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Lucky Day

Every thing was perfect, I had Edward, Jacob wasn't a problem-why did she screw it all up? For a few precious moments Bella Swan's life and future were good and secure. Now with Fate, Victoria, and the Volturi intervening, what will Bella and Edward do to set there life together back on track?

Thank you to Nightrose for betaing this for me!!

8. Chapter 8

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Unless the Volturi were here. It was the only conclusion I could come to. Alec, Jane's twin, had a power that was very impressive. He could increase or reduce the physical pain of anyone- vampire or not. I had reasoned from what had happened to them that Alec must have really wanted the fire to stop, to just end. Apparently, that's how his power was used.

I slowly opened my eyes. They were out of focus for a moment, but then everything shifted into startling detail. I bet I could have read the newspaper from a mile away. My body was paralyzed for a second, but then I regained feeling. The first thing that I saw in my new life was the love of my eternity, Edward. He was kneeling next to me, looking very worried.

"Edward," I managed to whisper. Those two sweet syllables were the only thing to touch my lips, before I saw her.


She stood over me, along with her brother. Hate filled her ruby eyes as she glared at me, very possibly trying to inflict the illusion of pain upon my mind. Nothing happened, nothing hurt. I was very glad with whatever it was in my mind that kept me from feeling the false pain that she caused.

"Would you stop doing that?" Edward hissed.

"Would you like me to do it to you?" Jane asked sarcastically.

"I would prefer that to your trying to do so to her, yes," Edward replied.

Jane was about to take him up on his offer, when Aro spoke. "That won't be necessary, Jane." Jane wasn't very happy with leaving Edward unharmed. She took pleasure in putting others in pain, something that she couldn't do to me-but that she could to every other member of my family. She looked at me again, but this time with interest.

Edward pulled me tenderly up into a sitting position; I was still trembling that the Volturi were here, actually here. Alice came to sit next to me, while Carlisle and Esme stood behind us. Jasper sat on the other side of Alice, and Rosalie and Emmett were on the other couch. The Volturi stood before us.

"It is nice to finally see you again, Carlisle, I can tell that you are doing well," Aro said, very politely.

"I am doing well, nice to see you too." Carlisle responded.

"Still sticking to your aversion of the 'normal' diet, I see?"

"Yes," Carlisle replied simply.

I noticed that there was a subtle tension between the two old friends. Whether it was because of the reason for the Volturi being here, or it was always present between them, I didn't know.

"Bella, I am wondering about your abilities that may have followed and developed since you were changed," Aro said, his tone friendly. He directed his first question at Edward. "Is her mind still closed to you?"

Edward replied stonily. Yet he sounded somehow smug. "Yes. As it was before, it is now."

"Bella, do you feel or are you experiencing anything different?" Aro asked.

"Yes." Aro became very excited, but it was for no reason. "I didn't know what it was like to be a vampire, so there's that. Also, I don't feel thirsty at all." Aro looked disappointed at the apparent lack of my 'abilities'.

"Very well, does that quench your curiosity, Aro?" Caius asked.

Something changed in Aro's filmy eyes. They became...devious, like something was going to happen that we weren't going to know about. "It does, for now. We shall come back in a year's time. So until then, Carlisle, good-bye, and good-bye to the rest of your...family." Aro seemed to struggle with the idea that we were actually a family, not just a normal coven.

And with that, the Volturi left. I didn't understand why they would leave so easily. Something wasn't right, Aro was planning something, and it wouldn't be good for us-of that I was sure. But what could he be planning? All I knew was that it would happen in the next year.

My mind raced. I was a vampire, the Volturi had been here, and something was going to happen. So much had happened is such a short time. I tried to remember my human memories, and was glad that I could still recall them.

"Well, that was odd." Emmett was being himself-stating the obvious.

"No, Emmett, that was what was to be expected." Carlisle said.

That puzzled me. What did he mean by that? I was about to ask, but Alice beat me to the punch.

"What do you mean?" Alice asked.