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Gym Class Woes

Bella and Edward are in gym together when they get some grim news, Bella is going to be armed. But with what?

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4. The Grim and Dangerous Fluff

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To say that the next day was uneventful would be a total and complete lie. In the day before the trip most of my classmates where either doing one of two things. They were either ignoring me completely or they were trying to find someway to convince me to not go. Like Jessica was doing at the moment.

"Bella, are you sure you feel well? You look a bit peaky. Maybe you shouldn't go tomorrow. It would be awful if you got there and then you had to leave because you got sick."

She had braved the invisible table line at lunch and was feeling my forehead at regular intervals muttering things like, "very warm" and "should stay home."

"I am perfectly fine, Jessica." Unfortunately, I thought. If there was any way I would have gotten away with "being sick" I would have done it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for me I had a boyfriend that was like a lie detector. Even if Edward couldn't read my mind he could still smell me (Once, he said I smelt odd and I got the worst cold of my life the next day. It lasted three weeks) and feel me (He always knew if I had a fever) and he could, always, tell if I was lying.
At this moment, though, Edward was trying to regain his composure. A few minutes earlier he had broken out into a fit of laughter that had, at the least, frightened Jessica. I suppose he thought this situation was funny. The gorgeous jerk. Jessica had never seen him smile, let alone laugh and her look of fear next to my glare must have looked hilarious to Edward because he had continued to laughed for a minute longer before his chuckles subsided.
The rest of lunch continued in this manner until, finally, Jessica was called over to where Mike was sitting. I silently cheered.

"I have never heard them more determined in all my time here." He smirked and I kicked him under the table. That, of course, resulted in me reaching under the table and rubbing my toes through my shoes.
"You know I don't want to go, Edward," I whined, "You're making me. Otherwise I would be perfectly fine with staying home. Or..." I tried to look innocent and seductive at the same time. "We could go to the meadow or just stay inside and watch movies, all cuddled up."

"And deprive me of the chance to see you with a gun? I don't think so Bella. Sorry, love, but I already promised Alice that we would go with her. She already bought you some sort of paint ball uniform." At this, I groaned and put my head in my hands. "That I am sure will look wonderful on you", he finished.

I looked up with a smile. "Will it look better than blue paint?"

He smirked and said, in a low voice like a growl, "Nothing will ever look better on you than blue paint."

I blushed and he added, "Maybe someday I will see you in blue paint." He paused and I looked at him, confused for he had already seen me in blue paint. I started to answer when he finished. "And nothing else."

My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest and I was sure that I had never been so red before in my life. Edward chuckled, grabbed my hand from across the table, and sighed.

"Calm down, Bella. I was only joking."

I let him mistake my reaction for embarrassment rather than excitement.

Since seeing him in only a towel, my mind was constantly assaulted with visions of a semi-naked (sometimes fully naked) Edward. It was at times like those when I was eternally grateful that he couldn't read my mind. I wasn't usually susceptible to thoughts like these. I always thought that, someday, we would finally be "together" but I was fully aware that it wouldn't be anytime soon. I had enough problems on my mind with the paint ball trip without having to worry about Edward seducing me, without him even realizing it.

The bell rang, announcing the end of lunch, and Edward gracefully got up, pulling me with him.


At the end of the day I walked, hand in hand, with Edward to his Volvo where Alice was waiting. We had got held up when Edward decided that my lips looked a little under appreciated. So as we walked towards Alice my lips were slightly red and noticeably kissed. Alice turned, saw us, and yelled, "Come on, Edward! Hurry up! I want Bella to come over and see her new outfit!"

Edward smiled at the horrified look on my face. I hated when they spent money on me. We reached the car and Alice pushed me into the passengers seat the moment Edward unlocked the car. She bounced in the back seat. "Hurry up, Edward! Gosh, the next time it takes you this long to get to the car I am going to hot wire it."

The next few minutes were spent with Alice chastising Edward and Edward growling at the mention of his car getting broken in to.

As we pulled up to the house, Carlisle's sleek Mercedes pulled out along side of us. He rolled his window down and spoke,
"Hey kids, work paged. I will see you when I get home."

Edward nodded and Alice waved, cheerily. "I probably won't be home before you have to get home Bella, so I will see you tomorrow." I beamed at Carlisle. He really was a wonderful second father. I guess I didn't really count Phil as a second.

He started to roll his window up and then, as if he remembered something, stopped and rolled it back down.

"Hey Bella."


"Be safe tomorrow, okay? I don't see many paint ball injuries but..." He trailed off but I knew what he was going to say, "but...when it comes to you." I was glad he didn't say it though so I just nodded and waved goodbye as he drove away.

Alice must have gotten fed up with the constant interruptions because the next thing I knew I was getting pulled from the car, rushed into the house, pulled past a smiling Esme, and whisked away and up into Alice's room. Jasper was lounging on the bed reading some sort of Psychological text.

"Hello Bella." I smiled.

"Alice, do you know where..."

"No, but you need to get out honey." She interrupted him with an massive smile.

Jasper looked at her suspiciously, "Why are you so excited, Alice?"

"I got Bella some new clothes."

A look of understanding crossed his face and he got up to leave.

"Have fun." He smirked, I groaned.

A bag proceeded to fly out of the closet and land on the bed. I turned to look at the culprit behind the flying bag. She had a smile on her face that could only be described as evil. I looked towards the bad again and realized that it was full. Not one outfit could fill up a bag like that.

"That better not all be for me, Alice"

"And if it is, Bella?"

"Well... you know I hate when you spend so much money on me, Alice"

"Yes, but Bella, you are going to be part of this family soon and you need to get used to people spending money on you. All I am doing is preparing you. You should be thanking me." The smirk on her face was completely devilish.

I sighed in defeat and looked into the bag.

An hour later, we (meaning Alice) had decided on an outfit for tomorrow. It was a little too tight for my tastes but it covered me everywhere and was black. I was thankful for both features because it was concealing and protective at the same time.

We had spent far too long playing "Barbie with Bella" and my curfew was starting to go into effect. I hugged Alice and grudgingly thanked her for the outfit. Then I went in search of Edward. I found him, in the living room, locked in a headlock with Emmett's buff arm wrapped around his head. I could barely blink before the position changed and Edward had Emmett's arm twisted up behind his back. Emmett laughed. "Nice move, bro."

They hadn't even noticed me at the bottom of the stairs yet so they continued to wrestle. That is, until they knocked over a picture frame on the mantle of the fire place. At that point, Esme came into the room and all fighting ceased immediately.
"What is going on here? What have I said about fighting in the house? Take it outside next time or..." She paused in though. "I will take away your PS3 and your 360!"

Emmett's pained yell of, "NOOOO!", reverberated through the house. Rosalie, as if on cue, sauntered down the stairs and groaned.

"Emmett, be quiet. You are acting like a child."

"But Rose, that Ps3 is new. I just got it after..." He stopped here, not wanting to bring up an old argument.

Rosalie just sneered at him, then she turned to me and said pleasantly, "Hello, Bella. How are you?"

"Just fine, thanks. Actually I need to be getting home." At this Edward looked up apologetically.

"Sorry, love. Let's get going then."

Charlie wasn't home from work yet when I got home so I said goodbye to Edward and started making dinner.

Charlie got home sometime later and by the time we had finished the manicotti it was already a reasonable time to go to bed so I said my good nights and walked upstairs. I took a quick shower and by the time I was dressed and ready for bed Edward was already waiting for me in the rocking chair.

"Took you long enough." Edward complained.

"You sound like Alice" I giggled and he pulled me into his lap. I rested my head on his shoulder and inhaled his enchanting scent. I loved him so much that I felt like I could burst from it, but in a good way. He started stroking my hair and I moved my head and gave his throat a little kiss. He moaned appreciatively and the sound sent a flutter low in my stomach. I continued to press little kissed all up along his throat and then I proceeded to do something I had never done before, I bit him. Just a tiny little scrape of my teeth over his skin but the reaction was immediate. Edward growled. Then I licked the spot where I had bit him. I was slightly upset that I would be unable to mark him but his reaction more than made up for that. As my tongue moved over his adam's apple he groaned, "Bella."
My name coming out of his mouth enticed me even more as I started to unbutton his shirt and drug my tongue along all of the skin I exposed. As I reached the fourth button his hands reached down to stop mine.
"That's enough for tonight, Bella" His eyes were dark and I could feel what I had done to him.

"I don't think so, Edward." To prove my point I swirled my hips slightly in his lap and he threw his head back and growled deeply.

"Bella, please." He was begging now.

"Please what?"


I looked into his eyes and slowly got off of his lap, embarrassed. I was never this forward. I just tended to forget that we had lines that shouldn't be crossed. In my defense though, he was too seductive to resist.

He stood up and pulled me into an embrace.

"I want to Bella, I do. Someday, I promise. Just not tonight." He whispered into my ear.
"Maybe I should just go home tonight. I don't know if I can sleep in the same bed with you right now."

Guilt swept over me at the pained expression in his eyes. "No, stay, Please? I will be good, I promise."

He smiled down at me then laid down on top of my covers and patted the covers next to him. I climbed in to bed next to him and he turned on his side. I slid against him, innocently of course, and pretended not to notice his slight moan as my thighs made contact with his most sensitive area. I settle in, gave him chest a kiss, and slowly my eyes closed. I was happy; We had broken a boundary and who knew how many would follow. I was excited and the fear of what would happen the next day was momentarily pushed from my mind. I dreamt of an Edward covered in blue paint and nothing else. In my dream, the paint turned out to be frosting. I licked it all off.