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A Familiar Matter

Well, It's basically what I would like to happen in Breaking Dawn. In it, we meet a new character; Leslie Harpur, the daughter of Renee's mysterious and tragically demised twin sister, Estelle. She comes to Forks with Bella's mother to attend the wedding. Interesting things occur in the time following...

This is for my best friends and fellow Twilight obsessees, Helen, Lexhen and Hilary. I'm inspired! P.S. I wish I'd thought up Bella and Edward and everyone else. but I didn't :-(

3. An Unexplained Fear

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“I don’t know Bella.” Carlisle frowned “That’s… odd. I’ve never heard of vampire abilities… evolving, getting stronger. Getting more under control yes, but… Hmm…”

Carlisle sat at his desk, flipping through book after ancient book. So far, he had found nothing to explain why Alice was suddenly able to see the werewolves, and as yet, Alice had been unable to see anything other than the same worrying vision of me, in a forest, being attacked by Jacob whilst the other werewolves watched impassively.

She couldn’t even determine where or when it would occur, or if I was still human at the time of the attack.

“I don’t understand!” She wailed. “I need to know more so we can save her!”

“Be patient Alice!” Snapped Carlisle. “We’re all worried about Bella, but whining isn’t going to help in the slightest! We need to think! Where did Edward go?”

“Hunting with Emmet” shrugged Alice, before returning to the trance-like mental state required for her to ‘see’ the future.

“But he already went hunting this weekend!” I complained. I could’ve really gone for a nice, big, icy hug from him right about now. He mayn’t be the most cosy or comfortable teddy bear, but I’d rather have him than all the stuffed toys in the world.

“Aaaahh!” exclaimed Carlisle suddenly.

“What?!?” I yelled, startled. He frowned at me, muttered sorry, and returned to his book, feverishly turning pages and making notes. It reminded me of Edward that morning, (was it really only this morning? It felt like forever ago) which in turn brought to mind the email from Renée I’d received, also just this morning.

I groaned and closed my eyes, but neither Alice – who was still caught in the grip of her vision – or Carlisle – who was engrossed in the massive, crumbling tome balanced precariously on his new mahogany desk (Emmet and Jasper had broken the last one in a wrestling match over the remote control) seemed to notice.

I needed to write a reply, and soon, and it didn’t look like I was needed here, so I thought I might as well get back to Charlie’s house, before he returned from LA Push and began to worry. I slipped out of Carlisle’s study without exiting a response from him or Alice, and was halfway out the door before I remembered that Edward had run me over, and so I was lacking in a vehicle.

I thought for a minute. I could always walk back to the house, but it was quite a long way and I didn’t want to take the short way through the woods, in case I got lost (which was likely) or hurt (which was almost certain).

I was standing there, wondering what to do when I heard a low chuckle behind me.“Stuck?” asked Emmet with a grin.

“Hi Emmet!” I said, grinning back at him. “Where’s Edward?” I added, puzzled. Emmet shrugged his shoulders, and my heart began to pound faster, stuttering with worry.

“Seriously Emmet, where is he?”

“I don’t know, what am I, his baby-sitter?” he laughed and disappeared into the house. I was frightened, an emotion which was only heightened when someone grabbed me from behind.

My screams went unheard in the empty, pitch-black forest.