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Dead Star

Jacob was Bella's sun. He brightened her day and balanced out the clouds nicely.
But how could he fight with the cold, rock of the moon? How could he fight an eclipse?
He couldn't.

So he ran, and now . . . he's a dead star.
He's lost inside himself.

Another pack of werewolves, another coven of leeches.
He ran right to what he was running from.



I really am excited about this idea. I will be rotating with updating Starting New series and this, depending on the reviews I get for each. And I might just update both at the same time! :)

1. Runaway

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 290   Review this Chapter

I pushed my legs faster, letting Jacob Black disappear behind me.


And so that is how I am here now, in the middle of the forest, acting off of purely instincts. I've gotten so good at it, that I, at some times, forgot who the face was that swam in front of my eyes, a permanent blindness. I blindness that held back, love at first sight. But I would always remember. And what I remembered always hurt, but my wolf emotions usually could keep it under control. Usually.

There was the occasional time when the love would overpower me and I would fall to the soft, mossy ground, panting, but a human. And then I would phase, but not before the emotion slashed through me. As a wolf, it was reduced to a dull throbbing, that kept time with my heartbeat. But as a human it slashed through me, fierce and white hot, till I could feel my heartbeat throb through every part of my body. Heartbeat. Something Bella took for granted these days.

'You hear that Kyle?'

I froze. Because they weren't voices. They were thoughts.

'Yeah, I hear it.'

'Me too.'

'Hey! We know you can hear us! Where are you?'

I closed my eyes and just thought of Bella's face. It was the only thing I could totally concentrate on and block my thoughts with.



I snarled and they quieted.

'Stop blocking your mind.'

'You're not my Alpha,' I thought and the rest of the pack growled in their thoughts.

'Enough.' It commanded.

Perfect silence.

I phased quickly, hoping they wouldn't find me.

I didn't need another pack of werewolves when I was trying to escape my own.