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Gym Class Woes

Bella and Edward are in gym together when they get some grim news, Bella is going to be armed. But with what?

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1. The Grim and Dangerous News

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A/N- I usually only write Twilight poems so comments are VERY much appreciated. I appreciate criticism. Happy Viewing!

The animosity that Mike showed toward Edward was shocking. I knew that Mike hated him but I had no idea
that it ran so deep. It was a pretty easy transition when Edward came back after the little trip to Italy (with
a few wolfish exceptions) which is why I knew that it couldn’t last. I first realized that there would be a
problem when our Gym class teacher announced that the senior class was going on a field trip. At the time I
was cheering on the inside because, honestly, how much trouble could I cause at a little field trip. I clearly
underestimate myself.

*flashback to a few days earlier*
“We’re going to Traverson’s Forest Paint War in four days.”
The boys in the class cheered and whooped. I noticed Mike held back from the yelling; He just sat there with
this calculating look on his face. Then all the girls looked around nervously at each other. Lauren looked
around, rudely, at the boys display of excitement ,but I noticed the hesitation behind her eyes.
Paint War? Why were the girls so scared? Was is some sort of a movie? Edward saw the confused look
on my face and chuckled. We were currently lined up, and sitting, on the floor in the dirty gym. Edward sat
in the front, and center, and I sat right behind him. You could imagine how thrilled I was when I realized
that the whole class could view my wonderful coordination when it came to jumping jacks (and just about
everything else that involved using my feet. Oh and my arms.).
“It’s a paintball range.” I looked at him in horror. I was going to be armed. Oh No. My mind went
into overload, coming up with excuses as to why I had to miss it. I could tell them that guns scared me but
Charlie was a police chief so that might not work. As I continued to think of ways that could keep the rest
of the class, and myself, safe from me, Edward slowly scooted closer to me.
“If I have to go, so do you, love.”
“But its not safe.” I tried to give him my best impression of a puppy dog and I saw his eyes soften momentarily
before he pulled me in for a hug.
“Bella, am I going to have to convince you to go in front of all these people.” His velvety voice
caressed my ear as his hand caressed my back. At that moment I was thinking, what other people? Instead
of voicing my thoughts I just wordlessly nodded. I figured the teacher was talking and he wouldn’t notice
that Edward was now kissing every part of my face. As his icy lips moved towards my pouted ones, we were
jerked from out reverie.
“Mr. Cullen, what do you think you are doing.”
Edward let out an exasperated sigh like it was his class that had just been interrupted.
“I would think that was obvious, sir. I couldn’t keep myself away from Ms. Swan. She is really
quite the distraction”
The class stirred at Edwards comment and I turned a deep red.
“Mr. Cullen, in the future you would do well to keep your hands to yourself, no matter how.” He
paused for a moment, thinking. “…distracting Ms. Swan is. I do not want to kick you out of my class.”
Edward just flashed him his widest and most charming smile and it seemed all was forgiven. He kept his arm
around me though and I suppressed a shiver at its coldness.
For the next forty-five minutes the class discussed the rules and regulations. I didn’t pay attention.
I was trying not to hyperventilate at the thought of my impending doom. Edward kept whispering sweet words of
reassurance into my ear but how could he possibly understand. I was a walking disaster and they were going to
give me a weapon and I was supposed to FIRE it at other people. I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking this
because every two or three minutes someone in the class would turn and look at me with a terrified stare.
I didn’t blame them, but Edward silenced them with a glare.
“I will be right there with you the whole time. You have nothing to worry about.” He tried to make me
smile by tapping the tip of my nose with his elegant fingertip, but I just glared at him.
“You know how lucky you are that you are invulnerable? I am probably going to end up shooting you, or
possibly myself, in the eyeball. You realize this, right?” For some reason I was mad that he was so graceful.
So perfect. His hand eye coordination was perfect. Whereas I had the hand eye coordination of a toddler.
It was these angering facts that caused my to say, sourly, “Stupid, perfect, graceful Mr. Vampire.”
Edward looked shocked for a moment, then he burst out laughing. I looked at him, irritated, for
one second before I started laughing with him. He was just so beautiful when he laughed, I couldn’t help
but want to share it with him. Our teacher didn’t think it was so beautiful though. He turned and started
stalking in our direction. When he was about ten feet away from his destination, us, the bell rang. Edward
and I stood and started to rush out of the gym doors, laughing the whole way.
It was at this moment, of course, that I tripped and fell over air. Edward tried to grab me but the
rest of the class was right behind us and blocking me from him as I fell backwards. I knocked into whoever
was behind me and then they fell backwards causing a massive domino effect of all 30 of us. The only person
standing was the stupid, Mr. Vampire. A smile was plastered on his face, it was almost smug. He offered me
his hand and I grudgingly took it. I didn’t want to, but I had to, look at the damage I had caused. I turned
around and held in a bark of laughter when I saw the state of my classmates. You couldn’t tell where one
ended and the other started. Domino effect, indeed. The funniest picture had to be Mike and Lauren. Mikes
foot was in Lauren’s hair and Lauren’s butt had somehow managed to plaster itself to Mike’s face. How either
of those things happened I had no idea but neither of them seemed to be able to move and extract themselves.
Everyone was quiet and staring at me so I offered a quick apology and ran to the locker rooms, blushing brightly
and not wanting to look at Edward’s smiling face, I also took care not to fall again.
I changed at a record speed. I grabbed my bag and rushed outside where Edward was waiting for me. He
was still smiling. How irritating. Instead of stopping I just walked right past him hoping he would get the
idea and drop the “funny”. He caught up in a moment (of course) and turned me to face him. I expected some
sort of joke or anything but what he did. He very swiftly, but softly, placed his lips over mine. I sighed
into the kiss, but held relatively still. I was behaving. When he lifted his head away I very quickly went
in for another light peck. He smiled at me, took my hand, and led me towards his Volvo.
“So…how’s you backside? You landed pretty hard.”
“It’s fine.” I didn’t want to talk about it.
Edward let out yet another chuckle. He was in a very good mood today I guess.
“Oh, so you think it’s funny, do you? Humph.” I dropped his hand and started walking faster. He caught up
with me and grabbed my hand gently again.
“Bella, love, you didn’t hear what those poor children were thinking.” He chuckled to himself and I
looked up at him. I smiled at him and he gently squeezed my hand. We walked the rest of the way in a
comfortable silence. Occasionally squeezing the other’s hand for fun.
He drove me everywhere now so we could spend even more time together. He told me that I didn’t need
to work, that it was just hours of time that he couldn’t see me and that he would pay for me. I scoffed at
this and told him he was delusional. We didn’t argue over it. Lately, we had been like a couple on a honeymoon.
We didn’t fight. Not even about my mortality. It was a common knowledge that I would join his family soon.
Whether my marriage or bite first, I wasn’t sure yet. I had bigger problems than that train of thought though.
I had to figure out how not to end up killing someone in four days.