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All This Time

...it was you I needed.Sequel to A Better Place, A Better Time. Bella comes back from the past to confront a blood-lusting Edward who has lost his vegetarian ways. "His green eyes are haunting me from every corner of my dreams. I need him. I have to find him again." AU *INCOMPLETE*

I know everyone is wondering about ABPABT, and everyone wants spoilers, but I ain’t gonna give ‘em to ya. I just wanted to explain why I decided to end this story to start a new one. First of all I felt that it was time for Bella to go home, back to her time. This made me feel that I needed to start a new story, as a continuation, since I would be starting a whole new section of the story. I’m going to turn this into a running series that will be split into separate stories based on when Bella goes to and from the past. Which means, she will be going back. If you’ve read Caroline B. Cooney’s Time Traveler series, you would have seen that happening. All questions will be answered in the coming story, “All this Time.” The series will be called “Time Travel should be Illegal.” Love, Tracy.

3. 2. Complications

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2. Complications

Her shoulders quickly dropped, and she ripped open the door. “Carlisle!” She reached out to embrace him. They held each other momentarily before letting go and turning their attention to something else. “How’d you find us?”

“The Volvo has GPS.”

I held my breath, completely unaware that an expensive car like that would have a tracking system. “I didn’t-”

Carlisle cut me off with a comforting smile and moved swiftly across the room. He sat down the bed beside me. His sweet scent filled the air around me. “I found Edward, he’s safe. A little irrational but safe.”

I nodded.

“He sends his most sincere apology.” His eyes grew soft with sympathy. “I think it’s best that he spends some time away from here.”

I nodded again.

“He promises to get well.”

My heart started pounding again. The thought of being away from him again was painful. There was too much to process, and this added pain was nearly unbearable. I swallowed hard. “I understand.”

“Alice will take you home, and I will watch over Edward.” Carlisle was understanding. Unbelievably understanding. “We’ll deal with each complication as is it arises.”

Complication was a nice word for the Volturi, who by now wanted Edward dead… or deader.

“I think it is also best if you get some sleep.” He nodded gently and stood to his feet in one seamless move.

He whispered something to Alice as he left the hotel room. She nodded in return and smiled in agreement. As he stepped out, Jasper stepped in, and Alice quickly bolted the door behind him.

I knew the second I saw him, I would be asleep in seconds.

We spent the next day in the hotel room. With Jasper constantly calming my nerves, I slept on and off.

I awoke a day or so later to bright yellow morning. Alice and Jasper were whispering quietly, not noticing my presence.

“I don’t think we should give it to her,” Jasper said in a hushed voice.

“Why not?” Alice glared at him from under her cropped bangs.

“It might upset her.”

“Isn’t that why you’re here?” She ripped a piece of paper out of his hands. “Esme brought it here for a reason.” At that she saw my open eyes. She smiled sweetly and moved towards me. She took a seat on my bed and handed the envelop over to me.

“What’s this?”

“Esme dropped this off earlier. We’re leaving tonight. You need to go back home.”

I shuddered at the word “home.” “What about Edward?”

Alice nodded her at the little, white envelope in my hand. I looked down at it in surprise. She got up and moved back to the other bed where Jasper was scowling. She elbowed him and the room became silent.

I looked at the two of them and then to the envelope. There wasn’t a word written on it. It was pristine and white. The edges of the envelop sharp and crisp. I flipped it over and slid one finger under the flap. It ripped open easily. The paper in side was thin like onion skin and slightly wrinkled.

As I unfolded the letter, I noted the date. It was written today.

The words below were in script writing that I recognized as Edward’s, the words were all perfectly formed and executed.

“Dear Bella,” it began.

“I beg you forgiveness for all that has happened. My only hope is that your strength will last through all the trials and hardships ahead. I had made a hasty decision that day, only in hopes that if you were no longer with us, that I won’t be either. I see now that my irrational decision was only my fault. Alice warned me, and I failed to listen. I am spending some time with friends, and my recovery is proving difficult. I wish that I could tell you where I am, but the Volturi have already sent out their tracking dogs… I wish I could express to you my remorse, my upset at what I have done to you. I would like to ask for your forgiveness at what I had done in my Grandfather’s house. It was only for the best. The days are slow and tolling without you. My frozen heart breaks more with each sunless day that goes by. Until the day I am with you again, please keep me close in your heart. For you are always close to mine. Until that day, I remain faithfully yours. With all my heart, Edward.”

I dropped the note to the bed.He knew what he was doing? Yet… he didn’t remember that he had sent me back?

All this information was a knot in my stomach. None of it made sense. But somehow, he knew I had to come back.

I fell backwards onto the bed, letting my head hit the pillow squarely. I shut my eyes. “Jasper, please.”

The sleep enveloped me, darkness on all sides. There were some things I just didn’t want to think about.

* * *

The road rolled out beneath the Volvo’s tires as record speeds. Jasper was behind the wheel intent on driving, and Alice was gazing out of the window.

“Mrmm. Where are we?” I mumbled still half asleep.

“Not to far away,” Alice said, stroking my hair like she would a cat.

I nodded and dropped back into the seat. “I don’t want to go home,” I whined.

“You have to. If the Volturi sense anything out of the ordinary in Forks, we’re in big trouble.”

“Won’t they know Edward’s missing?”

“Well, yes. But they expect that.”

“And what about Carlisle won’t they be suspicious that he’s gone too?”

“What about him? He’s in South American, Doctors without Borders. Remember?”

I shook my head, not surprised at their thoroughness.

The roads flew out from underneath us, passing surroundings I was unfamiliar with. Soon the trees thinned and buildings grew out of the horizon.

Forks, Washington.

A tear came to my eye as I remember back on coming to Forks for the first time. I was scared and lonely. Charlie was the only person I knew or sort of knew. It was a change in my life that I forced. I came here to be a good daughter to my father and my mother. I didn’t expect there to be so much trouble, so much heartbreak and pain.

I wiped away the tear with my bladed hand. I saw Jaspers cool, honey brown eyes in the rearview mirror. He smiled softly and a calm came to the car. Alice peered over at him, sensing it too. He simply smiled at her and stroked her knee gently.

She nodded in return.

My home was just down the street, dark and lifeless. Just like it had always been.

A drizzle blurred the back windows, and the city disappeared behind it.