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Mike reflects on himself and Bella, and realizes that the reason he hasn't moved on is because he hasn't wanted to. One-Shot

Yes, I know, I haven't posted anything in forever. Well, I have several other stories in the works that should all be finished long before Breaking Dawn is out, or at least that's the goal. Well, enjoy a story from the POV of our favorite human, Mike Newton.

1. Chapter 1

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When you keep yourself busy, time is supposed to pass more quickly. I enjoy my job, but time didn’t fly when I was having fun. Not this rainy Wednesday; no, today the seconds ticked by unhurriedly. Two o’clock and twenty-one seconds, Two o’clock and twenty-two seconds, and this went on and on for each of the long hours of my shift. My thoughts, unfortunately, went far more quickly, painfully, and centered themselves on the brown-haired beauty that caused me heartache for the past year and one half.

Yeah, this was so fun.

I scarcely saw her anymore, occasionally bumping into each other at the grocery store, and overhearing bits and pieces about her from Jessica. That was all since graduation, and the day she quit. Next to me her replacement worked. Katie was sweet, and cute, but she had a boyfriend and paled in the shadow of those deep brown eyes. She prattled on about something unimportant while we worked. Shelving was easy and mindless work, and I just set myself on autopilot.

“So Eric and I were at the mall last night,” Katie rambled. I really couldn’t care less what she and Eric had been doing; I had bigger, better, prettier things on my mind.

“And we saw Alice Cullen and Bella Swan shopping.” I instantly perked up. “I’m no sure what they were shopping for, we barely got to talk, but Alice seemed crazy excited and Bella seemed to have her head in the clouds, except when Edward called her. But afterwards Eric and I…”

I really didn’t care past that. She saw Bella, and that was what mattered. All that mattered.

27 minutes, 39 gross details about Katie and Eric, and 15 boxes later, my mom let me off-shift.

“Just bring in the mail when you get home, okay?” With a toss of her blonde hair, she tossed me the keys to her minivan and I got on the always wet roads.

I didn’t see the dark clouds, the wet rain, or the green everything. I saw brown. All brown.

I was really supposed to have moved on. I dated some other people, but none of them really piqued my interest. Jessica was nice, but too chatty. Lauren was too self-centered, and Angela had Ben. Not that I wanted her anyway. She just wasn’t my type.

But then again, was Bella really my type? I had been interested in her for almost two years, but she never even noticed me. I still wanted her, but it seemed like she already had her perfect match and it wasn’t going to change anytime soon.

Maybe I hadn’t moved on because I didn’t want to move on.

The gears were turning.

84 puddles, constant rain and 1 epiphany later, I was home and at the mailbox. As I went through the letters, I saw one from Edward and Bella, addressed to me.

I opened the delicate envelope to find a wedding invitation.

And I could honestly say I was happy for her.