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Old Times...New Beginnings

Edward left. Renne took Bella back to Jacksonville. Edward and the Cullens come back to Forks, but Bella is already gone. Now, sixteen years later Bella is 34 years old and has two twin children. Bella and her children come back to Forks to take care of Charlie. What will happen when the Cullen's meet her and her family? Can Bella and Edward still love each other? How will her kids react?


6. Chapter 6

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I was scared out of my mind. Jeremy and Alice were going to find out about Edward and his family. Great. Edward opened the door and we all entered the house. Emmett and Jasper were in the living room watching television.

“Bella!” Emmett yelled jubilantly, “It’s you! You’re here!” he looked down at Jeremy and Alice, “And so are your kids…”

“Emmett, we need Carlisle to explain some things to them.” Edward raised his eyebrows. “Carlisle, would you mind coming down here?” he said in a whisper. Carlisle was immediately at Emmett’s side.

“I heard,” He said grimly.

“Um, wow,” said Alice, “Jesus, do you work out twenty four-seven? Wow.”

“Mom, can we please go? I really think that we don’t need his,” Jeremy narrowed his eyes at Edward, “dad to explain what’s going on.”

“Would you mind talking to Alice and Jeremy?” I asked desperately.

“I think it’s fair we have a say in this,” mumbled Jeremy.

“Young man, you will behave, and you too Alice,” I said sternly, “and be respectful of Carlisle, understand?”

“Whatever,” they said together. Carlisle led them upstairs and I sat in the big red chair, weak in the knees. I looked over to see Alice, Esme, and Rosalie across from me. I was immediately in the middle of an Emmett “bear hug” and an Alice “squeal-fest”.

“Bella, it’s so good to see you,” Esme said kindly and she too, hugged me.

“It’s good to see all of you as well.” I said nicely. I looked at Jasper and he sent a wave of calm my way. “Thank you,” I whispered, knowing he would hear.

“Bella,” said Rosalie, “I’m glad to see you and your children are happy.” In all honesty, I was stunned. Rosalie was never harsh or mean to me, but she was definitely never nice.

“Thank you, Rosalie.” I squeezed Edward’s hand as hard as I could. After almost an hour, Carlisle and my kids came down the stairs. Alice looked disappointed, and Jeremy was looking at Edward with total distaste in his eyes.

“Well,” Jeremy said, “Jerry Springer’s got nothing on you guys.” I smiled lightly, Emmett, however, grinned broadly.

There was a long pause and I looked over to my Alice who was looking at Jasper with curiosity. She then turned her attention to Emmett and smiled. She nudged Jeremy in the arm and nodded her head towards Emmett. Jeremy elbowed her in the arm and shook his head. What were they doing?

“Emmett,” said Alice, “would you-”

“No.” said Jeremy as he hit Alice in the arm.

“Why don’t you ask him? Emmett seems cool, plus, he’s the perfect choice for it.”

“What am I the perfect choice for?” asked Emmett.

“An experiment Jeremy’s working on.” Alice said simply.

“Al, do you honestly believe these nuts? I think that mom’s gone over the ban-wagon and now we’re apparently in a house of vampires! How can you possibly-”

“No, I told you what Josh told me! I knew it, and you were to busy with the “raw facts” and had such a big ego, you didn’t listen.”

“My ego is most certainly not big! And hey, would you honestly believe a guy you barely know who comes up and says ‘Hey, there’s this family of bloodsucking demons that live just a mile from your house! Welcome to the neighborhood’!”

“You never listen. God, you are just like mom!” I closed my eyes and could feel the blush redden in my face.

“And you’re just like dad! You’d believe anything! You are a gambler who takes chances on a whim!”

“And you are a stuffy know-it-all!”

“You know what?!” yelled Jeremy.

“What?!” Alice stamped her foot.

“I think we should leave this nut house because they’re watching!” Alice slowly turned and faced all of us and bit her lip.

“Well, thanks for the lovely day, I think my brother and I are ready to get back to reality now.” she looked at Jeremy and they came down the stairs.

“Whoa, there” I stood in front of them, “do you two have anything else to say?”

“Yeah,” Jeremy looked at the Cullens, “good luck.”

“This isn’t funny. I am being serious. We all are.” Alice looked at me with a furrowed brow.

“You’re not lying are you?”

“No,” I said.

“Alice are you seriously…”

“Jeremy, think about what we were just told, the facts fit. You can’t deny that.” Jeremy looked at her and then looked at me, finally he looked at Edward. He sighed.

“Fine, you’re right.” I smiled. This was good.

“Now, Emmett,” Alice had a cocky grin on her face, “how would you like to help Jeremy?”

“Alice! I am not-”

“Yeah,” Emmett said.

“Huh?” asked Jeremy.

“Sure, I’ll help. You sound like you need it.”

“Oh, um,” Jeremy blushed, “alright, here,” he pulled out a piece of paper and showed it to Emmett. I looked at Alice who was leaning against the wall and looking at the floor.

“Alice,” I asked, “honey are you alright?” She looked up and raised her eyebrows.

“Well mother,” here we go, “for a sixteen year old girl who moved from Jacksonville to Forks, missed the ending game for her baseball team, found out her mom’s gettn’ down with a seventeen year old, and the seventeen year old is a vampire and him and his family hunt and animals with their fangs and claws, I’m rather giddy thank you.” She scoffed and leaned against the wall. I sighed and rubbed my temples.

“But there is a bright side,” said Alice.


“Well, now you have someone. And Jeremy seems to be happy, I guess we’re all good here.” I looked at her and smiled.

“Do you want to meet Edward’s family?”

“Why not. Today can’t get any weirder,” we sat down. “Wait,” she said, “did they, um, ever, you know, well…bite you?” she whispered it, but I knew everyone heard. I looked at Jasper who was at the other end of the room, repentant.

“No, they never did. The Cullen’s would never hurt anyone.”

“Alright then, let’s do this.”

I sat down and did the one thing I would never do. I introduced my daughter to a family of vampires.

This was going to be a very long day…