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Old Times...New Beginnings

Edward left. Renne took Bella back to Jacksonville. Edward and the Cullens come back to Forks, but Bella is already gone. Now, sixteen years later Bella is 34 years old and has two twin children. Bella and her children come back to Forks to take care of Charlie. What will happen when the Cullen's meet her and her family? Can Bella and Edward still love each other? How will her kids react?


12. Chapter 12

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It had been a long day. Bella had fallen asleep in my arms in Charlie’s room. I could see the dreams of Jeremy and Al.

Jeremy’s dream mainly consisted of baseball games and science fairs. He was a bright boy for his age.

Al’s dream mainly consisted of the fleabag Quillette boy. Images that I cared to block out passed through her dream.

It had been a very long day. I had formed a small alliance of trust with Al and I most likely ruined it by getting mad at her today. Didn’t she see the danger? Didn’t she know that by loving this Black boy, she could get hurt? Just like Bella…

“Edward,” Bella mumbled, stirring in my arms.

“Yes, love?” I whispered.

“I don’t feel well…” she looked pale and was shaking.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, panicking.

“I need…to use the bathroom!” she ran out of my grasp and ran into the room down the hall.

I heard retching noises coming from behind the door. I knocked softly.

“Bella, darling, may I come in?” There was more retching and I waited.

“Yeah,” I heard her gasp, “be prepared.”

I walked in to see her bent over the toilet and coughing. I touched her shaking shoulder and she grabbed my hand. She looked into me eyes through hers which were filled with tears.

“Well, you did it now,” I heard a smug voice behind me. “Now my mom’s sick…nice man.”

“Just call Carlisle, Jeremy, the numbers on the fridge,” I snarled.

“Yeah, sure.” He walked out and I heard the phone ringing and his slightly muffled voice.

“Bella, we’re getting Carlisle. Don’t worry, you’ll be alright.”

“Ok,” she sobbed, “sorry, did I puke on you?”

“No, just relax, it’s alright.”

Truthfully, she did get vomit on me, and it was utterly vile, but I wasn't about to tell her that.

* * * *

Carlisle had confirmed that she had a nasty stomach virus and needed medication.

“Get plenty of rest, light foods and liquids, and take one of these every five hours.” He handed her small vile of pills and she put it on the nightstand. “Oh, and for no reason should you leave this bed. Understood?” Bella nodded slightly.

“Thank you, Carlisle,” I said as he walked out the front door.

“No problem, just keep her in bed. Knowing Bella, she’ll want to get up and do something for someone.” I chuckled and nodded.

I walked upstairs to see Al and Jeremy sitting in their room, reading books. I went into Bella’s room and gave her a glass of water to take the pills with.

“Alright, now you need to take your medicine.” I said sternly.

“No, I want to talk to you,” she said weakly.

“You, my love, can talk when you get some of your strength back. Now, medicine.” I handed her a pill and the glass of water. She took it and leaned back in her pillow. “Now get some sleep. I’ll take care of Jeremy and Al, no problem.”

“’Kay,” she mumbled as her eyes closed.

I left the room and went to see Jeremy and Al; I knocked on the door and came in.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking?” Al sneered.

“I did knock,” I said back.

“Then I just don’t want you here.” I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed.

“You’re mom’s sleeping now.”

“So we get you as a babysitter?” said Jeremy icily.

“You could put it that way.”

“Can we leave?” They both asked hopefully.

“No. No you can’t go to the bookstore…” I said, reading there thoughts, “no you can’t go get a new set of batting gloves…” I clenched my teeth, “and no, you can’t see the Quillette boy.”

“His name is Josh...and I really do hate you, do you realize that?” Al sneered.

“I guessed.”

“Edward, considering you are only physically a year older than us,” said Jeremy, “doesn’t that mean that you don’t have the full right of guardianship over us?”

“No, I was put in charge, I am making sure you stay in the house, and I may look seventeen, but I am one hundred and twenty-six years old. There for I have the full right to look after you.”

“And what if we want you to bugger off?” sneered Al.

“Too bad.”

“Just know one thing, Edward,” Al said my name with disgust, “I love Josh, he loves me, and I don’t care what you have to say about it.” She went back to reading her book, which was ironically “Wuthering Heights.”

I sighed and began to walk out of the room.

Edward, I turned to see Jeremy just barley looking at me over his book. Thanks…for taking care of my mom, it helps that someone cares. Not just about my mom, but about me, and Al, I was glad you showed your…protectiveness and it seemed like you did care about her safety. Just bugger off if you want to keep all of your limbs, she’s not like the other girls. But, thanks anyway.

I nodded and smiled slightly. He looked at me with his brow furrowed and then narrowed his eyes.

Alright, don’t think I like you. We’re not even close to that part of any relationship that may be forming. I’m not calling a truce with you, I’m not like my sister in every way, you know.

He had to have noticed my shocked expression because he chuckled softly and rolled his eyes.

Yeah, I’m that good, man. He stopped and thought for a moment, Remember, no truce, no happy, G-rated, flower picking, sing-song, chocolate covered, happy days; I still would like to see some werewolves eat you.

I nodded once more and he smiled triumphantly.

Remember, I don’t like you…

I walked out of the room and headed for Bella’s room, but I could still hear Jeremy’s thoughts.

But that doesn’t mean I hate you…

Maybe the kid was right. Doctor Phil wouldn’t be a bad idea right about now.