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After the Meadow

This is what I imagine happens right after Bella and Edward leave the meadow at the end of Eclipse.

This is my first fanfiction so please read and review. Enjoy! All the characters belong to the great Stephenie Meyer.

1. Chapter 1

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The car ride back to Charlie's house was silent. Edward drove slightly slower than his usual autobahn speed because he kept sneaking glances at my left hand. My left hand, which now felt like it weighed ten pounds, thanks to my new glimmering engagement ring. Well it wasn't really new, just new to me.

He was too giddy to be his usual sly self and every time he peeked at the ring he gave me a wide grin. His grin made it worth the extra weight on my hand. It melted my heart.

As we pulled up to the driveway I let out a heavy sigh. This was going to be difficult. I would almost rather explain to Charlie that I was going to become an immortal vampire than explain that I was getting married. Almost.

In the time in took me to reluctantly unbuckle my seat belt Edward was already at my car door, opening it for me like a true gentle man. He proceeded to grab my hand and pull me toward the doorway. One thought stopped my in my tracks. Edward was patient and waited for me before taking another step. I looked into his beautiful topaz eyes and hoped that what I said next wouldn't hurt his feelings too much.

"Maybe it would be better if I told Charlie about the engagement..." I stumbled on the word engagement choosing it carefully, "alone."

"No." he replied with great confidence. "Edward listen," I began to plead but he interrupted me before I had the chance.

"I know what you are thinking," he said in what was meant to be a reassuring voice

"Haha! There you are wrong" for I remain the only person whose thoughts are in fact a mystery to Edward.

"Fine, I know what you are concerned about then. I realize that I am not Charlie's favorite person by any means, but I refuse to let you suffer his wrath alone. That is if he should react badly." At this he took a deep breath and began again, this time with more gravitas.

"Bella, I do not intend on simply telling him about our wedding." My confusion must have been very obvious because continued to explain.

"I am going to formally ask him for your hand in marriage."

"What?" I asked in disbelief and irritation. "I know that your old fashioned Edward but it seems really unnecessary at this point. I've already said yes, so I don't see how his opinion should matter. This is really only meant to be an informative meeting." He was silent for a moment, his expression unreadable.

"I want to be respectful Bella. I am about to take you, the only thing he has in this world, away forever. The least I can do is ask for his blessing before I do so. Think of it as closure - if not for you than for Charlie." As he finished he looked down right smug. He was right.

"Okay, I give. You have a point." How had he won this argument so easily?

"Thank you, now may we proceed?" he said gesturing toward the door to the house.

This was going to be very difficult indeed.