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A Familiar Matter

Well, It's basically what I would like to happen in Breaking Dawn. In it, we meet a new character; Leslie Harpur, the daughter of Renee's mysterious and tragically demised twin sister, Estelle. She comes to Forks with Bella's mother to attend the wedding. Interesting things occur in the time following...

This is for my best friends and fellow Twilight obsessees, Helen, Lexhen and Hilary. I'm inspired! P.S. I wish I'd thought up Bella and Edward and everyone else. but I didn't :-(

2. An Unexplained Vision

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 869   Review this Chapter

I ran downstairs, taking them two at a time.

About half-way down, I tripped and went head over heels the rest of the way. Edward was by my side in an instant.

“Bella!” He cried, alarmed.

“I'm fine” I snapped. “Alice, what did you see?” She bit her lip, and looked to Edward for permission. He nodded, his jaw tight.

“Well, I'm not sure how to explain this but…” I folded my arms, stubbornly awaiting her next words. “I saw… you, Bella”

“Well, duh!” I exclaimed angrily. Whilst I loved my vampire family dearly, when their powers, or ability to speak in a whisper below human audible range, meant I was left in the dark about something involving my life, or more often than not, my death, it didn’t half get on my nerves.

Alice recoiled, hurt, and I immediately felt a pang of remorse. I hated upsetting any of the Cullens. I really did love them like my true family.

“I'm sorry Alice,” I said quietly, and her small, pixie-like face softened with forgiveness. “I just get so annoyed when you keep me in the dark. We can’t all be telepathic wonders you know!”

I glared at Edward, but the wounded expression on his face made my heart stop (figuratively speaking, of course) in shock. But then, a corner of his mouth twitched, and I realised he was just messing with me, trying to reassure me that everything was going to be okay with his casual behaviour. But it’s not like I'm a vampire – not yet anyway – I'm a stubborn young woman, and hardly likely to be distracted that easily.

I turned back to Alice with a sigh, smiling slightly when Edward squeezed my hand tightly.

“I won’t let them hurt you – I’ll never let anything hurt you ever again.” He swore, pulling my tight against his chest. My heart stuttered, but still, I persevered.

“Who is it?” I persisted; “The Volturi? Tell me, I can handle it!” Alice shook her head slowly, and from the pain and indecision in her eyes, I could make a pretty good guess.

“No” I whispered, horror-struck. “No, I swore never to go back, and I won’t! You think I'm going to risk my family’s lives on some insane death wish?” But then I remembered my earlier thoughts and I blanched.

“Alice, tell me exactly what you saw.” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose – a habit I had picked up from Edward, who smiled at it, amused. His expression quickly sobered, though, when Alice began to talk, her voice taking on an urgent and yet somehow… sing-song quality as she related her latest vision.

“I saw you, Bella, in the middle of a forest. The sky was bright and clear, but in the clearing it was dark and shadowy. Menacing. You seemed afraid, turning this way and that, as though looking for an escape route, but there was, there is none. Then, from out of the shadows, they came. There were more of them than the current ten – of that I'm certain. They surrounded you, teeth bared, snarling. They formed a circle around you, leaving no way out. And then, he lunged.”

I didn’t even realise she had finished, I was so shocked. Edward looked at me, worried, and I recalled with perfect clarity that day in Italy when we had just been freed by the Volturi, and we were just waiting for nightfall, so we could escape and be on our way home.

But this was different. For it was not a coven of bloodthirsty vampires which attacked me this time but… them. My other family. I knew that the natural enmity between the two was strong, but I had never thought it was strong enough for them to want to kill me.

“Alice,” I asked, lost for a reason why, “Was I… Was I still – human in your vision?” That would, at least, explain the reason why the others would have attacked me but he had said, had sworn… My heart began to ache slightly.

If he was ready to attack me after all his promises, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to introduce him to her. But at the time… Well, it had seemed like such a good idea. I sighed again.

No way was I sending my cousin to her certain doom, even if I didn’t like her. But still… Jacob and Leslie. The names even sounded good together. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me, a thought which I couldn’t help but voice out loud.

“Alice, I thought you couldn’t see the werewolves in your visions?”

Edward looked at me, astounded. It was clear that in his determination to protect me, he had forgotten all about his sister’s inability to see the Quileute tribe’s ‘spirit wolves’. He looked at her, and than at me, for once at a loss for words.

Alice fared no better, she looked completely at a loss as to why her powers were working in strange and unforeseen ways. Once again, I pointed out the obvious option.

“Wanna go see Carlisle?” I asked, almost cheerfully. They both nodded their heads in wordless agreement.