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Catch Me If You Can

Image and video hosting by TinyPic When Edward left Bella, he didn't know the mess he was leaving behind. Bella's life fell apart; she lost her family and friends in mist of the activity of the gangs that kill innocents. Bellas heart grew cold and hard and she vowed to hunt down the man that killed her family.Eventually recruited by one of the largest assassin organisations in the world Ordine di libertà, Bella is then promoted to the most powerful talented killers in the world, Venti Numeri. Now known as Assassin number thirteen, trouble blooms when her past comes back to haunt her. In need for a banner? contact me at japanesegurl@live.co.uk


1. Nowhere on The Face of time

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She smiled; the same mordant ruthless smile that would interminably haunt a man's heart. Her face was as pallid as the coat of the moon and her eyes as stony ivory as the deathly gates of a nightmare. Her rigged posture benevolently impersonated with the volatility expression of a feline.

Her dark russet hair could have effortlessly been misguided for black under the sinister sky. Every square of night growled with thunder and sang with sharp needles of rain to make a deformed harmony.

"You... You are one of those Numbers," A man whispered and his drained eyes stared angrily, despairing at her, and couldn't conceal his cry for life.

His gaze trailed down to her bare collar bone where his eyes lingered on the black markings of XIII contrasting against the pale complexion of her skin.

"Number thirteen," the man whispered hoarsely and his eyes widened with terror.

"You won't find me on the face of time," she purred, "Your time stops here,"

And devoid of a moment for the unfortunate man to act in response, her gauntly fingers arched round the trigger of her revolver, the brilliant weapon incrusted with gold and sliver and the hefty black markings XIII soiling the exterior.

The blast echoed through her ears, and she studied the gory form before her. The crimson fluid trickled down from the crook of his lips as they shivered in pain and released gasps of pain; his glassy eyes gawked into space. Bella would leave the Vampires feast for them to finish, they were very picky when it call to wasting blood.

Bella curved away from the image and walked down several street, her hand sinking to her side, the revolver already sitting in her coat pocket.

Bella sensed a presence behind her and she almost immediately knew who it was, "Good evening Fourteen," Bella greeted the presence placidly.

"And to you thirteen" A voice murmured through the icy space with unexpected kindness, "Number One will be pleased with your progress in your position, you are quite a find Thirteen"

Bella had now unfortunately learned the very notes of that voice; it had been trailing her for 18 months ever since she arrived in Ordine di libertà translated as "The order of freedom" and shortened as "The order" The voice following her down the corridors and echoing off the walls of her room as a constant annoying guide that Bella hated to admit was slowly becoming fond of.

"Number One is never pleased with me, he can't see my memories, and it annoys him,"

"You are the only person who I know is capable of that, and I have known him since I was ten," Fourteen giggled.

"And how old are you now?" Bella replied almost in one tone, she observed the gloomy space she was facing with perilous eyes. Half a second later Bellas gaze locked onto a stature, a girl, sporting a youthful smile and white gold locks outlining her heart shaped visage, with two eyes, one of them a entirely standard golden jade, but the other was swirling with colours, shifting from pinks to blues to gold's.

"Oh nineteen, I had a party and you didn't show up, you missed out on the cake, it was exquisite! You would have loved it," she chanted airily.

She was now fully exposed under the silvery moonlight, wearing an outfit very much the same as Bellas. The dark black ankle boots, the ivory slacks hugging her thighs, the tightly fitted black shirt outlining her curves with the top buttons undone and the long rich coat with the collar surrounding her neck frayed upwards.

Bella glowered at her slightly before brushing past her down the alley with swift steps, "Why are you here?" Bella snapped at her, as she caught up with her and matched her pace.

"I found you with my eye!" She said gesturing to her right iris that was now a flamboyant hue of cerulean, "I can now find almost anyone if I think hard enough,"

"I didn't ask that,"

Fourteen paused through her tirade and stared at Bella for a while as though she expected the response but it didn't seem to lessen the edge of her sharp tone, "I don't know," she murmured in answer, rather out of spirits.

She searched Bellas face for any adjustment in her expression but she found nothing but the steely structure of a frown her beautiful features twisted into.

"Not knowing the reason of your own actions isn't the best quality in a person," Bella answered in response, coiling through the maze like street staying in the shadows to remain unseen.

Fourteen smiled wistfully, "and you know the reasons for your own actions?"

"I know my instructions, that is reason enough"

Fourteen shrugged indifferently, "I guess I just want to be your friend,"

"Now why would you want that?" Bella asked slowly, whipping out her wet hair, droplets of rain pouring down the leather of her long coat.

"Well you are the only person that is the same age as me and also the fact that your number Thirteen and mine is Fourteen, our numbers are together so we should be friends,"

"That's a rather passive logic...The given numbers are not to pair us assassins together, they are there as given titles of skill and power. Rivalry and hate comes from it, not friendship," Bella replied with a slight smile at Fourteen's naïve behaviour.

Fourteen sighed, "We both work for Ordine di libertà, and we are both one of the Venti Numeri we are on the same team! Look how about I tell you my real name, instead of calling me by my assassination title all the time, in these 18 months of knowing each other you have never once heard my real name," Fourteen informed Bella in her pensive airy voice.

"We don't have real names,"

"You don't honestly believe that do you? The Order (Ordine di libertà) can never take away who we are; I will always be Cassie Fortune no matter how may titles they give me," Cassie said for the primary moment proclaiming her name.

Bella let out a giggle, it sounded more like a whimper of pain to Cassie's ears and she looked up into Bellas eyes, the profound pools of warm chocolate reflected an internal scar of unhappiness.

"Your last name is Fortune? Kind of ironic since you bring people nothing but bad fortune," Bellas respond approached brusquely following her snigger with the same sharp edge to her words that almost hurt Cassie's ears.

"Only to the guilty," Cassie replied airily attempting to not sound affected by Bellas statement.

Bella preferred not to answer as her eyes shot in the direction of a black car, a limo that looked are deadly as a black lion. The car lights flashing her like a beacon. She secured her pace so she was a few metres ahead of Cassie and her face laboured back into the hard expression that soiled the beautiful element of her facade.

She nodded her head slightly in greeting to the driver before fastening her fingers around the car door and hauling it open.

"Good evening Carl," Bella addressed with a small smile, tucking herself into the large corner of the back white leather seats.

"Good evening Miss Thirteen," The tall old man replied with a toothy smile, "was your trip successful?"

"Yes Carl, peace should now return to the village, there will be no more wars caused by gangs anymore," Bella replied calmly

Bella leaned back and rested her head against the window; she closed her eyes out of exhaustion and silently waited for Cassie to catch up so they could go back to the Order.

Cassie entered the car a few seconds later not looking put out by Bellas edgy attitude.

"Let's go home," Cassie trilled airily, folding her legs to her chest.

Bella stared out the window at the rain dancing with the cold harsh wind, and nobody heard her whisper, in the small innocent song of the Bella she used to be.

"I have no home,"