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Edward and Bella are finally married. Bella is finally changed. Victoria is dead. Nothing bad can happen now. Right? Okay so after thinking for a while i think i am not going to continue this story. If you are a writer, then you will understand it when i say i just can't make the characters and story agree. I am working on another story right now and i'll probably submit it in a few weeks/months. I don't know. I'm sorry but i just can't continue this story anymore. On the plus side, my new story is called Renesmee's Ribbon. Look out for it soon!!!!!


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

I walked through the woods with Edward after the never-ending night. It was just about to break dawn now, so the sky was a light pink. Well, at least from what I could see of the sky. The woods were starting to get deeper and darker, and even though I shouldn’t, I was terrified. Edward sensed that I was and stopped me. “Bella, you are fine. Trust me. You are probably actually stronger than I am because you are so young.” I leaned up, standing on my toes, and kissed him. After we kissed for what seemed like a minute, Edward growled softly in his throat. I knew that he was thirsty, but not for blood. He will just have to wait.

Then, something snapped inside of me. I smelled what I thought was blood. I was growling hungrily. “Edward, I need something to eat, or drink, now.” I said worriedly.

“There is a deer in the opening over there. I don’t think it has sensed you. Yet. Let me give you the instructions before it does.” Edward replied. He cleared his throat and started the instructions. “Firstly, eye your target. If you are not focusing on it, you will never catch it. Secondly, prepare to run. Once you get within two yards of that animal, it will start running.”-I gulped at this because knowing my history, I wasn’t the most graceful person in the world. Edward saw me gulp and chuckled.-“Bella, you don’t realize how much more graceful you are now. You haven’t tripped at all. Trust me, you will not fall. Finally, right when you grab a hold of your target, attack it. You will never control the animal if you don’t start sucking right away. The deer hasn’t sensed you yet. Remember my instructions and hunt.” Edward backed away slowly to give me some room

Okay, I thought, first eye my target. I looked closely at the deer. I noted exactly how far it was, how big it was, and where it stood in the forest. Next I readied my run. This I got nervous at. I took a deep breath, even though I didn’t have any need to. Old habits take a while to get rid of. Then I ran. I ran faster than I ever had in my life. The deer spotted me and started running too. But I was too fast. I finally caught up to it, and following Edward’s instructions, bit into it. The blood immediately came rushing into my mouth. It tasted sweet, and sort of salty, not how I imagined it would taste. I felt the deer underneath my hands slowly starting to die, but I didn’t feel bad. I was so thirsty that I wouldn’t have cared if I killed my dog, if I had one. Finally, the deer collapsed and I was full. I wiped my chin. Edward came up behind me. I turned around and he hugged me. Then he looked down at me and sighed in relief.

“What?” I asked.

“Your eyes are starting to return to normal,” he replied. I smiled at him and sighed in relief to. Then we started walking, or running, back to the house. When we entered through the back door, Alice ran up and hugged me. I knew that she had a vision of me hunting. Everyone was smiling, proud. And I was smiling too, for I had achieved a challenge and was happy, truly happy, after a long time.

Then she showed up.