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Alone Again

"It was only a matter of time--and not much of it--before i showed up at your window and begged you to take me back. I'd be happy to beg now, if you'd like."--New Moon, chp. 23 Alternate approach to New moon--What if Alice didn't see Bella jump?

Ok, just FYI, this is in Bella's point of view the night after she jumps. Alice didn't see Bella jump, so she doesn't come.... I am curious to see the kind of responses i will get from this...

5. Chapter 5

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(Edward’s point of view)

I was going to forks high school. On a Saturday night.

Why? To see Bella of course.

There was a school dance—and I was going to see Bella there. I was going insane without her, and I wasn’t going to live through another day like this. If she didn’t want me, then I would go to Italy. But I couldn’t go on not knowing.

I had bought a tux at a local shop and combed my hair—I had to look nice. If I showed up at a dance with what I was wearing before, I would have been mistaken for a street rat.

The sun had set by the time I reached the parking lot. I scanned the cars, hoping to spot Bella’s big brown truck. But it wasn’t there.

Then I remembered. Bella didn’t dance.

Well, that was incredibly stupid of me.

I was just about to turn and head for her house when I heard my name in someone’s thoughts. Thank goodness Cullen left…

Huh? I recognized the voice as Mike Newton—what was he doing thinking about me? I turned back towards the gym and ran to the door. Peeking inside, I was met by a sight that made my blood boil.

Bella—my Bella—in the arms that vile Mike Newton, dancing. Anger penetrated my entire being—I clenched my jaw and resisted the urge to rip him to shreds. How could he dance with Bella—Bella was mine.

But suddenly I recalled that she wasn’t mine anymore, and I stopped. She had every right to dance with someone else—I had left her.

But this didn’t stop the fury that was slowly consuming me—I vaguely recognized the emotion as jealousy, and I recalled again how strong it was. Slowly, my conscience began to slip away, replaced with this jealousy that was transforming me. I forgot about all the reasons I had left Bella in the first place and marched into the gym.

Ignoring the gasps that my appearance had spurred, I came up behind Bella and stopped, tapping her on the shoulder. She whirled, and paled. “Edward?” She asked weakly.

I nodded. “Isabella, may I have this dance?”

I didn’t care how rash my actions were, or how stupid it was of me to put her in danger again. I didn’t care about all the reasons I had left her before, and I ignored the picture of Bella slumped over in Pheonix when James tried to track her. All I could think about was how beautiful Bella looked in her pale pink dress and how much I wanted to feel her in my arms.

And then she fainted.