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Edward and Bella are finally married. Bella is finally changed. Victoria is dead. Nothing bad can happen now. Right? Okay so after thinking for a while i think i am not going to continue this story. If you are a writer, then you will understand it when i say i just can't make the characters and story agree. I am working on another story right now and i'll probably submit it in a few weeks/months. I don't know. I'm sorry but i just can't continue this story anymore. On the plus side, my new story is called Renesmee's Ribbon. Look out for it soon!!!!!


6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Carlisle wasn’t too happy to see a member of the Volturi in his house, but he was still polite to Louie and Giselle. Oh yeah, Giselle is a member of the Volturi too in case you didn’t know. Esme wasn’t exactly thrilled either, but she offered Louie, Giselle, and Veronica a room to stay in. Emmet and Jasper’s mouths dropped when they saw the sight of Giselle and Veronica. Rosalie slapped Emmet in the face and Alice hugged Jasper tightly. I was glad I knew that Edward would stay loyal to me. Well, at least I hoped so…

After everyone was settled in, we all sat in the living room. Louie looked nervous in this room with a huge family of vampires, even though he was one himself. I knew exactly how he felt. “So…” Carlisle started, “What brings you here Louie?”

“Well we, Giselle and I, were supposed to check to see if Bella was changed yet. And apparently, she is. Veronica wanted to meet the girl who was the reason why her horrific brother was dead, so she came along with us.”

“Now,” Edward said “I don’t recall seeing you two in Volterra when I went there to… to…” I rubbed his shoulders. Poor Edward. Even if he is an angel to me, he has done some of the stupidest things known to mankind, or vampire.

“Well, we joined just a couple months ago,” Giselle said coquettishly. God, what did this girl have against me? I mean seriously, did she think she could just waltz in to my home and flirt with my husband. I started to growl lowly in the back of my throat. Giselle eyed me and Edward put his arm around my waist and kissed me in my hair. I glanced at Giselle and gave her a smirk.


“ Edward?” I asked Edward in our room later that night. Everyone else was in their own rooms to settle through the sleepless night. Edward and I were cuddled up on the couch in our room.

“Hmmmm?” He asked while playing with my hair.

“How do you know Giselle?”

“Well, we met a long time ago, when we were still staying with Tanya. She was one of Tanya’s good friends and visited on a daily basis. Giselle seemed to be… well… flirtatious with me for a while. But I ignored her comments. Then, one day, she went up and asked if I loved her. I went straightforward and told her the truth. I didn’t like her at all, she actually was to… well… showy and snotty for my taste. She got angry and disappeared. By the time she came back, we were already gone. Giselle tried calling me a few times, but I never returned her messages. I guess she’s here again to try to win me back. Giselle has been blocking my powers from her thoughts so I have no idea what she is thinking of doing next.” I started to get really tense after hearing that, and Edward noticed. “Stay away from her Bella; you have no idea what Giselle is capable of.” I nodded and then we just sat the next few minutes in silence.

Suddenly, there was a light tap on the door. I got up and opened it. Veronica stood facing me, with Alice behind her. “Hi Bella,” Veronica said, “I’m sorry to disturb your evening, but I was talking to Alice and we were wondering if you wanted to go shopping with us tomorrow. We’re planning to go to Seattle. Would you like to come?”

“Sure,” I said. A nice trip out shopping would be good. I haven’t left the house in a while.

“Bella are you sure?” Alice asked cautiously, “You haven’t been outside the house much. Are you sure you can handle being around humans?”

“I’m pretty sure I will be able to control myself. I’ll just have a big feeding before we leave. I’m starting to get thirsty anyways. What time? We should leave early, knowing the long trip to Seattle.”

Alice laughed. “Bella, don’t you remember how fast we are at driving. We will probably leave early though.”

“Okay. Goodnight then.” I said. Alice and Veronica said goodnight and I shut the door after they started going down the hall.

“Bella, I wouldn’t trust Veronica,” Edward said after I sat back down on his lap. “You do remember who she is…” I cut him off after that with a kiss.

“Edward, I trust Veronica more than Giselle. Anyways, she’s been nothing but nice to us. Why? Has she been thinking bad thoughts?”

“No, she actually is very fond of you. I guess I worry too much.” Then Edward and I just relaxed the rest of the dark, dark night.