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This is the story about Jillian. She is a loner vampire and was spotted by Felix one night. He was captivated by her and offers and invite to the Volutri.

This story is about a loner vampire that has kept in the shadows for a very long time, she finally gets the courage to get out of her depression and do something with her inmortal self once and for all.

3. Understanding myself

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I went around my new home to get the lay of the land. Everyone had their own rooms, except for a small amount of couples that shared.

I walked down the halls; there was the great hall, the greeting hall, a fully stocked library, and the "dinning room".

I walked timidly up towards the room. I stopped at the door way and was engulfed with images and sounds.

I heard the screams of the souls lost in this room, and saw images of their lives. The screams were getting louder and the images pounded in my head.

Everything started to swim around me, and the walls were closing in on me. I must have passed out because I felt like I was falling but I never hit the ground.


I woke up in my room, not knowing how I got there."There you are, you passed out." I heard Felix's voice from the corner of the room, "Odd for a vampire."

"I'm not the average vampire." I said sitting up in bed.

"I was wondering what else I would learn about you, you are so much different that most of us." He said as he made one swift movement towards the bed.

Before I knew it, he was sitting on the foot of the bed. "I am different than others because of who changed me."

Felix looked confused at my comment, "Well pray tell then."

"You know you can sit closer. I don't bite" I said with a smirk "Well not hard.""

Then man who changed me told me he was an ancient. He said he was one of the first to become a vampire." I started.

"Who was he?" Felix asked tracing my scar on my wrist.

"His name is, Marius de Romanus" I told him.

When I told him he grew very still like a statue, then he finally responded, "You must tell Aro this." He said getting up from the bed.

He grabbed me around my waist and took off towards their office. He stopped at the door and knocked slightly.

"Enter" Aro called from the other side of the door.

"Aro you must know, Jillian tell him." Felix gasped, he actually sounded out of breath.

"Yes Jillian, what must you tell me?" Aro asked looking blankly at me.

"I was telling Felix a little more about me, when I came to say who turned me." I hesitated.

"Well, who was he?" Aro asked.

"Well his name is, Marius de Romanus." I said quietly.

"Marius de Romanus?" Aro asked back.

"Yes" I answered back softly.

"Do you know what that means?" Aro asked getting up from his desk.

"No, I have no clue what it means." I told him.

"My dear, you are royalty in a way. Marius is an ancient like me, but he is the first one of us." Aro told he happily as he grabbed my shoulders.

"Then that explains your powers..." Aro said to himself walking towards the door, "Come" he ordered us.

We followed him out of the room and into the library; we passed rows upon rows of books and went to the very last stack when Aro finally grabbed a book off the shelf.

"Here it explains everything you would ever want to know about him, and well you also." Aro said giving me the book."I wondered when you arrived why your eyes were that shade but now everything fits."

He said walking away.Ever since I got here, I wanted to know why my eyes were different than everyone else's. Instead of the bright shade of red or pitch black, mine were a shade of light silver.

I opened the book and started to read, I skimmed the pages in lightning speed, even shocking me. I learned that I would most likely be acquiring more gifts.

Marius was said to have many powers, the "Fire Gift" where he could start fires, the "Cloud Gift" where he could fly, the "Mind Gift" which he could read others thoughts and blocks others from reading his, and finally he had the "Killing Gift".

"Felix, what does this all mean?" I asked looking up and finding more than just Felix looking at me.

Felix turned to face everyone who conjoined with us, he coughed slightly and everyone left.

"Well, my dear it means that you are more powerful than you know." he said sitting on the side of the table.

"Am I more dangerous than everyone here?" I asked shyly.

Felix leaned in and whispered in my ear,"Much more than all of us combined but don't let Jane know, or she'll challenge you."

"It will be our little secret" I said back in a whisper.