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Edward and Bella are finally married. Bella is finally changed. Victoria is dead. Nothing bad can happen now. Right? Okay so after thinking for a while i think i am not going to continue this story. If you are a writer, then you will understand it when i say i just can't make the characters and story agree. I am working on another story right now and i'll probably submit it in a few weeks/months. I don't know. I'm sorry but i just can't continue this story anymore. On the plus side, my new story is called Renesmee's Ribbon. Look out for it soon!!!!!


5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

It was three days after my first hunt. Edward said that I will have to go hunting next week, and I was actually excited .Edward and I were sitting in his meadow, just relaxing. I was grasped lovingly in his arms, laying my head in his shoulder. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. Edward started stroking my hair, which made the moment even more peaceful.

Suddenly, Edward let me out of his grasp and helped me stand up. He stood protectively in front of me, growling. “What is it?” I asked. He was still growling, but didn’t answer my question. “Edward, WHO OR WHAT IS IT?!?!” I asked firmly. He turned around and looked pitifully at me.

“It’s a member of the Volturi, new and still fairly young. His thoughts seem nice enough. I believe his name is Louie,” he said.

“Well that’s not bad. He never harmed us, so why are you growling at him?”

“It’s not him. It’s his mate.” Edward replied. I must have looked confused because he continued on explaining slowly. “She is… Bella, Veronica is James’ sister. I don’t think I would trust her.” That right there, made me faint.


“I think she’s coming to. Bella? Can you hear me?” I groaned slightly, my head throbbing with pain. I felt Edward’s arms around me as I started to sit up. “Oh no you don’t. You should lie down.” I lifted my arms and felt around my head. A bruise. Perfect. Yeah right I was more graceful than before.

“Should we take her back to the house?” a strange voice asked. I snapped my head up and looked around. I was sitting in the meadow, it was mid afternoon, and felt Edward crouching down by me. In front of me were Louie, a tall, young, handsome man with light brown hair and amazing blue eyes, and a girl who must be…Veronica? How she was James’ sister I did not know. They looked nothing alike. First of all, she had beach blonde hair that almost blended in with her skin and it was long. Almost down to her butt. She wore a blue and white striped long sleeved blouse under a navy blue button up cropped sweater. She also wore darkjeans with Coach tennis shoes. Total opposite of James’ Goth style. She also made me feel awkward in my polo and light jeans with Nike tennis shoes. She walked up slowly to me and helped me up and gave me a million dollar smile.

“You must be Bella. I am so happy to meet you,” Veronica said. What? I was so confused. I was the reason why her brother was dead. Does that have any effect on her whatsoever? “No it doesn’t have any effect on me. I hated James. Worst little brother in the history of little brothers.” Okay, how did she know that? “My special power is that I can read questions that go through people’s minds.” Veronica said matter-of-factly.

I smiled back and said, “It’s so nice to meet you to. Are you Veronica?” Veronica nodded, and then walked back to Louie.

“How about we go back to the house? Carlisle and the rest of the family will be glad to meet you two.”

“Make that three,” Veronica added. Edward had a confused look on his face. Veronica turned around and called, “Giselle, where are you? I swear that girl will just wander of anywhere. Giselle?”

Silently creeping out of the trees, a girl entered the meadow. She looked about Veronica’s age, but she looked nothing like her at all. She had loosely curled, fire-red hair cut to her shoulders. Her makeup was red eye shadow, red mascara, and red lipstick. Her halter was extremely low cut, and red too and her black leather pants clung to her as if she were a leather magnet. Her strappy wedges were red and she had on a ruby necklace for jewelry. I think the girl liked red.

“Sorry about that. I was caught up by having a thought of an extremely handsome vampire I once new,” the girl said in a sleek European accent. She looked around the meadow, and saw Edward standing next to me. “Oh, and I think I found him.” This made me jerk back to life. What had she just said? Is she flirting with my husband? Edward put his arm around me and stared at her. It almost seemed like they knew each other. The girl, who must be Giselle, eyed me slowly and gave me a death glare. Yep. They definitely knew each other. This was going to be fun.