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All This Time

...it was you I needed.Sequel to A Better Place, A Better Time. Bella comes back from the past to confront a blood-lusting Edward who has lost his vegetarian ways. "His green eyes are haunting me from every corner of my dreams. I need him. I have to find him again." AU *INCOMPLETE*

I know everyone is wondering about ABPABT, and everyone wants spoilers, but I ain’t gonna give ‘em to ya. I just wanted to explain why I decided to end this story to start a new one. First of all I felt that it was time for Bella to go home, back to her time. This made me feel that I needed to start a new story, as a continuation, since I would be starting a whole new section of the story. I’m going to turn this into a running series that will be split into separate stories based on when Bella goes to and from the past. Which means, she will be going back. If you’ve read Caroline B. Cooney’s Time Traveler series, you would have seen that happening. All questions will be answered in the coming story, “All this Time.” The series will be called “Time Travel should be Illegal.” Love, Tracy.

2. 1. Shudders

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I shuddered at the word, suicide. It only made sense, but I didn’t want to believe it. He had said numerous times, he couldn’t live without me. The adrenaline that had pulse through my body just an hour before began to wear off as the Volvo flew down the highway.

But how could he think that that would be the way out?

“What do you mean?”

“He killed her publicly, people saw it… they know.”

“Who?” My voice was barely a whisper.

“The Volturi… doesn’t take very kindly to public displays of… well…”

“I get it,” I muttered to keep her from saying it. He had killed her so that the Volturi would kill him? Ugh. I groaned in my mind, avoiding the unnecessary thinking. I cleared it of everything I didn’t want to remember. But the things I did, swooped in on my like a winter breeze.

I remembered his smile as he looked across at me. Dazzling. His skin was glittering like a sequined sweater. The grass in the meadow was a vibrant, summer green…

Like his eyes.

I couldn’t get his eyes out of my head. Those emerald greens piercing my gaze. Even his topaz eyes I had fallen in love with didn’t hold the same glitter that they once had. And worst of all, I didn’t know if they would ever be back, or if they would be stained with blood forever.

How could you? I screamed in my head. How… did you know? He had let me go, disappear into another time, another place. A place that was as far from him as I could be.

Tears were spilling down my cheeks again. As I brought my left hand up to brush them away, a glint caught my eye.

The ring.

My heart skipped a beat, and my jaw dropped. I slammed on the breaks and threw the driver’s side door open. Vomit spilled out of my mouth, splattering onto the pavement with a sickening sound.

“Are you alright?” Alice’s voice was quiet. “I’d drive… if I thought it was a good idea.” There was guilt her voice, and it was apparent why. Without her sickly visions, none of this would have happened. None of it.

I wiped my mouth and brushed my hair out of my face. I looked down at myself quickly. The dress was same pink linen that I had put on… that morning on the train. I closed my eyes tightly and sucked in a long breath.

“We should get moving, Bella.” Alice brushed her hand across my back in a comforting motion.

I nodded and opened my eyes. The dress’s hem was torn and fraying. There were tears in the thin fabric, and the soft pink was now yellowing with dirt and grime. I pulled the door shut and started the car back in motion.

“Where did you go?”

Alice was quite for a moment. “We split up for a little while. Carlisle and Esme went one way and the rest of us went the other. Edward was quite restless… he moved around a lot, but kept in contact. That’s why I felt he needed to know.”

I nodded, gluing my eyes to the road.

“Did you really see him… like… living?”

I nodded again. I couldn’t believe that she believed me. I knew it sounded absolutely insane, but she believed it. “Why do you believe me?” My voice was quiet.

“Anything’s possible.” She chuckled softly, “Hell, look at us.”

I smiled as the curse came from her mouth. The first smile in what seemed like a long time, but it had only been a day. The rest of the ride was silent. I drove through Port Angeles to a little town outside of the city limits where I found a small motel.

I led Alice into the motel office; her eyes were shut tight. I knew she could risk opening her eyes and giving us away until we were safely out of Edward’s range.

The creepy, little desk clerk smirked. “What’s with her?” I could only imagine what he thought of the pair of us. I was in a torn, linen dress long since out of s ago, and Alice was squeezing her eyes shut as tight as she could…

Alice huffed, insulted.

“She’s blind,” I lied.

“What can I do for you?” he mumbled, upset that he would have to get out of his chair.

“Just one room, two beds, please.” He shuffled through some papers and pulled a key off a pegboard.

“112,” he mumbled.

Alice elbowed me. “Uh, can we have that one?” I pointed to a random key on the board.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the key. “This one?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Here you go, that’ll be $79.95.”

Alice handed him a bill. One hundred dollar bill. His eyes lit up. “Keep the change.” She had a crooked smile on her face.

“Sign here, please.” He shoved an entry book at me and a pen.

I hadn’t thought of a fake name yet. The only one that came to mind… Matilda deLoseur. I smirked to myself, thoroughly amused. “Thank you.” I pulled Alice out roughly and turned towards our room. It was at the other end of the complex. I let Alice in and shut the door behind her. “I’m going to move the car,” I said through the door.


I drove the car around back to a parking lot off the main street. A shiny Volvo would stand out from the crowd at a motel as crummy as this one. I alarmed the car system and locked the doors.

Alice had already made herself comfortable on a dingy-looking bed spread. “Ugh, no free HBO,” she moaned with a smile.

I dropped to the bed, exhausted. Though my body was wrecked, my mind continued. The millions of questions I had for him pulsed through my thoughts like radio wave static.

“Bella,” Alice whispered from her perch on the end of the bed.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, pressing my hands over my eyes, afraid of her question.

“How do you know it was… well, real?”

I chuckled, only just finding this answer myself an hour or so before. I twisted the ring from my finger and flung it at her.

She caught it with perfect timing. She turned the ring around in her fingers, reading the miniscule writing on the inside of the band, “Masen,” she read aloud. She shook her head in disbelief. “That’s… too much.”

“Tell me about it.”

She tossed the ring back at me without prior thought. It bounced off my chest and rolled onto the floor. “Crud.” I rolled over and searched the floor for it, finding it just beneath the bed.


I nodded and picked it back up. I turned it over in my own fingers this time, scanning it and watching the light hit the diamond and sparkle. I didn’t want to lose it… and I didn’t want to put it back on my finger… But I did. The allure was too strong. Just to be close to him again for another moment.

I closed my eyes to the thought of his warm skin and flashy green eyes. They were comforting like a child’s security blanket. It wrapped around me, and slowly, I nodded off to sleep.

He was with me there, in my dream-like state. A foggy, unfocused version of him, but it was him… And I was happy there.

I forgot about Edward’s frightening red eyes, and the words that boomed down the hall to me.

He brushed his hand against my cheek in a loving manner, smiling sweetly. We gazed fondly at each other over a cup of steaming coffee. His eyes were playful and danced around my face, noting each area of interest.

“I’m sorry I let you go,” he whispered. “And I’m sorry for what I did…”

I looked down at his coffee cup and reached across for it. The second my finger touched the mug, it cracked, spurting blood like an open vein. I tore my eyes from the frightening sight to catch his reaction. His eyes were black as night, like curtains of onyx.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

I shot up from my lying position, a cold sweat dripping down my cheeks. I held my hands to my chest and felt the thudding of my heart as it tried to rip free from my chest.

The sudden knock at the door caused my stomach to jump to my throat. Alice was at her feet in less than a second, her eye to the peephole and tremor in her hand. An unusual reaction for any vampire.