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Gym Class Woes

Bella and Edward are in gym together when they get some grim news, Bella is going to be armed. But with what?

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5. The Grim and Dangerous Thump

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In the morning there was no gentle kisses, cuddling, or waking up to sweet fingertips running, softly, through my hair. My morning was quite the opposite actually. It consisted of me falling out of bed. How, you may ask, with such a boyfriend could I possibly fall at all? Well, the chuckling baffoon was too busy holding back his snorts at the time to try to assist me in unwrapping the blanket, which had caused me to fall, from around my legs.

I had landed on the floor with a resounding "Thump".

The fall happened about four minutes ago. I was still lying, face down, on the hardwood floor.

"Bella, honey, I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

This was about the third time he had repeated some version of that phrase. I was beyond caring. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't upset at Edward. I was irritated at him, but I was stuck on the floor because of fear. I was absolutely terrified at what the day would bring. Paintball Hell.

The reason I had fallen out of bed was the same reason that Edward was laughing, or at least that is what I assumed.

I had been dreaming. That is, after all, what a normal human usually does. However, a normal human doesn't usually dream that somehow the blue covered Edward that she had been preocupied with earlier had turned in to a gun. A gun which, after absolutely no hesitation (it was a dream afterall), she grabbed.

In the dream, the room we had been residing in then proceeded to turn into the Paintball Park and I had proceeded to turn into "The Terminator." I must have done more than just talking in my sleep because I woke up to find myself hanging half off the bed with my sheet wrapped like a vise around my legs. Flailing and trying to right myself, I looked over to my side to see a snorting and sputtering Edward. After my thumpy landing, Edward had tried to lift me up but I winced and he immediately feared that he hurt me and hadn't tried to touch me since, resorting to verbally questioning my health. I had only winced, though, because his cold finger had slipped into a hole in my shirt and it was a huge contrast to my sweaty body.

Nothing was really registering though. The dream had triggered severe anxiety. I was going to be armed in less than...the clock read 5:00 am...four hours.

Edward's breath suddenly hitched and I felt an unearthy breeze wash over my back. The next moment there was a knock at my door.

"Bella, you okay? I heard a loud noise." Charlie knocked once more before entering.

He inhaled sharply when he saw me, face down on the ground.

I groaned and lifted myself up with my arms. "I'm fine. I just feel out of my bed."

He looked me over, cautiously, before saying, "Okay, Bells. I am going to work now. Have fun today, okay. And be safe. I don't want to have to recieve another call about you being in the hospital." Though Charlie's words were teasing, his eyes were sincere. I nodded at him and he gave me a quick, one-armed hug before departing.

With a moan of desperation, I threw myself on top of my now sheetless bed, my back slamming into the mattress loudly. There was no way that I would be able to go back to sleep now.

A soft caramel voice broke through my wall of fear, "I'm sorry that I laughed at you, but, Bella, you should have seen yourself. You looked like you were trying to shoot a massive gun at your closet, all the while saying things that only Arnold Swartzenager would." At that, he let out a soft laugh.

I whimpered slightly, threw my pillow over my eyes and held it down.

"I really don't want to go," I mumbled. He sighed sympathetically, then gently lifted the pillow off of my face. He leaned in close and softly brushed his lips across my forehead.

"I won't let anything happen to you. Ever."

"It's not me I am worried about. It's the people that will be within a mile of me."

"Alice said not to worry, Bella. She called while you were in the middle of your 'dream'. Everything will be fine." He smiled at me.

I sighed and closed my eyes. What disaster could I possibly cause today?

A smooth cold hand started to slowly run down the side of my face, "I love you, Bella and I will love you even if you shoot Mike Newton in the nose. In fact, I may love you even more."

"Not funny. It's a major possibility." The hand started rubbing slow circles along the base of my neck. I could tell he was trying to distract me and it was almost working. Normally, at this point, I would have nearly passed out from the intesensity of him, but my mind was so filled with visions of paint-splattered corpses that I could barely concentrate on what his lovely hand was doing to my neck muscles.

I loved and trusted Alice completely but the future is not written in stone. Anything could happen, even with my invulnerable boyfriend by my side. And there was another fear in the back of my mind; a fear that I would somehow reveal that the Cullens were not your average, everday family. What would happen if one of them had to use their "special" abilities just because I did something ridiculus? I could not live with the knowledge that I had somehow put the Cullens in that situation.

By this last train of though, Edward's hand was moving his fingers delicataley over the curve of my shoulder. I felt my bed lower from his weight as he sat himself down on it, his hand gently moving off from my shoulder. He slowly layed himself down next to me on his side, drapped an arm over my stomach and held his head up with his other hand. His dark gaze bore down into me and, for a moment, I felt no fear, nothing, just my pure love for him. I smiled slightly.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Distracting me."

"I thought I always distracted you." He smirked.

"Well, I needed a little extra dazzling this morning."

"Anytime. Shall I dazzle you some more, then?"

He didn't wait for an answer before lowering his lips to mine. For a moment, I felt as though my brain had melted.

There was always the huge temptation to just open my mouth and let him claim it, but I knew I couldn't so I improvised. I nipped at his bottom lip and then proceeded to suck it into my mouth. I was rewarded with a groan and the weight of his chest gently pressing into me. I was always shocked with what my body did around Edward. He brought his mouth to my collar and planted icy kisses there. I almost couldn't control my hands as they traveled to the bottom of his shirt and felt their way under it. I had no experience with this kind of thing, yet I felt as though I could lay here for hours just feeling his body. I was surprised at my own daring, especially when my hands felt their way up to his chest. His cold skin soothed my burning hands as I traced between every rib and muscle. He really was the best distraction.