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A Familiar Matter

Well, It's basically what I would like to happen in Breaking Dawn. In it, we meet a new character; Leslie Harpur, the daughter of Renee's mysterious and tragically demised twin sister, Estelle. She comes to Forks with Bella's mother to attend the wedding. Interesting things occur in the time following...

This is for my best friends and fellow Twilight obsessees, Helen, Lexhen and Hilary. I'm inspired! P.S. I wish I'd thought up Bella and Edward and everyone else. but I didn't :-(

6. Leslie's Chapter

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The flight had taken… a while.

I wasn’t sure quite how long as I’d conveniently left my watch… in the bathroom… down a toilet… accidentally. But it had taken a while.

Not that I’d noticed of course, I’d slept through most of it. Same as I had on the outwards journey ten years ago…

Let me explain myself. I am Leslie Jeanette Harpur.

My mother, Estelle Gabrielle Harpur (nee Blanc), died ten years ago, the day after my sixth birthday.

My father, Vincent William Harpur the Second (he was named after his father), hates me. Or should I say, hated me, as he died recently, in suspicious circumstances.

We mayn’t have been on the best of terms, but he was still my father. I'm an orphan now, and so my aunt, Renee Vivienne Dwyer (nee Blanc), has become my legal guardian.

She was angry when my dad sent me off to England to school, but she couldn’t do anything about it. At least, not until now. Now, she is my legal guardian, as I have no other living relatives, and as she was expecting a little one of her own (A secret she had made me swear not to tell my cousin), she and Uncle Phil had decided to settle down for a while, at least until after the child was born.

And as I now had to live with aunt Renee (at sixteen I was not old enough to live on my own), I also had to attend my cousin’s wedding.

I hate weddings, as they not only remind me of my mother, who loved them, but also, they remind me of exactly what I had lost…

But now was not the time to reminisce, Now was the time to…

I glanced at the clock, letting out a small yelp.

Now was the time to shower! My cousin, Bella, and her fiancé’s sister, Alice, I think, were arriving to pick me up from Bonamy and Veronique’s (my Mother’s godparents, slightly eccentric and oh yeah – Vampires) house in a little under an hour.

Bonamy and Veronique, who had a daughter a little older than me, had been changed by a friend of their daughter’s a few years after her. I thought it was sweet that Elaine, their daughter, had had her parents changed so she would never have to lose them.

Right now, they were all out hunting, along with Elaine’s mate, Harvey, whom she had met three years ago on a trip to France.

Their family, and mine, are of French origin (no duh). That’s why all of our names were French: Bonamy, Veronique, Renee Vivienne, Harvey, Jeanette (oh, how I hate that name), Elaine, my mother, Estelle Gabrielle, even Bella’s name; Isabella Marie.

Marie was our grandmother’s name.

Marie Jeanette Blanc. She was a proud French woman, right up until she died.

But I'm getting off the subject. The subject being, I had 45 minutes to shower and get dressed before Bella and Alice arrived!

After what was quite possibly the quickest shower ever, I blow-dried my hair, leaving it loose around my head, and threw on some clothes – black jeans with a v-necked wrap-around t-shirt in deep, royal purple.

I took my time choosing accessories – as any girl (except perhaps Bella, unless she’d changed dramatically in the past few years), knows that the accessories make the outfit.

Eventually, I gave up, after conceding that I could never look as good as Bella effortlessly does, and instead, slicked on colourless lip balm and sparkly eyeliner, grabbing my kitten heeled shoes and heading towards the door to wait.

Just as I reached the hallway, the doorbell rang, and I put on my shoes and black coat before answering.

I looked at the faces of my visitors, and gasped in shock.