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This is the story about Jillian. She is a loner vampire and was spotted by Felix one night. He was captivated by her and offers and invite to the Volutri.

This story is about a loner vampire that has kept in the shadows for a very long time, she finally gets the courage to get out of her depression and do something with her inmortal self once and for all.

2. Interrigation

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"I knew who you were and what you were when I looked into your eyes" I told him as I went to sit on my bed.

"But how?" Felix asked from where he stood.

"I'm psychic duh!" I said with a laugh "what other reason is there."

Finally I guess he trusted me enough and sat in the chair in the corner of the room, "So then you must be a vampire also?"

"Yup, sure am" I told him.

"Well how old are you then?" He asked.

"No that's rude asking a girl her age, haven't you learned in all your years, that age is touchy for a girl." I said back with a smirk on my face.

"Oh sorry," Felix said looking down at the ground.

"If you have to know, I'm technically 87, but trapped in a 21 year olds body." I said gesturing at my body.

"Well you certainly kept it in good shape" Felix said with a wink.

We sat for a while in silence before Felix broke the ice again, "So, what's your story?"

"It's long and sad," I told him getting up from the bed and walking over towards the window.

"All I have is time" Felix said walking up behind me.

When he spoke his cool breath danced over my neck, "and anyway we can't cry."

I turned to face him, and looked deep into his eyes. I saw that he understood how hard it was for me to tell him my story, since his own story was just as sad as mine.

Opening my locket I finally was able to let the burden off my shoulders, "We just got engaged, before he shipped off to Hawaii. He arrived to Pearl Harbor on December 5th."

I went on with my sad story, "He was doing routine work on the sub when the planes started to attack, and he never made it. When I heard of his passing I lost myself."

"You really loved him." Felix asked looking at Henry's picture.

"With all my heart. When I finally woke up from my self inflicted comatose I felt like I could not go on longer with out Henry, so I though ending my life was the only thing." I let go of the locket and pulled up my sleeve.

I revealed a long scar extending from my left wrist up towards the elbow, "However I was saved from a very gentle man. He said he could release me to a world that was so much better than my own."

Felix took my wrist and traced the scar with his index finger, "He told me that I was going to feel much more pain then I intended but I stood it, thinking something much more was to come."

Felix stopped tracing the scar, "You must come with me."

"What, to where?" I asked puzzled.

"You must meet the others, I could see if they would extend an invitation to our coven." Felix sounded so excited.

"Sure beats living on my own." I said as we left the room.


It was a long walk to where we needed to go. After we descended what seemed to be miles under the streets of Italy we finally reached the magnificent doors.

There was a strikingly beautiful secretary that greeted us when we went through the doors. I could sense that she was not like us even without using my abilities, but she hoped.

We went through another set of doors which opened to a gigantic room, the walls extended upward forever and the ceiling was painted with a beautiful mural. There were chairs along one wall that looked suited for kings.

Another beautiful woman stopped us, "Heidi, this is Jillian." Felix introduced us.

"Nice to meet you Jillian. I would stay and chat but i have work to do." Heidi said as she departed.

A small girl walked over towards us, "Felix who's your friend?"

"Jane could you please get them" was all Felix told her as he looked at me.

She left with a whirl of her cape and then came back in a flash with three shadows.

"Aro, this is Jillian, she has abilities could we extend an invitation to her?" He asked hopefully.

The one on Aro's right looked at us for a second then touched Aros hand, Aro nodded then let go of his hand.

"My dear what abilities can you offer us?" Aro asked.

"Well I can seduce anyone, man, woman, child. Also I have psychic powers." I told them.

"May I touch your hand?" Aro asked walking up to me.

I looked up at Felix, he nodded to tell me that I could trust him, and I extended my left hand.

Aro took it and closed his eyes, it was like time stood still, and then he finally opened his eyes. He turned my wrist to observe my scar and shook his head.

"It would have been such a waste." Aro said with a tisk sound.

The three of them circled around and discussed me. I looked back up at Felix with a worried look on my face. I felt so uncomfortable being judged from people I didn't even know.

"Look at her eyes." I heard from someone passing.

I started to doubt myself when I felt an arm wrap around my waist. It was such a long time since anyone touched me, and I liked the feeling.


Finally the three were finished discussing me and turned to face us, Felix kept his arm where it was.

"If you would like to relocate to Italy we would accept you here."Aro told us.

"Besides my powers, why did you extend me a place?" I asked them.

"My dear, Marcus saw how much Felix cares for you, why would we shred his dreams to being happy?" Aro said turning away.

Felix picked my up with a spin, hugging me to his muscular chest, "I am happy, I hope you are too,"

"I guess we need to get my stuff from the hotel then." I said when Felix finally put me back down.

"No need, we'll have someone get it," He said with a huge smile on his face.