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Catch Me If You Can

Image and video hosting by TinyPic When Edward left Bella, he didn't know the mess he was leaving behind. Bella's life fell apart; she lost her family and friends in mist of the activity of the gangs that kill innocents. Bellas heart grew cold and hard and she vowed to hunt down the man that killed her family.Eventually recruited by one of the largest assassin organisations in the world Ordine di libertà, Bella is then promoted to the most powerful talented killers in the world, Venti Numeri. Now known as Assassin number thirteen, trouble blooms when her past comes back to haunt her. In need for a banner? contact me at japanesegurl@live.co.uk


3. When Playing Cricket, don?t use guns

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"SEVEN!!!" a brusque female voice shrieked loudly across the cricket pitch. "This is cricket!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOOT THE PLAYERS!!"

Bella looked up from her book to see a woman with frizzy ash hair and an ugly scowl twisting her pointed features as she pointed her own gun across the pitch.

A handsome young man scowled and dropped his gun arm that was before pointed straight at another man armed with only a cricket bat.

"What type of game doesn't allow you to shoot people to win?" Number seven grumbled and slouched his shoulders sulkily.

"A fair one?" Cassie suggested airily floating to his side, and smiling her usual fairy beam. She was dressed in a light baby pink dress with rose clips in her hair.

Number Seven turned his liquid sliver eyes towards her and his lips pulled up into an amused golden smirk, "Those are no fun," He cooed and broke into a laugh.

"The point of us playing the game is to keep up our cover as a country club!" The woman had slipped silently behind Number Seven and on closer inspection she was about a head shorter.

Number Seven jumped slightly in surprise and spun around to glance down at the woman, "now, now, Number 5, live a little! Who could suspect a lovely little bundle of joy such as yourself?"

"You'll be surprised Seven," Number five hissed nastily and spun around to charge away.

Seven let out an angelic laugh and then rotated his attention to Bella, "Thirteen! My loveliest most fav-"

"No," Bella answered his uncompleted question immediately, her eyes fixed back down on her book.

Seven looked taken aback, "But Thirteen Honey I haven't even finished the question!" he cried as if it was the most unjust thing in the world.

"Like I care," Bella replied simply and turned the page to scan the next contents.

Seven let out another angel-like laugh, "You really are one nasty piece of work thirteen, Come and play with us, I wanna play a real game! With guns! And you're the only one that can match me up to that One-Three."

"You still are calling her One-Three? Nobody gets that Sev!" Cassie argued wistfully.

"What's there to get? Thirteen is a one in front of a three! Guys it obvious," He rolled his eyes and then turned back to Bella, he grinned and started reaching for the gun in his pocket, "Hey let me help you get that book out of your hands-"

His speech was interrupted with a loud blast and his gun was flung out of his hands before he could get round to latching onto it with a proper grip. The gun dropped to the soft grass and they turn to see Bella lounged back onto the bench with her silky blue dress still on and her book in front of her comfortably in her right hand, her left how ever was grasped around a golden revolver pointed straight at Seven.

"Game over," She hummed and the revolver disappeared from her hands.

There was a pause.

"How the hell did you hide that thing in your dress?"

Bella turned the page of her book, "I have my ways," she murmured uninterested in the totally bewildered expression on his face that most people would love to see.

Seven flopped down on the bench and leaned over her legs, flatted his arms and rested his chin down on them. He looked up at Bella with wide blue eyes and his ruffle of golden hair lightly brushing into them.

"Hey One-Three," he started with a strawberry pout, cocking his head on a tilt, "I heard you don't want to be a Vampire, is that true?"

Bella stiffened but did not look up from her page, though she was now reading the same sentence over and over. Seven was looking at her with innocent childlike eyes, "I don't know,"

Bella did know, she didn't want to become a Vampire, she didn't want to be alive either, and she was only living because she had a mission to complete. Revenge.

"Don't you want to meet the Volturi?" He asked thoughtfully.


"Why not?" he asked in a bit of a whine.

"Do you?" Bella fired back her eyes blazing but her tone cold.

"Well yeah sure, isn't that the reason why we are here? To become on of them?" He wondered aloud.

"If you say so," Bella mumbled and was silent again.

"THIRDTEEN!!!" Cassie screamed in a high child-like tone flopping her arms around Bella's head and leaning her own head on top of hers, she suddenly pulled something out of her pocket and waved it in front of Bella's face.

"Want some lickerish?"

Bella looked up to the sky with a drained bored expression, "No I would not like some lickerish,"

"Why not?"

Bella brushed Cassie's arms from around her head and sighed, "Why do you guys always bother me?"

"Because," Cassie sang brightly.

"Is this a twin thing? Does there have to be two of you?" Bella almost whined, Cassie and Sev were the only twins in the numbers, and they both wouldn't leave her alone for on reason or other.

"Why are you even Numbers? For gods sake you should be in a family somewhere not in a place like this!" Bella snapped letting out a flare of annoyance.

"We should maybe in many places, but we were born here Thirteen, our parents were numbers," Cassie explained softly with a giggle.

Bella couldn't say she wasn't surprised, she wasn't expecting that, "They are part of the Volturi?"

"No, they both died,"

Bella looked away, she knew how that felt. She closed her book and stood up, and turned to walk away.

"Hey where are you going?" Seven whined and looked after her.

"To finish that essay on Italian, Number One wants me to learn," Bella muttered and walked into the beautiful white building.

"Well, I love you, baby, and you oughta know, I like the way that you wear your clothes, everything about you is so doggone sweet, you got that sand all over your feet, but, uh huh, well, honey don't, honey don't, honey don't..."

I bent over my essay and shoved my fingers in my ears, but Sev didn't take notice. At regular times I really didn't mind the Beatles, which were his favorite group, but I knew he was just singing in an attempt to irritate me so that I'd go outside with him and Cassie, for some reason they always saw me as their best friend, even though I made most of my effort pushing them away. My Italian essay was due the next day, however, and I really had to finish it.

"Ah, rock on, George, for Ringo one time!" he shouted, pointing at me with both hands. I put my face in my hand and picked up my pen again, trying to stop the affectionate grin crawling over my face.

"Stop being a creep, Seven," called Cassie from across the living room as she tried to finish an Italian essay of her own.

"Ah, you mind your own," he told her before turning back to me. "So, are you coming, One-Three? You can just do your essay out there."

I shook my head again - if I went outside, the work would never get done. It was just too beautiful a Sunday to sit around doing an essay and I knew I'd end up having a gun fight with Seven anyway.

"I'll go with you, Sev," said Number 19, a quiet, pretty teenager who had just joined the Numbers with short auburn hair and huge hazel eyes. She sort of hung round Sev sometimes, ever since Sev had lent her a gun the year before. I knew she had a bit of thing for him - it was cute, but I was glad there was something to prevent him from bothering me.

"All right, let's go then," Sev said uncertainly, still looking at me. I nodded and waved him off. (I heard Nineteen say to him as they left, "You have a gorgeous singing voice, by the way.") I sighed and went back to my essay.

I was at it for an hour and had only gotten about three paragraphs put down; it really frustrated me. The tip of my fountain pen finally snapped when I put it to the paper too firmly, and it made me snap as well. I shoved the whole stupid essay in my bag and took it upstairs to put it away, with the intention of going to Number One to ask for my next mission.

I climbed up the stairs and banged open the door with my number on it. I glanced around the white room.

Horrified with myself, I found I had left a mess of personal, private belongings strewn over my bed, probably when I was searching for a fountain pen. I threw my essay to the ground and began putting things back in my draws.

I was too late to realised that Cassie had followed me and I had left my door wide open, when I heard her fairy voice cut through my tense silence.

"I didn't know you had a photo album" said Cassie, who had dived onto my bed and was now sitting on the bed next to me. I jumped slightly, I hadn't known she had followed me, I looked at her confusedly and she stood up, moving over to my bed and picking up the Photoalbum that I had been hiding from number One since I have come here.

"Give that back!" I growled and dived over to snatch it from her but she swerved out the way and was already looking over it with interest.

"Wow is this your family?" she asked. I jerked my head up and hissed threats under my breath "Rene, Charlie and Bella?" she read aloud, sounding surprised. I clenched my teeth irately. "Is that your name? Bella?" Cassie breathed with glee; she had finally discovered my real name.

I snatched the book out of her hands, then turned to glare at her fiercely, "Never touch my stuff again understand?"

Cassie looked at my expression and stopped talking. I pushed passed her and ran up the stairs.

I lugged it up to the roof, the only place I could get any real privacy. Soon I had the Photo album on my lap and a memory open inside. Even though I knew I could breathe, I felt like I was about to dunk my head into a bowl of water and took a deep breath before looking down at it.

I scanned over the photo and immediately recognized my backyard. The house that I'd grown up in loomed over me, looking exactly as it had the year before my parents divorced.

And there was Rene, Charlie, and a very young looking me. I smiled, I missed them so much. I turn the page and there was a photo I had added myself, it was of me and Edward. Godly and a glowing light next to a dull girl like me.

I turned around as though I expected there to be a portal or something to take me back to that time. What I did find, shockingly, was Cassie - the modern day Cassie - looking at me through teary eyes.

"I never knew," Cassie whispered. I saw her eye swirl into a liquid black "Never, did I even think..."

I looked at her in horror as I realized that she was staring down at The Picture of Me and Edward. Me and my Vampire ex-boyfriend.

And she knew, what he was.

She knew, who I was.