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Lucky Day

Every thing was perfect, I had Edward, Jacob wasn't a problem-why did she screw it all up? For a few precious moments Bella Swan's life and future were good and secure. Now with Fate, Victoria, and the Volturi intervening, what will Bella and Edward do to set there life together back on track?

Thank you to Nightrose for betaing this for me!!

4. Memorial

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Alice nearly dragged me up to her bathroom to get ready for Charlie's memorial. I was still dealing with his death, but I knew that I would get through it. It was only then that I realized that it was good for Charlie to pass on when he did, for if he had lived for a few more months, he would have to go through the heartbreak of thinking that his only daughter was dead. I didn't know if he would survive that.

As I realized this, Alice pushed me into the girly pink chair that was deserved for me when she was giving me yet another makeover. She seemed to read my mood, even though it was Jasper who really had that power.

"I'm really sorry about Charlie, Bella. I only wish that I would have gotten the vision sooner, so we could have saved him," she said, apologetically.

"Don't feel like that, Alice. It isn't your fault. You can't look out for the whole world. Besides, I really think that it was better for him to go now, instead of having to live through my faked death. He probably wouldn't have made it through that very well. At least Renee has Phil to support her. Charlie has- had- no one," I explained my realization to Alice, hoping that it would make her feel better, as it had me. She nodded, agreeing with my mini-epiphany.

Apparantly, this comforted her enough that she could regain her normal bubbly self. She continued the makeover to my dissappointment.

After an hour and a half, she was finally done. She had put my hair in an elaborate half-up do style and had put mascara, a gold eye shadow with white eye shadow on top of it and a bit of light pink lip gloss. It was a 'small' makeover, at least to Alice. It was still too long for my taste.

"I'll leave you to change. Here are your clothes." She handed me a dark blue blouse, similar to the one that I already owned, but fancier and a black skirt. On top of it all was a pair of black ballet flats. I had finally convinced Alice that heels plus Bella equaled danger.

I quickly slipped everything on, and looked in the mirror. I had to admit, Alice did a phenomenal job. The gold and white eye shadow with my skin looked fabulous, and the blouse did make my ivory skin seem creamier. It wasn't over the top, like it usually was, but it made me seem more...sophisticated.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Edward sitting on the green (almost lime) armchair, talking to Alice. They were talking too rapidly for me to understand. Both Edward and Alice looked worried, what they were discussing must not be good.. What else could happen to this family and me?

Edward and Alice looked up at the same time, and Edward was suddenly next to me, his arm around my waist.

"How are you?" He was always concerned, even more so now.

"I'm fine. I'm guessing you heard what I said to Alice before she played Barbie again?" I asked, while Alice grimaced at me.

"Yes, and I do agree with you."

We walked down to the main level at human speed. The rest of the Cullens were there, dressed in darker clothes than usual. Even Rosalie was there, which surprised me. She was wearing a black tank top with thicker straps and a navy blue skirt with black strappy heels. Emmett was not his normal boisterous self, but somber.

* *

We arrived at where my house used to be to see the werewolves along with Emily, Billy, and Sue Clearwater already there. I was grateful to both them and the Cullens for this memorial. Obviously it wasn't going to be an ordinary memorial, where it's like a funeral just without a coffin, it was more of a wake without a coffin.

I hadn't been to many wakes before; I had only been to the one that was held for my Grandma Marie. My mother, being an only child, was the one who got most of the condolences. Now it was my turn.

I got out of the passenger seat of Edward's Volvo and walked hand-in-hand with Edward. I was glad that there wasn't the typical tension between the Cullens and the werewolves; we were all here for one reason, Charlie.

Billy and Jacob were the first to come up to me.

"I'm really sorry, Bella, he was my best friend and was like the brother I never had." Billy told me. He and Charlie had grown up together, Charlie had loved to go to he beach in La Push, and he met Billy there. It must be hard for Billy; Harry had only died a few months ago.

"I'm sorry, Bella, that we didn't get there in time to stop Victoria." Jacob was looked really sad, even when his lips curled back when he said 'Victoria'.

"It's okay, Jake, I don't think anyone could have stopped her before it was too late." I patted him on the shoulder. I had to reach on my tiptoes to do so.

The rest of the people there came up to Edward and I, offering their commiserations. All in all, it was a very tiring day for me. It was difficult since I could tell it was really their own grief, and I couldn't comfort them. What should I say? "Well, at least this way he won't have to lose me when I become a vampire?"

It felt like lying to stand there and nod sadly, and I've always been a terrible liar.

When we arrived back at home, Edward immediately took me to his bedroom, seeing that I was exhausted. I staggered into his bathroom to take a shower and get ready for bed. I turned on the shower, and waited for it to get warm. There was a pair of blue pajamas on the counter, compliments of Alice. The shower was warm by then, and I stepped in. I just stood there, letting the soothing water wash over me.

Eventually, after my hair smelled like strawberries, I got out. Apparently, I had forgotten to put a towel out in front of the tub. Al a result, I slipped on the marble floor, hitting my head of the side of the tub. It all made a large bang.

"Bella? Are you alright?" Came Edward's frantic voice on the other side of the door..

I just groaned. I had hit my head pretty hard, so I probably had a concussion and a huge bump on the side of my head.

"Edward, stop! I'll go in, you won't be able to control your self if you go in." Alice told him. Her voice was commanding, leaving no room for any argument.

I blushed at that, Edward probably couldn't control himself if he saw me in the state I was in.