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Histories of lost souls

The Cullens go on a journey to recover their forgotten memories. The reminders of the past heal the last scars in some, rip open old wounds in others. Each vampire has a history. My version of the Cullens' histories. With a twist.

This story will be updated slowly. It's a little side-project of mine, so please don't expect new chapters every day. There will be one chapter for each of the Cullens (including Bella), a prologue and an epilogue. That makes 10 chapters in total. I know there are countless stories like this out there, so I tried to do it differently. Everything takes place after Eclipse.

1. Prologue : Family Meeting

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What the Cullens were keeping a family meeting for, I did not know.

This was the first time I had ever heard Carlisle suggest such a gathering and was even more shocked to hear that I was also invited. When Edward saw my astonishment, he only smiled and assured me that I was part of the family now, which meant I should be included in everything that involved the Cullens.

This fact pleased me greatly but didn't erase my confusion. As far as I knew, nobody was after me or anyone else in the family. This phase of my life was a wonderful, cheerful one; it was heaven on earth. I was on cloud nine and by the looks of it, so was Edward. There should have been no reason for any discussions of the future.

And now we were all seated at the usually unnecessary table in the dining room. Apart from Edward and Alice, everyone seemed to be as puzzled as I was. I exchanged questioning looks with each of the family members, but received as little answers as I could give them myself. Edward only smiled at my impatience, frustrating me beyond measure. He knew what was going on, and yet he refused to fill me in. He only whispered "Don't worry" before turning his attention to Carlisle, who was standing at the end of the table.

Carlisle's expression when he finally entered the room secured that there was no danger involved, but that didn’t help the uneasy feeling brewing inside of me. Something was different.

"Now that we are all here, I can tell you of my intentions for this meeting. I know you are all bemused at the moment and wondering why I called us all together. No, we are not moving out early, nor is anyone threatening us. I merely have a suggestion and wish for you to hear me out and then tell me your thoughts on it."

He spoke in a casual manner, looking at each of our faces as he did so. I didn’t know what he detected in my eyes, but whatever it was must have cleared out with his last sentence. I was not as perplexed as I was curious by then.

"Today, as I was going through some old documents in my drawer, an interesting idea crossed my mind. I found a long forgotten letter, one written from my father to me before my transformation. After reading it through, I noticed how much I've lost in all these years, how many pleasant - and some not so pleasant - memories have been buried beneath time. I felt a longing to refresh these memories. The best way to do this is to go back to their origin- London, in my case."

A few gasps filled the air, the loudest one coming from Esme. "You're leaving for England?"

Carlisle only smiled at her reassuringly and took her hand.

"Yes, Esme. But that wasn't all. You see, after deciding to travel to London for a few weeks, I thought about you. I am not the only one with different roots. You all, with the exception of Bella, have pasts. And I'm sure you have forgotten most of the memories with the loss of your humanity, like I have. Don't you ever feel the need to learn more about your previous life? To remember your last few months as a human? So I came to my conclusion. Not only I should go searching for my history - all of you should get the chance to find your own.”

It took a few seconds for everyone to process this plan. Like me, all the Cullens were going through the pros and cons in their head, evaluating the price of such a trip. It would be painful for a few of them to learn more about the life they could have had. Sure enough, Rosalie was already standing up in protest. "No, Carlisle. I know what I've missed. There’s no need to open the wounds again."

She was surprisingly calm as she said this. Reasonable.

Carlisle smiled at her sympathetically. "I understand your objection, Rosalie. I truly do. And I do not blame you if you decline. But please think about it - maybe this trip will heal those wounds instead of opening them. None of us ever got their proper goodbyes. This way we may be able to accept our destinies better."

Rosalie sat back down, pondering. I could tell she was not happy but had not completely rejected the idea, either. Her open-mindedness amazed me. I understood her reasons not to want to go back to her roots, to rub salt on her long healed wounds. She had every reason not to go.

Carlisle let her think in peace, and faced the other members of his family. "And you? What are your opinions?"

Esme smiled up at him, still holding his hand. "I think it’s a great idea."

"I'm in!" Alice leaned back on her chair.

"If Rose is alright with this, I suppose there's no harm done." Emmett leaned back as well, looking at Rosalie with concern. Of course he would only do what she wanted.

Rosalie gazed at him for a second before looking back at Carlisle again. She looked torn, and I could even see some agony behind her carefully blank eyes. Still, her voice was calm.

"Very well. I’ll try."

Jasper agreed to the plan too, although I could tell he was a little reluctant about it. He, like Emmett, would do whatever his mate chose to do.

Only Edward and I had not said anything yet. What could I say, anyway? My past was in Phoenix, and it wasn't forgotten at all.

Finally, Edward spoke while looking at me intently. "Alright. This could be an interesting experience. But I will only go under one condition - I want to take Bella with me. And before we go to my past, she will show me hers."

This surprised me. Had Edward really just said he wanted to go to Phoenix with me? My life before Forks was uninteresting, dull. There was nothing to show him. I told him exactly that, but he only chuckled. "You think your life was boring. To me, everything you have ever done is of interest. I feel you haven't told me enough of your childhood. Besides, I want to experience it myself. I'm not going to show you mine unless I get to see yours first. You do want to go to Chicago with me, don't you?"

His argument was good. I really wanted to go with him to Chicago. I wanted to see what his life as a human had been like, help him uncover the forgotten memories. Basically, I wanted to be with him. Life without him, even if only for a couple of weeks, was bound to be agonizing.

"Well, I suppose I can show you. If it's alright with everyone else."

"Of course you can travel together. It may even be a good thing."

I smiled and buried myself in Edward's embrace. I was looking forward to the trip. My part of it in Phoenix was unquestionably going to be a bore, but seeing Edward's old home town was guaranteed to be fascinating. He had not told me much about his past and I longed to know more about the human in him. The man that was born in 1901.

The rest of the family was looking in different directions. They all seemed very thoughtful and I could tell the plan had been taken in with varying fervor. Not all were enthusiastic about it. But it didn’t matter. I knew I was going to enjoy myself.

The Cullens and I were going on a trip down memory lane.