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Neglected Jasper

They should have a N.J.R.C. aka Neglected Jasper Rescue Crew.
I have neglected him, so here's the deal......


1. Challenge/Contest/ Something else you wanna call it I don't really care

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Here's the sad truth......

I don't even think Jasper has even had dialogue in one of my stories! Wow. That's sad. I told you. Jasper lovers, please don't kill me. Here is my chance to redeem myself and for you chickies to get a good Jasper-packed story out of me! Oh...no there's one line I line of dialogue I think......

*looks up part in story where Lizzie and Jasper are alone together*...He has to talk now, or I'll eat a rodent or something.......

*laughing hysterically*

Okay never mind! He doesn't even have his OWN LINE! He and Edward SHARE a line...here is Jasper's five seconds of half-fame....


"It's nothing," Jasper and Edward said in unison.


Okay. I feel horrible. I need to write a Jasper story, to make up for all that missing dialogue.

Here's the deal. If you can find a line besides the one above, where Jasper actually says REAL WORDS IN ENGLISH, you can request any plot line for me to write, as long as it's about Jasper.

I'm pretty sure I have maybe one or two....so get cracking! :)

Okay.I wrote some stories with Jazzy in em. :)

Here is one where it is All JAZ :




After Jasper attacks Bella in the beginning of New Moon.

"I need to leave Edward. It's too dangerous."

He finally turns his gaze on me, his face filled with discovery, but inside, he is so pained.

"You're right. It's too dangerous. But it's not just you Jasper. Bella needs a normal life. We need to leave." And with that, he turns and walks into the dark forest, towards our house.

Pain is radiating off of him, as well as determination.

What have I done?

I look into the stars and they twinkle down at me. The moon isn't there.

This night is the beginning of a new moon. I didn't realize how long that darkness would last as I sat on the ground and stared up at the blank space where the glowing orb should have been.

Rated: Everyone
Categories: New Moon Characters: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 796 Read: 35

Published: 18 May 2008 Updated: 18 May 2008

An excerpt from the story (however you spell excerpt)

Here is an ...... whatever it's called

He hates me.

I hate me.

Bella.....doesn't hate me? How can she be so wonderful? How can I be such a monster?

I run. As fast as I can. Alice feels depressed.

They're pressing down on me, all these emotions.

And the smell of blood....

I shake my head. How could I do that to Edward?

I run faster, into the forest, leaping easily across the river. The smell of the roses Alice put out mixed with Bella's one drop of blood clings to my nose; my tongue, desperately, trying to incite the monster in me that was so present just minutes ago.

If you have any Jasper related suggestions for stories plz tell me.

Some other stories where Jasper acutally talks is:

AIMing With Vampires

Alice's Bunny

Mosquito...one line. lol.

And more.

And now time for a note to those who favorited me. I LUV YOU GUYS! YOU ROCK <3

You can see those who have favorited me at the bottom of my bio. Thanks you guys! :P