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Lucky Day

Every thing was perfect, I had Edward, Jacob wasn't a problem-why did she screw it all up? For a few precious moments Bella Swan's life and future were good and secure. Now with Fate, Victoria, and the Volturi intervening, what will Bella and Edward do to set there life together back on track?

Thank you to Nightrose for betaing this for me!!

3. Chapter 3

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I was caged in my head; it was like I was trying to get out of a huge maze. But I was only finding dead ends, unable to get out of it. I was unaware of what was going on outside of my mind, not able to feel, see, hear, or anything outside of my head. I had never been in a situation like this before. I was trapped somewhere in my strange mind.


I caught Bella before she could hit the ground. She seemed to be passed out. I carried her to one of the couches, hoping that she would come out of it soon. Everyone was wondering what had happened, and what was going to happen. Everyone besides Rosalie, she was thinking about-ugh. I wasn't going to go there. Let's just say that she didn't really care about what happened to Bella, and was thinking about last night… I turned away from her unpleasant thoughts and sifted through Alice's mind, looking to see if she'd had a vision.

"Edward, I can't see her anymore. Well, I only see her sitting there. I don't know what is going on with her." Alice was desperate, she hated being blind.

"I believe that it is Bella's mind's way of protecting itself. That news was too much for her, along with all the worry she must have experienced tonight. I think that she will come out of it as soon as she can deal with Charlie's death better." Carlisle reasoned. It made sense, for Bella's mind to do that, considering how different it was from an average mind. And I knew how most people's minds worked. In fact, I knew way too much.


I eventually got tired of trying to find a way out, so I sat down and leaned against one of the many walls of the maze. There, I thought about my current situation.

Why was I here?

That one was easy, I couldn't deal with Charlie…dying. So, I needed time.

How much time?

Would I ever be able to leave?

Could I ever leave?

Could I deal with it?

I didn't know the answer to those questions. They buzzed around in my head, searching for the unknowable answers.

After I had sat there for what seemed like hours, my mind came up with some very painful questions. Did I even want to leave? Yes, of course I did, right? I looked at the possibilities of not leaving. If I never left, then I wouldn't ever see Edward again…At that point, that agony that I had never wanted to experience again arrived. The hole was back. Now I desperately needed to get back to the real world. But I had no idea how to. The pain was too much. I felt myself go back into that horrid zombie state again…. it was almost like I was passing out again….


I was frantic; it had been four days, 14 hours, 26 minutes, and 18 seconds since Bella had gone into a comatose state. She would do the bare minimum to survive. She still moved around and everything, but she didn't talk. It was like she was …oh God, no…a zombie. I recognized this from what Charlie had remembered shortly after my return- no. Anything but this... This is what she had been like for four months during that blackest of times.

Alice appeared at the door of my room, where I was with Bella.

"Yes, Edward, it's exactly like it was before…but-," She was cut off Her face was blank. She was having a vision. I quickly looked more closely at her mind.

Bella was waking up, looking scared…and in pain, lots of pain…

What could have caused this pain?

We were all at a memorial service, not the public one that was held already for Bella and Charlie, one held by the La Push pack and us. The vision blurred, Alice wasn't able to see werewolves.

After the service, Bella and myself were standing at the site of where her house used to be. She was crying silently, tears sliding down her face. But she looked like she could move on, like she was going to get over it.

I pulled out of Alice's head, hearing a very erratic heartbeat, Bella. I looked at her; she looked exactly like Alice's vision. She was scared and in pain.

"Bella? Bella? Are you alright?" I was almost ecstatic that she was awake, but also concerned about her.

She looked at me, staring into my eyes with her warm, deep, chocolate brown eyes. After a moment, she replied. "I am now."

"What happened to you?" Alice had come over, and asked Bella that while sitting down on the arm of my couch.

"I don't exactly know. But, I think that what happened to me was just my mind protecting me and also helping me deal with," She paused. "With Charlie's death. I was in a maze, inside of my head. And I couldn't get out of it. I eventually just sat down and began thinking, coming up with unanswerable questions. I sat there for hours and hours. Then, I thought of what the consequences of not being able to leave were. I came up with one thing." She stopped, and looked into my eyes and continued. " I came up with never being able to see you again, Edward, or being able to see anyone in this family again. That caused me such pain." She shuddered, and I wrapped my arm around her waist. " It was worse than what it was like during that time." I was stunned. Guilt consumed me. Apparently, Bella saw that and said, "Don't, it's not your fault." She said it with such conviction, that I believed her. "I then felt myself fall into that zombie state again, and I passed out. The next thing I knew, I was here." She finished. Now I could be happy that she had woken up.

"Edward? Are you alright?" Bella asked.

I repeated her, "I am now." She smiled at that.

"Bella!" Emmett had appeared in the doorway. "You are finally awake!"


Emmett came over and gave me a bear hug.

"Can't…Breathe…Emmett…" I gasped out.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"It's good to see that you are awake, Bella." Carlisle was standing in the doorway. "Alice has told me that we have to go to a memorial service today for Charlie."