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Gym Class Woes

Bella and Edward are in gym together when they get some grim news, Bella is going to be armed. But with what?

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3. The Grim and Dangerous Prude

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Edward and I went straight home after we were done “talking” in his car. Jasper was going to pick Alice up after school anyways ;They were going hunting. I was glad that I wouldn’t have to explain the paint that was all up and down my neck (and all over my face) to Alice. Besides, I thought bitterly, she probably had already seen my little accident. Right now the whole incident was probably being spread throughout the school. I could just see it now…

“Psst. Hey, did you hear how Bella Swan shot out Edward Cullen’s eyeball.”
That one would probably be some underclassman.

“I am so not surprised! What a terrible girlfriend.”
That one would be Lauren.

“Well, I heard that he has to wear an eye patch until they can find him a glass eye."
I don’t know who that would be, but I inwardly cringed at the thought of it. Then I laughed, none of the Cullens would be caught undead wearing an eye patch. Well…except for maybe Emmett.

I was sitting in Edward’s room on his leather couch. I could have gone downstairs but I was still covered in blue paint and didn’t really know what to do. Edward had left me in the living room with a kiss, telling me he would be right back and to wait. I was sure no one was home but I didn’t want to risk it by going downstairs. I had started to look through his CD’s but I stopped when I almost got paint on one of them. Somehow I had blue all up and down my arms. I wonder how that happened? I blushed when I remembered how Edward had spread little kisses all up and down my arms.

I seriously was getting agitated. I didn’t like not knowing where he was. I got of his couch and it squeaked in protest. I walked towards the door and turned the knob. I took one step out into the hallway when the door close to me opened and revealed a sight that I would never forget for the rest of my existence.

A naked Edward Cullen.

Ok, so maybe he had a towel wrapped around his waist, but still, I mean Edward with a towel. He readjusted his towel quickly reached behind him to shut the light off and then his eyes snapped to mine. I felt the ground fall out under me and realized that I must not have been breathing. I fell to the ground and was instantly lifted by two caring and very familiar arms. The next thing I knew I was back on the squeaky couch and Edward was looking down at my eyes. My eyes, however were busy looking everywhere but Edward’s face.

“Bella. Bella, honey, look at me. Are you okay?”

I didn’t want to look at his face though. I was busy looking at his defined abs. I lowered my gaze to where his towel was just barely held together. I curiously wondered what he would do if I just pulled that not the tiniest bit to see what lay beneath. It was then that I had the decency to look away and blush. He must have noticed where my gaze had been because he looked mortified and embarrassed.

“I’ll be right back.” He moved swiftly from his dresser to out the door.

I quickly mulled over the thoughts that just went through my head. I had wanted, so badly, to just pull off that towel and ravish him. Those thoughts had shocked me though. I knew that I had wanted him but I didn’t know I was so…wanton.

---------------------------AN- this was where I was stuck. This might have been a turning point-from pg to M

I quickly shook those thoughts from my head as Edward re-entered his bedroom. He was wearing a simple black shirt and dark jeans. He looked shamefully at his feet. I sighed. I couldn’t believe he felt embarrassed. I was the one that couldn’t keep my eyes in check.

He cleared his throat and then looked up at me. “Bella, I am very sorry. It was indecent of me to be walking around in naught but a towel when you were here.”

I held back a laugh at that. Edward, who once told me that I was drunk in his presence, was apologizing for wearing just a towel around his house.

“You are such a prude.” I giggled before I saw the look in his eyes. He moved before I could even blink. I was trapped under the cage of his arms on his couch. It groaned in protest out our collected weight. He looked down at me with half lidded eyes that were filled with love and sparkling with mischief.

“What was that, dear Bella.” I tried to answer but he started attacking me with kisses. Kisses on my face, on my neck, in my hair. This was nothing new but it was, as always, welcomed. It was what his hands were doing that shocked me. They had moved from their cage-like position by my head and were now running along my sides and over my stomach. He was usually never this touchy feely and the feeling of his cool hands on my body sent sparks through my spine. He moved his mouth back up to mine and I moaned when I felt his hands barely touch the bottom of my breasts. The moment the moan came out of my mouth Edward jumped off of me and for the second time that night, he looked slightly ashamed. That was not the only thing on his face though. He was covered in blue paint again. I never had the chance to clean up.

I had wanted to laugh at the paint on him but I felt like it would be better to talk him out of his shame.

“Why did you stop?” I hoped that this would be a simple enough question, for now.

“We were going to far, Bella. I almost got out of control.”

“What? Out of control like you were going to rip through my neck or rip off my clothes.” We were both a little shocked at my bluntness. I hadn’t expected the words to fly out of my mouth like that.
Edward hung his head. “I don’t know. Both thoughts came to mind.” He sadly smiled at me and I returned it. I got off the couch and wrapped my arms around him. He smelled my hair and sighed.

“We need to get cleaned up before the blue permanently stains your skin and you become the first vampire to ever join the Blue Man Group.”

“There is no way that I would ever join.”

“Why not? I like the Blue Man Group?”

“It’s very simple, Bella. They would try to shave my head and I would kill them. My hair wont grow back you know.”

“Tsk Tsk. Well, aren’t we vain Mr. Cullen?”

“Not Vain, just smart. Now go and get cleaned up.”

I gave him a little peck on his nose before walking to Alice’s bathroom. I wasn’t worried about what I was going to wear when I was done. Alice had told me that I was allowed to any of her clothes that were in the third drawer of her dresser. She had also said that if I ever wore anything that wasn’t in that drawer that she would give me a makeover every day for the rest of my mortal life. I shuddered at the thought. I would make sure to only go into the third drawer.

Right as I opened the door to her impeccably clean bathroom I felt something hit my butt. I whipped around and saw no one.


All I heard was a chuckle and a door slam. I sighed.