring of a cell phone. I fumbled around the seat, and the floor before finding it, between the seat and the middle console… like it had fallen out of his pocket. I flipped it open quickly.

“Edward? Edward?” Alice’s gasping voice was on the other end. “Edward?!”

“Alice.” My voice was a whisper.

“Bella?” Alice’s voice cracked with stress. “You’re… you’re alright?!”

I felt around looking for any holes or gaping wounds in my body, but finding none. “I guess,” I mustered.

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where’s… where’s Edward?” The tone of her voice gave me reason to know that there was something else wrong.

“Home.” I couldn’t manage to find many words.

“In the Forks?”


“Meet me at the high school.” The line went dead. The silence that followed was welcome. I let go of any conscious thoughts I was having and focused on navigating.

The road was like a plate of black glass. The highway stretched out beneath the silvery Volvo. The light from the highlights illuminated the misting rain and the fog of humidity.

I slumped down in the seat, letting my heartbeat slow. Time passed without much consideration for me, and soon the streets were familiar. The high school was just around the corner.

It loomed in front of me with a brightly lit parking lot. An empty parking lot.

I pulled in slowly, searching the dark corners for a sign of life… or death, which ever. I came to a stop as I realized I was alone. I shudder ripped down my spine, shaking my body violently. My mind started again like I had turned an ignition switch.

Who did he… why… Is there something I did? What are we going to do now? Can he go back? What if he doesn’t want to? Can I live without him… Can I live without the ‘other’ him?

There was a quick rap on the passenger window. I jumped automatically, my heart racing.

Her face was a welcome sight. Shoulder length, black hair framed her face. It was several inches longer than I had last remembered. I popped open the locks on the doors, and she slid in quickly, locking the doors behind her.



“You decide. He’s looking for me.”

I hadn’t realized that he would be reading her, looking for her. His mind was always searching.

I nodded quickly and turned the car around quickly.

“We need to get out of here fast,” she whispered. “He’s coming.”


She turned to me, her face like stone. “He’s not in his right mind, Bella. He’s lusting for blood. Specifically,” she paused, turning away, “yours.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw it,” she mumbled. I felt the uncertainty in her voice. “It didn’t happen like I thought it would.”

“What didn’t?”

“You… disappearing.”

“What?” I pulled the Volvo out of the parking lot and started off in the direction of Port Angeles.

“I saw you. In the house and then…” her voice cracked, “you were gone.”

I shook my head. Everything was happening too quickly. I hated Edward for everything. Both of them. For him sending me back. For him for ruining everything when I did come back…

Tears were rolling down my face.

“Bella,” she whispered, “What happened?”

I couldn’t verbalize what I felt and what had happened. How do you tell someone that you went back in time about a century without sounding crazy? But I knew that she knew something she wasn’t saying. “I went away.”


I cleared my throat and wiped away my tears. “1917.”

“What?” Her eyes searched my face. “How?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. I went to the house… and fell asleep…” My voice trailed off.

“And Edward was there… only he wasn’t…”

I nodded. My stomach churned, and my heart thudded loudly in my chest. I couldn’t think about his green eyes right now. There was too much to worry about. Alice avoided looking at me or out the window. Instead she averted her eyes to her hands.

“Carlisle is worried sick. He’s on his way here.”

I nodded again. “What happened to him?”

“I knew I shouldn’t have, but I had called Edward after I saw you in the house. He was distraught and… I knew I shouldn’t have…”

“Who did he-”

Her head was already shaking. “I saw it after I told him. That’s when I caught the first flight out of New York and got here as fast as I could.” Her voice was steady and without a trace of emotion.

“Who was it?”

“She was just standing there… People all around… The blood mixing with her blonde hair...”

I shuddered. “Why?”

“It was suicide.”