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Old Times...New Beginnings

Edward left. Renne took Bella back to Jacksonville. Edward and the Cullens come back to Forks, but Bella is already gone. Now, sixteen years later Bella is 34 years old and has two twin children. Bella and her children come back to Forks to take care of Charlie. What will happen when the Cullen's meet her and her family? Can Bella and Edward still love each other? How will her kids react?


17. Chapter 17

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It was late at night when I heard the noise. It was distant, but it was there.

Bella lay sound asleep at my side, breathing deeply while I indulged in her sent. The sweet, sweet smell that always lured me to her. The monster inside of me was now dead silent, as it was for the rest of my family. After Bella’s disastrous eighteenth birthday, Jasper had taken ten years of his life devoting nothing but practice, vowing to make things right once more. As I enjoyed Bella’s beautiful smell and appearance I thought for a while.

I was thinking about some things, trifling, petty almost, but important. Al had imprinted, and that meant that physically and spiritually she was connected to the Black boy. It concerned me, because I knew, deep down, that she had to go…she needed to be with him. The moment they leave this house, Al and Jeremy are going to go straight to La Push, where no one can watch out for them, where Alice can’t see them, where if another outburst of werewolf instability occurs, we can’t help. I felt weak, all because of a petty, signed piece of paper, I felt worthless, pitiful…almost vulnerable. I could only watch from the sidelines, I couldn’t be a part of the game…unless the game came to me.

That would change everything.

But the werewolves were smarter; they would begin trouble on their own land, just waiting for a slipup. While we could do nothing, not even look at human the wrong way, and they, the dogs, could give a teenage girl a concussion and a back injury that may have proven fatal. It wasn’t fair, not fair at all, Quillette tradition or not. They were dogs, mutts, flea ridden dirt bags, and there was not one thing I could do about it, I was worthless, useless, a pawn in the great design of fate. I was no good.

Edward, I heard a sneer from Jasper, For God’s sake, stop it! I can feel so much pity and despair and a bunch of other emotions that are completely unneeded. Enough, you are not worthless, you are not useless, you are not a pawn or a piece of a puzzle or anything of the sort, and you are definitely not no good. Now end your little pity party before you drive me off a cliff!

I sighed, Jasper was right. I needed to think clearly, not wallow in self-pity and whine about the fairness of life. But Al, she was so vulnerable, easy to take out, and I couldn’t do one damn thing about it…

Edward! What did I just say?!

“Sorry,” I whispered. Bella stirred lightly in my arms, but didn’t wake. Her long brunette hair hung on her cheeks and I brushed a stray piece out of her flushed face.

That’s when I heard the noise. It was incredibly far away, I knew that, but I’d heard the sound before, I knew where it was from. I listened intently for it again, but with nothing more. The noise was gone. I kept listening and waited for what seemed forever and I finally heard it again. There was a brief pause while I paused and thought about the strange noise before it came again, that was what made me remember. It was a low, hissing noise that was high–pitched and almost cat-like. I immediately knew what-or better yet, who- it was.

The flame of red sapphire came into my mind as vivid as when I had last seen it. The pale face and the bloodied eyes that I knew haunted Bella’s dreams, and my memory, the face that was part of ripping our family apart and jeopardized Bella’s life. It was her. She was here; in Forks, once again, and no doubt her…friend was with her.


She was here, and I knew just what she was after.

And I knew how she found out. I’d feared and known how she would find out for sixteen years.


He had staked out the city for a while until he found out more about Bella, of that I was sure of. I needed to tell Carlisle right now.

I jumped from the bed, unfortunately, a bit too quickly, and woke Bella. She sat up like a bullet and then resumed her sleepy state. She blinked and looked around the dark room, her face full of panic, confusion, and utter grogginess.

“Edward?” she mumbled, “W-what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, love,” I couldn’t upset her now, “nothing’s wrong. Go back to sleep. I just need to talk to Carlisle.” She frowned.

“You wouldn’t be talking to Carlisle in the middle of the night in such a panicked state if something wasn’t wrong. What is it?”

“Bella, we can talk in the morning, there is nothing to worry about.” I lied through my teeth, hoping she would be out of it enough to comply. I had no such luck.

“Edward Cullen,” she accused, “what are you hiding?”

“Bella, I’m not hiding anything. Go back to sleep.”

“No. What happened? Is someone hurt?” Panic came into full shape on her face as her eyes widened.

“I promise no one is hurt, and nothing is wrong.”

“’Kay, tell me in the morning, then. Because I know you’re obviously not telling me now.” She put her head on the pillow, irritation dripping off her last words. In a matter of minutes, her breathing was slow and rhythmic.

I waited until I knew I could get out of the room without waking Bella up. I left the room and ran into Carlisle’s study; he wasn’t there. I ran around the house looking for him, until I came to a halt at his room. I mentally kicked myself; of course he was in there, probably reading or something of the sort. I, without thinking, barged in and almost, if possible, threw up.

“E-Edward!” he yelled, looking up from the sheets of his bed, “What…are…you doing?!”

Oh good Lord, please let Esme stay under the sheets, please…

“I-I-I…oh…” I was stunned, unable to think. Esme looked up and almost fell out of the bed.

“Edward! What are you in here?!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…oh God, I am so sorry, I-I’ll leave.”

“Please! And next time have the sense to knock!” Carlisle shouted as he promptly covered up and I bolted out of the room.

I waited by the door of his study until he came out. When he did, I wished I just went back to my room.

Carlisle came with his hair in a mess and a white tee-shirt that was put on inside out and slacks that were wrinkled and were falling down due to the fact he had no belt on.

“Edward Cullen,” he said, still fuming, “just what did you think you were doing

“I didn’t know, I thought-”

“Yes, you thought. Speaking of which, didn’t you at least think about listening to what Esme and I were thinking?” his eyes darkened somewhat at mention of what he and Esme were…doing.

“There are children in the house, Carlisle, I figured you wouldn’t…you know…”

“Oh for God’s sake, Edward, it’s two in the morning! Never mind, forgive me if I seemed inappropriate,” he calmed somewhat, “what did you want to tell me?”

“Victoria is here, in the city, I heard her.” At mention of Victoria, Carlisle lost all thought of the little incident a moment ago and regained his composure.

“She is…do you know where she might be?”

“Close…and she wants Bella, that I know.”

“I believe you’re right, anything to avenge James. Tomorrow we’ll call a family meeting, figure out what to do. Right now, make sure everyone stays in the house until we figure something out.”

“Alright. And Carlisle,” he turned, “Sorry about…you know.”

“It’s alright Edward, but please, knock next time.” He smiled to himself and then went back into his room.

I sighed and went back to Bella’s room, but on the way passed Alice’s room. I found the door was locked and I heard laughter from inside. I scrunched up my face in confusion trying to read someone’s thoughts, but ended up with nothing. I then heard the lock on the door click and the door was unlocked.

Come in Mr. Peeping Tom… Alice’s gleeful thought rang out.

I narrowed my eyes and clenched my fists. I grabbed the knob, making a permanent dent on it and ripped the door open, almost taking it off its hinges. I stormed in and found Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Al, and Jeremy in the room on the ground laughing. I growled and got ready to hurt somebody.

They realized my rage and settled down a bit. After a moment, everyone began to fill my head with ridiculous comments and images.

I bet you thought that little show was interesting didn’t you? She laughed out.

Brother, I wish I could’ve seen your face when you barged in! Emmett had a stupid grin plastered to his face.

Now I told you to stop wallowing in pity…I didn’t know thatwas what you had in mind! Way to cheer yourself up, Edward. Jasper chuckled.

Way to go, Eddie-boy. Al snickered as she smiled. You definitely made me glad I’m stuck in this house.

Nice one man… Jeremy rolled his eyes.

I am sorry Edward, but you should’ve seen your face and the look on Carlisle and Esme’s faces, it was just too good. Alice laughed out in her bell-like laugh.

“Oh, come one Edward.” Jasper laughed, “Get a sense of humor.” I could feel the edges of my mouth twitch, but sent him a deathly glare that only made him laugh harder.

“I am so glad I’m stuck here,” Al said, I own you, “Peeping Tom.”

I just growled at them all and stormed out of the room. Tomorrow they would know the seriousness of tonight, “Peeping Tom”, or not. I went back into my room and curled up next to Bella. She sighed in her sleep and hugged me closer.

“I love you Edward,” she mumbled. I smiled to myself, at least there was one person who made me feel better, “Peeping Tom or not…” that was when she started to shake in my arms. I heard laughter throughout the house and clenched my teeth.