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Last Human Request

***ADULT MATERIAL*** (consider yourself warned) Bella had endured many long months of preparation, and the wedding as finally over! She had met all of Edward's requests and demands, not it was her turn. Would she get her last human request??? Even though the story is finished, PLEASE REVIEW

Warning: This story may leave you swooning, and in need of a cold shower. ~Stephenie owns everything, we only wish we could have Edward~

1. Last Human Request

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It was over, and I hate to admit that I owed Alice so much. The wedding was perfect! Exactly what Edward needed, and surprisingly just what I wanted.

We got married at the Palazzo Vendramin in Venice, which was the most breathtaking thing I had ever seen- apart from Edward of course. We had a small, yet very extravagant wedding, and even though the Denali clan and members of the Volturi family were there, the wedding was flawless.

The Volturi were happy to see that Edward was following through with his plan, and they insisted that I stayed in Italy until I was changed, just to make sure. Not like I minded, I loved it here, and it was the ideal place for our honeymoon.

Alice hired a photographer and an extensive film crew to document the entire week. They filmed everything, from the last minute details to the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and not to mention the wedding. Alice was worried that I was going to forget my human life. I am pretty sure it was because she had little recollection of hers, but she would never admit to that.

The ceremony passed in a blur, I was just glad I remembered all my lines. I thought I would have been nervous, well I was…that is until I saw Edward looking at me at the end of the aisle. I felt like I was a princess from a Disney movie, complete with a Prince Charming and a happy ending.

After the cake and all the dancing, Alice sneaked me away without Edward noticing, which I found very amazing, as Edward had not left my side the entire night.

“Alice? Where are we going?” I asked as she dragged me through the corridors of the hotel.

“Just wait and see! I have been working very hard to give Edward one last surprise – I think this might work!” She said not bothering to stop.

We stopped in front of a set of double doors that looked like they belonged to a castle. Alice took a key-card out of her Gucci purse and opened the door.

“Have fun tonight, but from what I have seen I am not worried about that!” She said with a grin and pulled me into a tight hug.

“Thank you for everything Alice. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am, and how happy I am with everything…”I said trying to hug her more tightly, but I was cut off.

“You are most welcome! Now I have to get out of here. I can only recite the Latin alphabet backwards so many times…and I am sure Edward will find you soon.” She kissed my cheek and left, closing the door behind her.

And so I waited in my princess wedding gown complete with a tiara and all. I needed to stay calm and clear my head. Maybe there is something in trying to figure out the alphabet backwards…Alice always did it when she needed to keep things from Edward….Z Y X W V U T S R Q…

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door, which made my heart start pulsing uncontrollably. For a second I had completely forgotten what I was doing here.

“Bella? Can I come in?” I heard Edward say in his soft velvety voice.

“Of course Mr. Cullen. This is your room also, remember?” I said mockingly. It just registered to me that I was trying to flirt with my own …husband. I was afraid that the word would scare me, but surprisingly I liked the sound of it.

“Yes Mrs. Cullen, I most certainly do!” He said closing the distance between us in a mere second and kissing the hollow space between my collarbones; I could feel the smile on his lips as he touched them to my skin.

He slipped his arms around my waist bringing my body closer to his. A shiver ran through my spine, and it had nothing to do with the difference in our body temperatures. I unsuccessfully tried to hide the deep blush that I felt rise to my cheeks.

“Are you happy my love?” Edward whispered raising his head so his eyes would meet mine.

“Completely.” I whispered back, closing the distance between our lips. I had been so anxious about our wedding night. I was afraid that I wouldn’t know what do to, or that I would trip and fall

in the most inopportune moment and ruin everything. But now that we were here, just Edward and me bound in “holy” matrimony, all my uncertainties had washed away. I felt different, no longer the "danger magnet" little girl. I felt like a woman, and for the first time I knew exactly what and how I wanted things.

As his lips touched mine they did not feel cold, they felt alarmingly warm. But Edward was kissing me with such newfound passion, with such vigor, that I could not bring myself to interrupt what he was doing. He had me pinned against the wall; his hands were pressing so hard against my delicate skin that I was sure it would bruise tomorrow, but tonight…it felt amazing.

His hands came up to cradle my face, the tips of our noses touching. A smile escaped from both our lips simultaneously as we tried to catch our breath; he might not need to breathe, but I certainly still did.

Edward brushed a strand of hair that had come loose behind my ear, and gently spun me around. His hands ran down my back, then across my stomach. His lips touched my neck; trailing butterfly kisses on every inch of exposed skin. He ran his teeth lightly over my skin, but I was not scared. I was completely ready to be his in every possible way.

I felt him start to undo the excessive amount of very small buttons that secured my dress shut. He took his time undoing each button, using a very human speed; I could tell that he was enjoying the process. For every button undone he kissed me lower and lower.

“Remind me to thank Alice for this dress,” he said.

“Wait ’till you see the rest…” I teased.

With that he sped the process slightly.

“Oh my!” Edward gasped as the intricate lingerie started to show.

He finished undoing the buttons and lifted me out of the dress effortlessly and placed me on the middle of the over-sized bed. After neatly placing the dress over a chair, he walked very slowly towards me, never letting his eyes stray from mine. We were kneeling facing one another, and I got lost staring at his topaz eyes. I inched closer to him, running my hands through his hair, bringing him closer to me and planting a kiss beneath his ear.

“My turn now,” I whispered. I can’t believe how forward I was being, but it came second nature to me alarmingly. He was my husband now, and I was going to take full advantage of that fact.

Even though I had never done this before, I somehow knew exactly what to do. I undid his bow tie slowly, feeling the smooth fabric beneath my fingers. Running my hands on his shoulder I slipped his tuxedo jacket off allowing my hands to slide down the contour of his back. He watched my every move, never breaking eye contact, mesmerized by my actions. I undid the buttons on his vest, then his shirt, sliding those off more eagerly. I let my hands brush every line of his upper body, trying to memorize the shape of his solid marble chest; the feel of his skin on my fingertips left a burning sensation that ran up my arm, and through my whole body.

I followed the trail down his abs, and my hands were trembling a little as I reached the button of his pants. I tried to give him a teasing smile as I undid the first button, and lowered the zipper. I hooked my fingers on the belt loops and started to slip his pants off. He stopped my hands half way down his thighs as I started to contemplate how I was going to get them fully off.

“Let me help you with that,” He said with a smirk.

He finished removing his pants as I settled myself in the middle of the bed. Edward crawled his way back to me, straddling my legs. The look in his eyes was of pure lust mixed with something more primitive. I imagined if this is how he looked when he hunted…

He lowered his lips onto mine. I felt the pressure of his body against my own, but none of the weight. He was so controlled, so careful; I needed to do something to make him loosen up, or this might be very difficult to fully enjoy. Not that I was not enjoying having him finally that close to me, or the things he was doing, but I was afraid that he was not having any fun.

I started kissing his neck, on the way up to his ears. Taking one ear lobe in my mouth, I could at last hear him moan.

“Oh, so you are enjoying this…for a second there I thought I was putting you through some sort of torture.” I whispered in his ear.

“Even though this is torture, where did you get the idea that I was not enjoying this?” He asked as he pressed his body closer to mine. Letting me fell how much he was enjoying being with me.

“Edward, you are trying so hard not to hurt me, and I love you for that. But I would love you even more if I knew that you were enjoying tonight as much as I am!” I said with a wink.

Suddenly his hands started to move. He was trailing the side of my neck, down the silhouette of my body, reaching the small of my back, sending chills throughout my body. I needed to be closer to him; I needed to feel his entire body melting against mine. I threw my arms around his shoulders, exploring every inch of his deliciously ice skin. My legs were wrapped around his waist and brought his body down on top of mine. I could not help but let a moan escape my lips.

Edward lifted his face so he could look me in the eyes. The smile he had on his face melted my heart. I wove my fingers through his hair, lifting my face from the pillow, seeking his lips. His smile widened as his lips crashed onto mine with a newfound passion. And for the first time his lips parted when mine did.

Kissing Edward had been the most indescribable feeling I had ever felt. But to be able to taste him was divine. It was sweet, and cold, and inviting, and surprisingly very erotic. I guess Edward was experiencing something similar because the way he was kissing me now should be illegal. There was so much ardent, repressed passion behind it that I even started to get very dizzy. He must have known, because he finally released my mouth, and proceeded to kiss along my jaw, and collar bone, finally below my ear.

“Bella, mi vida, mi cielo, mi amor. Te quiero” Edward whispered in my ear. His velvety seductive voice only made the Spanish words even more beautiful and sensual.

He kissed me again. He took my face in between his hands, and he was holding me with just enough pressure to let me know how scared he was with the possibility of loosing me. I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again.

“Are you ready mi amor?” He asked, never letting his lips leave mine, while his hand caressed its way down between my thighs, creating waves of pleasure through my entire being.

I wanted to say something sweet and encouraging to him. I wanted to reassure him that everything was going to be ok, that I wanted him more than I wanted oxygen, but

I was in such a state of ecstasy, that all I could manage was a small moan and a nod of my head.

He smiled at me, like he had heard everything that I was thinking. After a few kisses, he slowly entered me. When Edward kissed me it was like my world was melting away, I never thought I would experience something remotely close to that. But to finally be one with him, to have our bodies that close, truly fitting perfectly into each other, it was as if I had finally found the last piece of a puzzle. I tried to remain quiet, knowing that I would scare Edward…but the feeling of him inside me was more than I could handle, and I could not help but gasp in pleasure.

“What’s the matter? Are you ok?” Edward started to pull away, put I wrapped my legs around his waist securing him in place.

“Edward, I am fine. I just need to get used to this. It’s a new feeling, you know? But I must say, I most definitely enjoy it!” I said bringing my lips to his, trying to ensure him that he will not break me while we made love.

Edward was not as gentle as he became surer that he would not kill me, but he wasn’t rough either. It was perfect. I felt his lips go to my neck, kissing every spot he could find. Once he found the most sensitive part of my neck, he started kissing it over and over again each time with more pressure, sucking it gently. I have never felt that kind of pleasure before. It was unbelievable. It was as if he was showing me how much he loved me with every touch, every kiss, every move, every caress. It was mind-blowing.

All of the sudden I felt his teeth puncture the skin of my neck, but instead of pain and fire I felt before when James had bitten me, now all I felt was pleasure. It was like an orgasm had started on my neck and was now spreading through my entire body. I knew that Edward would soon realize what he had done, but I spoke sooner.

“Please… don’t… stop.” I gasped, “You have no idea how amazing that feels.

“Bella, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to…..Wait – what do you mean it feels good?”

I could hear the confusion in his voice. “I can’t explain it,” I said in between gasps, not letting him disconnect our bodies. “We will definitely have to talk to Carlisle, but unless I’m mistaken we are enjoying our first night as a married couple.” I said trying to seduce him.

“But you are not in pain? You should be screaming by now…” Even though our bodies were not separated yet, I could feel that his body was tensed, and that he had stopped breathing and moving.

“I am not in pain, and I was screaming, in one way or another, until you stopped.” I said trying to reassure him with an alluring smile. I knotted my fingers deep in his hair and pulled him closer to me with a newfound strength. He seemed surprised, but decided to ignore it, at least for now. He kissed me then, harsher and more impatiently than ever before.

The rest of our night was spent in bed. Edward seemed not too scared with hurting me anymore, and I was finally happy that he was treating me a little less like a human doll. Even after the bed collapsed underneath us, I did not think twice that something was strange.

Many hours later, when the sun was about to rise, Edward spoke. “Watch the sunrise with me.”

“Anything you want my love.” I smiled. I was truly happy, and to my surprise, I was not tired, even though I had not slept at all last night.

We stood from the broken bed, and Edward wrapped a sheet around us both while we walked out the balcony doors. We stood there as time passed us by. Edward’s arms were wrapped around my waist. As the sun crept out of the horizon, I was blinded by the brightness of Edward’s skin. As I looked down to admire the millions of small diamond- like facets on my love’s skin, I realized they were coming from my skin as well.