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Catch Me If You Can

Image and video hosting by TinyPic When Edward left Bella, he didn't know the mess he was leaving behind. Bella's life fell apart; she lost her family and friends in mist of the activity of the gangs that kill innocents. Bellas heart grew cold and hard and she vowed to hunt down the man that killed her family.Eventually recruited by one of the largest assassin organisations in the world Ordine di libertà, Bella is then promoted to the most powerful talented killers in the world, Venti Numeri. Now known as Assassin number thirteen, trouble blooms when her past comes back to haunt her. In need for a banner? contact me at japanesegurl@live.co.uk


2. Fighting for Freedom That is Not My Own

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Bella POV

The car came to a halt, the wheels swaying into a soft pause. It was then my eyes left he distorted obscurity of the glass I was so naturally immune to now a day.

I passively glanced to my left, tracing the outline figure of Cassie uncurling her legs and stretching out her back.

"At last we are home, you travel too far for your missions too often Thirteen," Cassie commented pulling a face.

I frowned at her. For some reason every time someone addressed me as Thirteen it felt as if they were speaking to another, I could glance behind me but nothing would be there except maybe the shadow of the fiend I had become.

But yet it was my duty, my sacrifice, in order for no innocent blood to be spilt. After Charlie and René were killed and many of the students in my class I didn't know what to do. My mother came to visit me at the worst time, a holiday it was suppose to be, a happy occasion to lighten me up when Edward left, we were all invited to a small party in the city.

Then bullets were soaring past us all and people screamed and went down. And I heard the oily cold voice that I was now searching for.

"make sure they are all corpses, I don't like survivors,"

I can't recall how I reacted, or how I escaped. I spent all my money and time researching every villain on the sphere. I trained myself fiercely; I had to demolish my maladroit quality and supple traits. I emerged on the road to revenge, with a dangerous fire in my eyes that no person could put out. It was the darkest kind of insanity. I commenced to kill; I was a slayer of slayer. A strange ambitious thought that guided me was if I killed all the malevolence bastards in the world the contract killer of my parents would be one of them and that was my mission.

I had developed to be so good at it that I just watched for their expressions to change.

It was then I came across the Ordine di libertà, an Italian organisation created to maintain peace. The most powerful people in the world. They noticed that the number of villains violently dropped without their interference. Curiosity loured them to take watch one night. They found me, and offered a position in the Order.

How did I end up without a name, and a number branded into my collar bone as symbol that I was possession of the Order of freedom.

We "Numbers" existed to maintain freedom and yet we were not free ourselves, it was an ironic trade.

"No one asked you to come," I replied indifferently, studying my nails carefully.

"You never did tell me your name you know," Cassie mused changing the subject, her airy voice dancing around my head. She was such an annoying person, always following me around, like a lost puppy, but I wasn't fooled by her surprisingly innocent nature. She was dangerous, maybe more so than I was, she was unpredictable and had killed many more than I had.

It was rather strange to be honest. Months ago I was the average assassin and the Numbers were like Gods. We "normal" assassins took the weak jobs, we all wore the same uniform at all times, ate moderate food and we would live to serve the Numbers.

We didn't have names. It wasn't just a Number thing; it was the whole of the order. It was difficult to address each other then so we gave ourselves nicknames. Things like Rock, Cave, Healer, Maker, Sunny.

My name was Soldier because I worked hard and was a fighter. I trained with the best and completed my duties.

I remember having to clean out Cassie's room; I was just a servant then. I had no idea what was really behind the cool graceful tight lipped smiled she occasionally threw my way at the time. I was quite surprised when I found out.

Cassie's eye glistened into a luminous sliver and then swirled in a liquid black. Though her gift was remarkable, the gift to find anyone, it was seen at times rather worthless. Her gift was limited to one person a month and reduced her strength by a mile.

I glanced at her darkly and then stepped out of the car when Carl opened the door for me.

I nodded thanks at him and he beamed in my direction proudly. He was young and had a boyish face. I had heard he was a car racer before he joined the Order of Freedom and was employed as my driver. I couldn't really get my head round as to why he would give up that job.

I studied him closely with narrowed eyes, "I hear you are being promoted Carl," I commented emotionlessly.

"Yes Miss Thirteen! I'll be off to Italy tomorrow!"

I frowned. I of course knew why that was. "And you'll be transformed there?"

Carl nodded enthusiastically obviously not knowing what he was exactly getting himself into. "Mr. Alec's driver has moved out to a different family and so Number 1 suggested me!"

I nodded mutely and glided past him, "good luck," I murmured quietly that he was pondering on whether he heard correctly.

I looked up at the dark grand gates that guarded the miles of healthy fertile earth surround a mansion like a vast green sea.

They gates slowly slurred open and I bustled through the gap, my dark hair and coat billowing behind me.

I was welcomed onto a pearly path walled with the most elegant plants and gardens. Blood red roses and snow white lilies, the place was overflowing with perfection. Fountains brimming with trickles of light and a pure stream coursed through the park in elegant swirls of the clearest sapphire.

Then behind it all was a grand estate, the tall stunning building. The ancient silhouette and the polished skin of the walls were welcoming and deceiving of what lay in the heart.

It was in masquerade of a Country Club. A country Club of the richest most elegant people on the planet, and people believed this. No one would suspect those wealthy noble people that lived in that grand estate.

The magnificent dark wooden doors slowly opened for my return and I was blinded by the majestic light and riches behind them. A crowd of assassins bowed their heads in greeting and came to collect my coat and handed me a fresh white towel for my wet locks.

"Good evening Number Thirteen," One of them spoke up efficiently, bowing her head in respect. "Your room is ready for you," she informed me and then I slung the towel round my neck.

I barely acknowledged her and made my way up the impressive staircase, passing each of the outstanding portraits of great Assassins with little interest.

As I expected two guards stood by my door that had the elegant markings of XIII of the front. They open the doors and I was greeted by the room's excellence, the dark wooden floor, the inviting pearl queen-sized bed and the wide window designed to show the beautiful view of stars in the velvet sky.

I heard the soft click of the doors behind me and I collapsed onto the bed, the softest mattress cushioning my heavy fall.

Third Person

Bella awoke at sunrise, the happy twittering of birds was not welcomed and neither was the brilliant sun breaking through the clouds.

Bella stretched upwards and her gaze shot to the other end of the room where a young servant girl stood patiently holding a blue dress on a hanger.

"Good Morning Miss Thirteen," she addressed Bella professionally the exact way Bella used to have to address the "numbers" before she was promoted.

Bella eyes her warily, standing up and allowing the girl to dress her. She sighed indignantly when she looked at herself in the grand mirror. The girl in the mirror was taller and wore an elegant ice blue dress the hugged her curves and complimented her figure, her make up was put on modestly not to soil her natural beauty and her hair was twisted into a fashionable design. This was the disguise of the Order of Freedom; there would be no way, that anyone would suspect her when she looked like a soft naive princess.

"Number One has required to see you," The servant girl stated and then swiftly exited the room.

Bella curtly followed out the door and entered the room with the contrasting number One burnt on the front.

"Ah Thirteen," came a deep polite voice, "I have been waiting for you,"

Bellas POV

I looked up at him. Number one. Leader and king to the Order of Freedom. One of the strongest vampires in the world and the person who had promoted me to what I was now.

"Number One," I bowed my head respectfully and glided to his side, my ice blue dress that I had never actually seen before billowing out behind me.

I was greeted by his ruthlessly handsome face. I was never sure what to make out of him, he was neither trustworthy nor hateful. Whether he was kind or evil. He would never reveal a thing.

His blood red eyes traced over me carefully, "Your mission was successful I believe?" he commented and his flowery fragrance danced around my head.


His unchanging young handsome face turned fully towards me but I was worn to his staggering beauty, from his golden hair the colour of sunlight to his charming smile of sure sincerity.

"It would also be natural that you be transformed would it not?" he smiled prettily as if a young boy.

My eyes hardened and I replied stiffly, "We have already discussed that I would not wish to be a vampire just yet,"

He suddenly disappeared from my site and I felt his icy breathe breeze against the side of my neck, "I could do it now? What is there to lose? Compared to what there is to gain Thirteen,"

"I wish to remain human a little longer Number One,"

He sighed sharply and his cold breath left my skin, "The Volturi are expecting your coming, do you not see what potential you have? Complete defence of mind is seen as non-existent in the Vampire world let alone the Human."

He paused and his sharp glared studied my expression, obviously trying to see my memories and failing. I could see the annoyance in his eyes.

"And you do realise that Number 14 is also refusing to be transformed? She is following your example and has many a time expressed her wish of being transformed at the same time as yourself," Number One snapped irritatingly.

"That is of reason of her own and I will not own up to the blame," I replied laboriously.

He regarded me brusquely and then nodded in miserable agreement, "I will give you a month before your transformation, and surely that is enough time for your satisfaction? The Volturi are becoming impatient for your arrival," Number One conversant me with a new formality.

I nodded my head respectful before turning around and exiting the room.

Nobody would ever had known that the Order of Freedom was to related to the Volturi, nobody would have known that in fact it was set up by the Volturi.

It was originally organised to collect an army of humans with special abilities or brilliant skill and strengths. These humans were to be trained and then later transformed into Vampires to join the Volturi.

But as the centuries followed The Order of Freedom was of use to keep the human world in order. That way it attracted humans. And then the Numbers were created, 20 humans that would be transformed every three years. That is if they lasted that long.

All of the Numbers ended up either dead or as Vampires, there was no other escape.

Number One was the Vampire of the Numbers that didn't leave for the Volturi, simply because he knew he could never rule, he was power hungry but he knew he didn't have to power to surpass Aro. Number One had the power to see memories but Aro had to power to read everyone's thoughts of past and present.

I was soon going to be transformed, or so Number One and that of the Volturi believed. I scoffed mentally. If they thought I would willingly bestow myself to eternal consciousness of this unbearable pain and guilt they had another thing coming. I would sooner risk the wrath of hell than live in the eternal punishment of living forever.

And I knew, I would love Edward forever, so if I lived forever...

...this pain in my heart would never end.